Hey guys, it’s time for a little lesson on Dick Grayson’s ethnicity.

He’s referred to as Romani a lot of times, but contrary to popular belief, that does not mean he’s from Romania.

You may know the Romani people better as gypsies.

There are much fewer Rom in modern times; not because there’s fewer circuses and fortune tellers aren’t as popular or whatever your stereotype about ‘gypsies’ is, but because they were put in concentration camps and killed.

The Romani language is spoken, not written, so in writing Dick Grayson, don’t substitute another language. Just write in italics or describe what is said rather than writing the actual dialogue.

The Rom have been erased enough already.

“ çingeneler özgür oldukları için gezerler. çaresizliklerinden değil.”

Dom Za Vesanje - Çingeneler Zamanı 

Görsel : Bruno Barbey (1992) -  Romani (Gypsies)

Witch Herb of the Day:

Name: Chamomile

Latin name: Matricaria

Good for/against: eyes, mouth

Internal use: Helps against insomnia. Can reduce menstrual cramping. Helps combat digestive complaints and indigestion.

External use: Tea is good for rinsing out irritated eyes. Canker soars heal quicker by using an infusion. Also beneficial for gingivitis. Cool burns faster by placing a sterile cloth soaked in cooled tea on the burns.

In tea: Calming tea

In food: Use flowers for decorating salads

Extra use: Good for rinsing light color hair. Has a calming and cleansing effect when added to a bath.

When to use: Fresh or dried