gypsie rose lee

Ecdysiast Gypsy Rose Lee     Uncredited and Undated Photograph

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly… very slowly.”  Gypsy Rose Lee

I finded a thing... Send. Help. :O

apparently, Natasha did get to do a performance of Gypsy…. where she played Louise…. AND I HAD TO GO LOOKING. oh my god…. OH MY GOD

Save me. I’m dead.

I’m so glad she got to play in her favorite musical! I believe her favorite character is Mama Rose, but she did get to play the daughter of Mama Rose, and i need the audio files because her singing with this score would just be… magical

Imelda Staunton was Dolores Umbridge, so we knew she could do dark and unconventionally scary, but fuck. Fuck. 

This is the most chilling Momma Rose I’ve ever seen. 

Watching this kinda shows up how much most productions [including the brilliant, glorious ones that I’ve adored] try to mitigate the fucked-up-ed-ness in some way. Bernadette was hard but brittle and in danger of shattering, maintaining her optimism through denial. Ethel was gregariously delusional.

Not Imelda. Imelda’s Rose is on a Mission and she will use and abuse and break anyone she needs to in order to fulfill it. She is predatory. She is dangerous. She is the Momma in Stephen and Arthur’s text, undiluted, and she’s fucking terrifying. 

I’ll upload “Rose’s Turn” in a minute, it’s amazing too.

Edit; I will apparently be uploading ‘’Rose’s Turn’’ tomorrow because Tumblr is being a poo.

Edit again; Here she is -

The Gypsy Problem

Okay Broadway Babies, tell me what you think about this. 

In the beginning of Gypsy HISTORICALLY Mama Rose SHOULD be 26ish years old.

By “Rose’s Turn” she should be approximately 38. 


I think we need a solid young Jen Colella, Kate Shindle, Rachel Tucker, Stephy J Block Gypsy Revival. 

I cast Emily Skinner as Rose, and Taylor Louderman as Louise. Funding starts now.