Turkish Romani women who were part of a settlement demolished several days ago in Istanbul.

They were given no other housing or shelter options and were left, homeless, in the harsh winter cold. 

“They came only three days ago and told them to leave. But we didn’t know that [police] would come this morning. They came at 5 a.m. while people were still asleep and destroyed the shacks without giving them enough time to pick up their clothes. Let alone socks, many don’t even have even shoes with them,” Nebahat Bilgiç, the head of a local association to help Roma people, said.

Hanife Bayır, the mother of a small baby, said most of her modest goods remained under the debris. “I don’t even know how I can give my baby what she needs,” she said.

Mother of two and pregnant with her third child, Nefiye Yüksekova pleaded with the authorities to provide them with shelter, even a temporary one. “We just had time to get out from our house with the kids during the demolition. We need somewhere to stay, it is freezing,” she said.

So Racism Doesn’t Exist Anymore?

l’ve gotten some skeptic anons on my ass about my lack of sources with some of the things I claim are being done to the rroma people. So, this is for them, or anybody that just wants to read - because it’s pretty fucked up.

“Labor Camps” In Hungary

So, some of what I’ve heard is that these “labor camps” are not specifically for the Rroma and that they were created to give the unemployed in Hungary work. While that’s the propoganda of it all, let’s really quick look at what these labor camps consist of. 

The idea is to prepare the unemployed with skills to get them a job. Not a bad idea, if they didn’t force it or call it “labor camps.” Also, there isn’t much being taught that’s applicable to the 21st century work force - They’re doing the exact opposite and making them do unnecessary and more demanding labor.

 “Orbán has said the program will rely on old-fashioned manual labor. “Building dams, cleaning ditches, building reservoirs—this won’t happen using 21st century technology,” he said in a May television interview. Balázs Váradi, a Budapest Institute economist who advised the previous Socialist government, says “there has been an explicit choice to use labor-intensive methods, even if that is not economical.” The Gyöngyöspata workers are to spend three months clearing 16 hectares of land, a job that could be completed far more quickly and cheaply with machinery.”

So that makes it pretty clear that they’re not preparing anybody for shit - They’re basically punishing them for not being able to find work because nobody wants to hire a Rroma,

“But it’s for all the unemployed!” Snarks the non-minority folk.

The Hungarian government made this very iffy in the fact that they are hiring mostly Rroma, they are fining the Rroma and garnishing their paychecks (which are already small), and they have chosen to make these “camps” in geographically problematic areas - i.e. where there is a large Rromani population or where there has already been violence against the Rroma. (here, and here, and oh my god sources, is that enough? Want a PDF IN HUNGARIAN?! HOW ABOUT ANOTHER ARTICLE? FUUCK)

(The scary thing is how nobody knows about this shit, how easily could they just start putting us back in the showers SINCE NOBODY CARES. We aren’t even in history books.)


“Rromani children are segregated in mainstream education in Roma-only separate classes, buildings and schools and even placed in schools for pupils with “mild mental disabilities”. Those in ethnically mixed schools experience bullying, and harassment.” 

So that’s pertaining the the Czech Republic - hahahahaha and you thought we were good friends with your “Boho-gipsy” fashion cliche. Sorry to disappoint, but they kinda fucking hate us. Going to go off topic with segregation real quick. Here’s how we’ve been treated by the Czech Republic throughout history.

Nobody in my family (that I know of) was in concentration camps, but in my vitsa, that is a different story. His name was Joe, and he passed away about a year ago. I dont know his entire story but he was in Lety, he didn’t share much about his time there. (For those non-rromani folk, a vitsa is kind of like a tribe, it consists of several different Rromani families and we just kinda live life together. But please don’t call it a tribe - because it really isn’t.)

“ The Lety camp was intended for the concentration of “anti-social” Roma from Bohemia, and 1,256 prisoners passed through it, including 36 children who were born there to imprisoned mothers. Debilitating work, consistent hunger, excessive crowding in insect-infested barracks as well as the precarious state of health of the internees - it all contributed to their sickness and death. Such a death claimed the lives of 326 men, women and children. Three transports were arranged of the other prisoners who didn’t survive the war: the first left Dec. 3, 1942 for the first Auschwitz concentration camp and consisted of 16 men and 78 women in total, the second headed for the gypsy camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau on Mar. 11, 1943 and included 16 women and four men hospitalized before the departure in Pisek and Strakonice hospitals, and in the third group, on Apr. 7, 1943, the mass of prisoners was deported, which included 215 men and boys and 205 women and girls. “

Anyway, back to my original topic of segregation. There really isn’t very much to argue, so I’ll just throw some sources at you.

Segregation, bullying and fear: The stunted education of Romani children in Europe 
So my families from Slovakia, here’s their “container schools” bullshit.
The Czech Republic reaaalllyyy hates us!
EU segregation
Thank God my family left Slovakia. THEY BUILT A WALL TO KEEP US OUT.

Forced Evictions

Yes yes, you can argue that we didn’t pay the bills, you can! But a lot of this shit was INHERITIED. as in FUCK WE ALREADY OWNED IT.

Illegal evictions in Greece
More Greece
‘Systematic evacuations’ in Paris (ah, the city of romance.)
France gives us so little love
More France!
Oh how kind Hungary is (not)




There are just countless places to go!

Do you believe me yet?

Oh, and here’s one last brutal clip: How do you spell “Discrimination”?

Witch Herb of The Day:

Name: Elderberry

Latin name: Sambucus

Good for/against: metabolism, common cold, fever

Internal use: Cooked berries enhance metabolism and are used to combat sciatica and rheumatism. The syrup is beneficial to the throat during a cold. Helps to suppress fever during the flu.

External use: An infusion of the blossoms soothes and cleanses the skin. Compresses and facial masks combat wrinkles and are also good for mild sunburn. A decoction is helpful in cleaning suppurating wounds.

In tea: Tea from blossoms strengthens the immune system.

In food: May replace raisins when baking a cake.

Extra use: Has softening, healing and cleansing properties when added to a bath. Also suitable as a lotion for removing skin blemishes.

Animal Use: Bunched, bruised leaves above a door or window will keep mosquitoes at bay. Wreathes of branches are hung around horses’ heads to keep pesky flies at a distance.

When to use: Fresh or frozen


Indian Gypsy boys by Dietmar Temps
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