My top 10 web comics of 2015

This is such a hard list to make mostly because I have a list of I think like 50 webcomics, maybe more that I haven’t even started getting to read yet and I haven’t finished some of these comics I have started to read (even ones on this list). If you’re not reading web comics even if you don’t want to buy physical comics do yourself a favor and give this list a look. WebComics in many ways are really the best stuff in the industry because they are really huge expressions of art with no worrying about the effects of angry fake geek boys. Also unlike the mainstream industry diversity in creators is so abundant online. I’d like to give honorable mentions to Strong Female Protagonist, Raan’s Doll, and Portside Stories. These books didn’t make it because this was a very hard list to make. Strong Female Protagonist and Raan’s Doll both have a chance to make it onto next year’s list, and all three are good go read them. Also my twitter friend Adam Blackhat has a great webcomic but it’s just way too new to get the list you can read if you like.  

Shadow Eyes: Shadow Eyes is only near the bottom of this list because in webcomic form there isn’t a ton of it out and it’s has been in print before (also it’s returning to print go buy it). This is the story of a girl who finds she can become a creature and wants to fight crime. Only it isn’t that simple and in this dark world it’s even harder.  This setting is bleak and gritty but manages to really reflect a lot of diversity from an Intersex character to a boat load of body diversity.  I find some will find the start is a bit slow but the more it builds the better it becomes.

Ava’s Demon: Ava’s demon makes use of the webcomic format maybe better than any other webcomic on the net. This was my first real ongoing Webcomic experience and it’s one to this day I still really enjoy. It’s the story of Ava who is haunted by a demon but it doesn’t take too long to learn that the demon isn’t too happy about the whole thing either and there is a greater problem in the universe. It’s told in a one panel a page format but it does cool things with the site and videoes every now and again to further invoke the feelings it’s trying to show. The main issue with Ava’s demon is it’s a very fast read and whenever an update comes up it’s not a huge filling thing. This is a story I wait a while for then binge it so I have a nice amount of panels to read.  

SuperCakes: I almost forgot this book was a webcomic because I read it in collected form yen press. However, this book was created in webcomic form  and is a short 56 page story. I wrote a full review of the book awhile back when I still did proper reviews so you can read that if you like. What you need to know is the simple stuff, this story is a cute lesbian superhero romance. We see the differences between the characters and some adventures. It doesn’t feel like a finished story even at the end but it is a cute look at a superhero world that is pretty inclusive.

Gyno-Star: This is a 4 panel comedy webcomic but it tells full story arcs unlike most 4 panel stories. Over a series of updates you’ll get a full story arc with a battle, jokes, a twist maybe. I think this i such a funny webcomic that touches on a lot of feminist themes. It brings up a ton of issues and it’s a legit funny superhero story. Gyno-Star is totally one of my favorite super heroes. She is a flawed character and makes mistakes like everyone else but is trying to do some social justice regardless. It’s great and everyone should read it.

Always Human: This is a webcomic with music about two girls and their blooming romance. It’s set in a near future where people mod themselves but our protagonist finds herself smitten by a girl with no mods. Every chapter has music playing in the background and they are all so far very cute.

Princess Princess:  A very cute webcomic about two princess going on a journey together with contrasting personalities. It’s a cute and short read but it has a beginning middle and end. We get to see both princess have something they want and their attempts to get it. I can’t really say much since it’s short but it’s totally worth a read.

SunStone:  This comic like Shadow Eyes that I mentioned earlier is in print in a big way, bigger then Shadoweyes even but I’m only reading it as a web comic at the moment (Although I intend to pick up a physical copy very soon). Still this story began as a web comic and the creator got lucky to be able to make print versions of his book. This is a BDSM lesbian romance created by a  man but as a shock to me this comic was totally brilliant.

Henchgirl: Henchgirl is a comic about a henchgirl and what her life is like. It’s a simple concept that gets bigger and bigger with every issue of it. This comic is funny, charming and really feels like it’s fleshing out a real world superhero world. We see so much greatness here and it’s just a great twist on the Superhero genre. (Also Henchgirl is now releasing physically, it’s a hard find but if you do buy it or maybe order it from your shop.)

Rock and Riot: Since this is the only webcomic I’ve wrote a shining comics about I guess it’s not a surprise to people who follow me but Rock and Riot is my number one. Rock and Riot fires from every side and does each perfectly. You can read a full detailed thing here but here’s the short version of all the things I love and about webcomic.  This character does diversity in a great way, it doesn’t totally “Normalize” LGBT issues but it does have them be far more progressive than the time period. It doesn’t make it a tragedy but it is still a struggle for the characters as heteronormative is a thing  but we find that people are pretty accepting and all that.