gypsy owl


Some shots of the many and I mean MANY surviving props of the Knott’s Bear-y Tales ride that are still around today - there are more things besides what is in these shots. These images show the surviving characters of Zaz Owl, Wanda Fox, Madam Wong (currently being restored), Sarah Skunk, and a Bakery Bear. In 1987, an anonymous employee who worked for Knott’s retrieved many animatronics and props from the Bear-y Tales ride. Each character or prop was meant to be picked up by a ton of employees back in 1987. However, when the employees did not meet their deadline and procrastinated on picking up the pieces. My friend (anonymous employee) snagged so much of the ride and picked up every figure or prop you can imagine. However, certain ones stayed at Knott’s Berry Farm. Particularly, the main characters such as Boysen, Girlsen, Flapper, Razz, Elder, Crafty Coyote, Theda Bear, and some others. These guys that the anonymous employee wasn’t able to get had stayed at Knott’s to be a part of the Bear-y Tales Playhouse for many years until 1998. This is how Knott’s ended up with Razz, Elder, and that raccoon in the recent auction. The whereabouts of the other figures used for the Playhouse are currently unknown, but it is known that a few were used for Knott’s Scary Farm as mechanical skeletons for props in the mazes or decorated rides sadly. The good news is that the surviving props and animatronics that the anonymous employee garnered in 1987 have been kept safely. Today, a project known as Stack’s Liberty Ranch is protecting and preserving the surviving Rolly Crump pieces as we speak.