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The Signs as Fleetwood Mac Songs
  • Aries: "Tusk" - like Aries, this song is forceful and dynamic. The song has an objective and asserts itself with raw, unbending power that might seem obnoxious to some and immensely attractive to others.
  • Taurus: "Gold Dust Woman" - firm, uncompromising, and powerful, this song, like Taurus, hammers home its message with blunt intensity. It tramples on the bullshit of its intended audience but not unjustly.
  • Gemini: "Gypsy" - fun, quirky, and a party favorite. "Gypsy," like Gemini, embraces the spontaneity of fleeting social encounters but shies away from emotional depth at first glance. No one really understand you or this song, but we love you nonetheless.
  • Cancer: "Landslide" - deeply sentimental, this song focuses on the subject of change. Like Cancer, it expresses deep emotional ties to the world around it even as it struggles to understand itself in relation to an impermanent reality
  • Leo: "Go Your Own Way" - well-known and well-loved, Leo, like this song, puts itself on a pedestal. Fun and playful, this song is about giving a big "f*** you!" to those who felt they could do better. Reality was you were too good for them. You go Leo.
  • Virgo: "The Chain" - written by all five members, this song focuses on the brutal practicality of unity. Virgos can relate to this song as they often sacrifice emotion or the sake of fact and practical reason which can lead to tense social relations.
  • Libra: "Seven Wonders" - though you might not be the next Supreme, "Seven Wonders" is a light and flirtacious song that captures Libra's appreciation for aesthetic beauty, no matter how permanent or transient.
  • Scorpio: "Rhiannon" - the song about an old Welsh witch captures Scorpio's tendency to play aloof and yet harbor intense emotions. Like Rhiannon, you may hurt people or push them away to protect yourself, but you ultimately want to be loved.
  • Sagittarius: "Don't Stop" - adventurous and optimistic, "Don't Stop" embodies Sagittarius' tendency toward social engagement and worldly ambition. Like this song, Sagittarius' is future-oriented and chooses to focus on the road ahead despite the past and present.
  • Capricorn: "Dreams" - despite the somewhat cosmic nature of the music, "Dreams" offers a sober understanding of relationships to which practical Capricorn can relate. This type of post-breakup clarity is one that is derived from Capricorn's logical way of looking at the world.
  • Aquarius: "Everywhere" - light-hearted, self-aware, and a little spacey; "Everywhere" defines Aquarius' inner conflict between desire for detachment and intellectual/emotional investment in other people
  • Pisces: "Silver Springs" - intense, dualistic, emotional, and deeply spiritual; this song embodies Pisces' affinity for both mysticism and complex feelings. This song is a reminder to never underestimate the depth of a Pisces' emotions.
“She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy...”

She had the soul of a gypsy: Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn.
She had the heart of a hippie: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces.
She had the spirit of a fairy: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius, Aquarius

the signs as patti lupone things
  • aries: the "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" monologue
  • taurus: when she yelled at the orchestra while accepting her tony for gypsy
  • gemini: mandy patinkin
  • cancer: lincoln center
  • leo: naming her memoir "patti lupone: a memoir" after choosing it from a contest to name the book
  • virgo: probably busting out "the ladies who lunch" at dinner parties
  • libra: her wig from anything goes
  • scorpio: the andrew lloyd webber memorial pool
  • sagittarius: riding a motorcycle and pointing a gun in women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
  • capricorn: any picture of her playing the tuba in sweeney todd
  • aquarius: that time she was on glee
  • pisces: stephen sondheim

cavemanrawr  asked:

Would you say Aries are the gypsies of the zodiac? We're carefree, always on the go, hate routine and to be restrained in anyway.

Sagittarius is the archetypal gypsy spirit and Gemini
Aries don’t live on the road and run like these two
Aries is developing an identity so they may play with expressions

I was warned you wouldn’t catch me, you never had you never did.
You were the kind of guy that let girls fall and walked away without a second think.

But your arms looked strong,
And your eyes looked deep,
So I took a step back and I didn’t fall.

I leaped.