It isn't always the big things

When you’re asked all the time where you’re from, no where are you really from?

When you’re asked if that’s an ethnic thing, or a minority thing, or a foreign thing.

When you’re asked to say something in your language. Say a cuss word, say I love you, say I hate you.

When you’re asked if you had to marry young; how many children do you have, does your husband beat you?

When you’re asked where you live, in a house or a caravan. In a campsite or a field. Do you have a microwave or an oven? Do you have a TV or WiFi?

When you’re asked if you’ve ever stolen anything, no really have you? 

When you’re asked if your parents are related? Maybe your grandparents?

When you’re asked if you can tell fortunes; read the cards or the crystal or the leaves.

When you’re asked to curse someone, to say a spell, to make a potion.

When you’re asked if you can dance, or sing, or play the fucking tambourine.

When you’re asked if you like Esmeralda. Or Carmen. Or Kim Kardashian.

When you’re asked why your eyes are blue or your skin is light.

When you’re asked why you don’t wear skirts or headscarves.

When you’re told you’re an ugly, stupid, lazy, dirty, smelly, ignorant, backwards Gyppo.

When you’re told your history doesn’t count.

When you’re told you weren’t a part of the Holocaust, even though hundreds of thousands of your people were murdered.

When you’re told you can’t travel, but you can’t stay here.

When you’re told your children can’t attend a “regular” school

When you’re tailed by the security guard or the cop in the store.

When you’re asked to leave the store.

It’s not just the violence - attempted pogroms, attempted arson, attempted murder. 

It’s not just the political campaigns threatening to assimilate or remove us forcefully.

It’s not just the historical trauma that has been laid upon our heads.

It’s not just the constant and inaccurate slanderous news articles.

… and it’s not just in Europe.

soloontherocks-moving-refollow  asked:

Gypsy is a racist slur. Get it out of your description.

Guess what, I’m once again citing Wikipedia, because I’m lazy and they’ve had people do the research:

In case you can’t read it, it says 

Gyppo, gippo, gypo, gyppie, gyppy, gippa. A Romani people.b. (UK and Australia) Egyptians.[117] These are variations of “Gypsy”- people of Romani origin. “Gypsy” is not in itself an ethnic slur but its usage is sometimes controversial.

Do you know why I am comfortable using just Wikipedia here? Because I understand racist slurs. I’ve had so many used on me that at this point, distinguishing actual racist slurs and controversial names is second nature. 

Gypsy is as much a racist slur to the Romani as Indian is to Native Americans. 

It’s offensive because it’s inaccurate. I am not referring to the Romani here, I am not Romani, nor will I ever claim to be.