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But I know so many less lucky than I
Please help my people, the poor and downtrod
I thought we all were the children of God 

jackabelle73  asked:

Top five moments in the Outlander TV series that you feel were BEST adapted from the books.

Oh goodness, what a great question!

Jamie’s response after Faith’s death (2x07): In the books, I hated that Jamie rushed off to Portugal, leaving MONTHS of emptiness between he and Claire after the worst had happened. When he DID come back, I really disliked the “nettles” exchange/reconciliation.  Some excellent analysis by @lenny9987 and my other supersmart friends has helped me come to terms a bit more with that chapter. HOWEVER, I still truly hate Jamie’s anger over what she did to have him freed, and the whole tone that that cast over their grieving for their daughter. So, I think it was a MARVELOUS adaptation in the show for Jamie to come IMMEDIATELY to find Claire, and then to show true strength (still grief and revulsion, but holding it in check) by hardly missing a beat before saying “you did it to save me”. This was such a relief for me as a viewer, because this is how I would have written it. It was also so important to me that they visited the grave together, something which DG does not show. 

The wedding episode in general (1x07). I think they did a masterful job in showing Claire’s growth from shame and hesitancy to tenderness and love in so short a time. 

Similarly, the entire Rent episode (1x05). I think they did a fantastic job in just an hour episode of showing the tensions, the growing affections, the political landscape, etc. It remains one of my favorite episodes to this day!

Claire’s return to 1948 (2x01): In the books, we have to wait until the third book to see Claire’s pain after Culloden/the aftermath with Frank. In the books, we go straight from Hot Spring Sex at the end of Outlander to BAM CRASH ZIPBOOMBAH SURPRIIIISE here we are in 1968 with no explanation, cheers!!!!! I think it was a fantastic decision to start season two instead in 1948. It’s still jarring, and still a WAIT WHAT HAPPENED?? moment, but far less drastic, and so much more respectful for Claire’s growth and experience as a character

Not really a moment, per se, but the decision to make Fergus a part of Claire’s emotional journey as well as Jamie’s. I’ve ranted before about this, but it’s worth saying again that it really bothers me in the books how ambivalent Claire is to Fergus over the years, (all the way from her very comforting “"Don’t tell me any more” when he’s falling apart confiding in her about his rape by BJR, to the total absence of him in her emotional landscape in the later books) it just bugs the crap out of me. She bonds with Marsali and with the children, but Fergus is always “Jamie’s”. I think the show did a particularly good job of beefing up this relationship from the start, and for showing how Fergus is part of Claire’s healing after the loss of Faith.

Sorry for the novel! Thank you again for such a thought-provoking ask! 

jackabelle73  asked:

Is my memory correct, that at past meet and greets the actors said things that they asked the fans to keep in the room? Is there a certain level of confidentiality expected at meet and greets? Is it explicitly said not to record at a M & G, or just implied that what happens there isn't meant to be public? I've never attended one myself, and I'm just wondering what rules are stated to fans as they go in.

Yes.  To all of those things.  I don’t know what People’s Con’s specific rules were but I can promise you not recording was in there.

Hi all! I know I haven’t been posting GIFs in a few days, but I have a good reason! I was in Kent, CT at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival! The biggest highlight of the weekend was Sam Pancake getting Lauren Graham on FACETIME. I was in the front and I was in total shock so my video isn’t the whole thing. HOWEVER, it’s a pretty good portion and the most important part of her on FaceTime. You guys, it was incredible! She was crying, I was crying, she loved it and she wanted us to have fun! So amazing! 

I also got pictures with some of the cast members, sadly not all of them! I met Miss Patty, Lane, Mrs. Kim, Professor Bell, and Gypsy! 

Between the Moon & NYC, ch 13

Fandom: Glee/Klaine

Summary: Kurt arrives in a small coastal town in North Carolina to join his dad and Carole for a few days of their vacation, but under duress. He can’t imagine that this sleepy southern town has anything to offer him…till a very attractive local goes jogging by on the beach.

Rating: Teen.

Word Count: ~6,200 for this chapter, ~84K total for fic.

A/N: Thanks to @notthatbea for helping me talk through a troublesome scene in this chapter – you’re the best!

Read from the beginning on Tumblr here. Chapter 12 is here.  AO3.

The level of light in the room told Blaine that it was time to get up…past time, really. But he stayed where he was, curled around the pillow that Kurt had used the night before, loathe to leave the bed where he was surrounded by Kurt’s scent and the memories of everything they’d shared.

There had barely been any light in the room when Kurt woke him, saying that it was time for him to leave so he could say goodbye to his Dad and Carole and be in New Bern in time for his flight.

“I hate to say it, but…. I need a ride. I wish you could stay, and I could just say goodbye to you here,” Kurt whispered to him. “I want to remember you just like this. And a long goodbye won’t make this any easier.”

Blaine had only nodded, and gotten up to drive Kurt back to the now-familiar beach house that the Hummels had rented. They said little on the drive, but they held hands in the center of the seat the whole way.

When Blaine pulled up in the yard, lights already on in the house despite the early hour, he parked and turned to Kurt.

“This doesn’t have to be goodbye for good, you know.”

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It was my fault, my move, my game
If I’d known a little more, I’d a run away
It was dark out and I held the cards
I was the dealer and it wasn’t hard


[With Stevie Nicks at the Prudential Center. Photographs by Riff Chorusriff. April 2, 2017….

I’ve been watching Nicks perform since 2003 and each time I’m reminded of three things. One, she somehow continues to renew that tremulous upper octave of her voice that for years was unreachable. When she strives for a note from that arsenal now she really rings it. 

Two, her unraveling delivery of “Gold Dust Woman” never fails to assert itself as one of the most affecting moments in rock theater. You can’t miss it. Whether her character’s gradual exorcism is encouraged by the jarring sonics of Lindsey Buckingham or Waddy Wachtel, she always goes through with it. 

And, three, the kindness she extends to her fans is given with an unparalleled authenticity. It’s the hearth from which her behind-the-music stories spark, her bashfully repeated “thank-you-all-for-comings” arise, and her music keeps on warming you long after the glitter fades. 

Nicks’ setlist for the night was Gold and Braid, If Anyone Falls, Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Chrissie Hynde), Belle Fleur, Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac), Wild Heart, Bella Donna, Enchanted, New Orleans, Starshine, Moonlight, Stand Back, Crying in the Night (Buckingham/Nicks), If You Were My Love (Fleetwood outtake originally from Mirage), Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood),  Edge of Seventeen, Rhiannon (Fleetwood), and Landslide (Fleetwood).]

One of these days | Cassian Andor

Pairing: ReaderxCassian

Warnings: None

Word count: 1981

Summary: Cassian takes you off world for your birthday (I also added a disney quote in here, can you find it?)

You’d be lying if you say you weren’t excited. For someone who is not a fan of celebrating your birthday (especially since joining the Resistance) today you are glad you boyfriend is so insistent on doing so this time. Partially because instead of trying to throw a party or something like that, he is taking you off-world. 

It’s embarrassing how excited you are. Of course you’ve been off Yavin4! But not in over eight years since your family ran to hide here and you don’t have a job that requires you to go off-world. Why would a ship mechanic need to leave Yavin4? 

“You almost ready?” Cassian asks, peaking his head into your ‘office’ (a storage room that you converted into your personal mechanic space). 

You turn your head to the door, looking at your boyfriend. “Of course. I’ve been ready.” With a push, you quickly stand from the randomly assembled chair. It’s close enough to the door to only take about three steps to reach it. Your fingers press the light switch and you sneak through the barely open door as Cassian steps back from it to allow you through. 

“So where are we actually going?” you hum as Cassian begins to walk towards his U-Wing. 

It’s very late. The only people in the hangar include a few other mechanics and a newly recruited X-Wing pilot. The name of the pilot is escaping you but they finally received an official X-Wing instead of one of the extras and a mechanic is helping them go over all of the controls. 

“It’s a surprise.” 

You roll your eyes and contain your smile. Honestly, he could take you to a swamp planet and you’d be happy to finally go off world. You skip to catch up with Cassian. 

He makes a point to keep his U-Wing as close to your office as possible. Mostly because you end up in your office more often than your room, so if he comes home early he can check there first. Or if you’ve fallen asleep in there he can just make it look like he’s grabbing something from his U-Wing (though the night shift guards on the hangar know what he is really there for). And also to make it easier for you when you fix his ship. 

“After you,” he smiles. 

“Such a gentleman,” you giggle, boarding the U-Wing quickly. 

You know precisely where to go, well, where you want to go - the co-pilot seat. Cassian has been flying without one for plenty of time but you want to see the stars. You want to see what it looks like taking off in an U-Wing. So you twist your way through the excessive amount of stuff to the cockpit. 

Cassian follows closely, taking a seat in the pilot’s seat. You sit in the co-pilot’s seat. Sure, you’ve sat here next to Cassian plenty of times talking about life. This time you finally get to do something productive though. 

He goes about his typical routine, flipping some switches, checking some monitors, mostly ignoring you. Asking him if he needs help is tempting, but he seems in the zone. So instead you relax into the seat. Your eyes carefully watch him as his fingers quickly go about getting the U-Wing ready for take off. But you are also very sleepy, eyes fluttering close every few seconds, head nodding a bit. Every time you force yourself to stay awake. 

His head turns to you, a soft smile taking over his face. He loves you like this: relaxed, smiling, happy (and a little sleepy). He’s glad that after knowing you for three years he can finally do something for your birthday. 

“Make sure you pay attention when we take off. Yavin4 has a great view at night.”

A hum passes your lips, shifting your body to face the window more. The sounds and sights of Yavin4 at night are beautiful, but you sure the scenery is just as, if not more, gorgeous from the sky. You force yourself to stay awake. Cassian presses a few more buttons and the U-Wing is clearly ready. 

“So are you going to tell me where we are going?” you mumble. 

“We are going to fly a little bit above Yavin4 a bit and then we are going to another planet, does that explain it more, (Y/N)?” Cassian replies, slowly lifting the ship off the ground and out of the hangar. 

You groan in response. Sure, more of answer but not as descriptive as you would like. Regardless, you sit more forward to get a fuller look at the world you’ve spent 8+ years on. As the ship jerks up it’s not the heigh that makes you gasp but the view of the thick jungles and spots of water. 

On the ground, the humid planet is easy to travel through. Of course there are roots that people trip over and random spots of mud and occasionally hidden lakes due to pond scum, but the terrain is surpassingly easy to traverse. But from even a few hundred feet above the highest point of the temple, with nothing but moonlight reflecting off the weight canopy, the planet looks like no one would be able to walk anywhere but the small meadow surrounding the base. The tall grass looks so small; the trees still tall and proud but the large dew drops obvious in the filtered light; the large lakes looking more like large puddles, little ripples as the window blows below. 

“Wow,” you smile. “It looks gorgeous from here.”

Cassian glances over to you again. “I will take you up here during the day some time so you can get yet another view of the world and a different time. It’ll be pretty too.”

And with that, Cassian guides the ship into the night sky, away from Yavin. 

“You can sleep. It’ll be several hours before we get to our destination,” Cassian tells you.

Of course you hear him, but you are more focused on watching the many stars, the far off systems that are barely recognizable, and the nearing moon. The Yavin system is gorgeous in the sky. This view, this location, being in the sky, why bothering landing? A cool U-Wing with a vast view vs a humid world with the same fauna everywhere is no comparison. You could stay right here for days. 

“Okay,” you reply, eyes still heavy from earlier. Despite your excitement, exhaustion is currently more important. 

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2017 May Day Menagerie Gift Roundup*

Many thanks to all who participated in the 2017 May Day Menagerie gift exchange. There’s an outstanding list of Rumbelle and Anyelle goodness below. Please read, admire, and share!

The Quest  by @still-searching47 for @the1ultimatefan

The Harpy and the Imp  by @we-aim-to-misbehave for @beastlycheese

Morning Glory  by @mariequitecontrarie for @of-princes-and-savages

Wings of Desire  by @worryinglyinnocent for @wierdogal

Dr. Rush and the Space Dragon 
by @of-princes-and-savages for @still-searching47

The Mer-Maid  by @missielynne for @ryik-the-rumbeller-oncer

The Offering  
by @thestraggletag for @applejackcat

A Spark of Trouble  by @little-inkstone for @ishtarelisheba

Revenge of the Werecat  
by @gwenore for @little-inkstone

Not Today  by @ishtarelisheba for @mariequitecontrarie

The Sacrifice  by @tinuviel-undomiel for @handwithquill

Big Things Come in Small Packages 
by @the1ultimatefan for @worryinglyinnocent

Cymar  by @handwithquill for @we-aim-to-misbehave

Urban Zoo  by @beastlycheese for @anonymousnerdgirl

Smooth Sailing  
by @ryik-the-rumbeller-oncer for @magnoliatattoo

Heart’s Desire  by @anonymousnerdgirl for @gwenore

Scales and Shells  by @wierdogal for @leni-ba

Tales from the Water   by @wierdogal​ for @leni-ba

The Loch Ness Intervention   by @wierdogal​ for @leni-ba

In the Moonlight Deep  by @gypsy-belle for @missielynne

Dream Come True by @still-searching47 for @tinuviel-undomiel

*This post will be edited to include the rest of the gifts as they come in. If you have posted your gift but do not see it on the list, please send a message to @mariequitecontrarie or @alittledownthelane with a link to your post. Thank you!