Take the T out of LGBT

It is just offensive to me as a lesbian to be associated with twanz in any way when u get even one in a room they will not shut up and make everything about them. Just like what they do in FAB spaces. I don’t want to be associated with these ‘cotton ceiling’ rapists, feminist mockers who claim without irony to be the most oppressedest wimminz. Give me a fucking break. Keep them the fuck out of rape crisis centres. They hog grants for women they hog our resources our energy our time I will not sacrifice my gynergy on these men in dresses they do not deserve it and never will. Just like a men they need you nurturing and empathy and then they shit all over it. Energy vampires. Get your own spaces and stop being a parasite everywhere else.

Why do we waste our time?

I’m feeling distraught the last two days, watching feminist women argue on tumblr with “pre-transition trans women” about the asinine Meredith Talusan article in the Guardian called “Women’s colleges should reinvent themselves as havens for trans women”. Like, there is so little right about that article, I personally couldn’t respond. Just, 100% no, Meredith. Not even wrong, just completely outrageously awful. Predictably, there has been a lot of arguing about the article.

But the sad thing is that we (by which I mean, radical feminists who are pro-women’s colleges staying female-only, and the loose assortment of trans-critical bloggers who also feel that way) are focusing our outreach and education on the wrong people, especially pre-transition trans women. Might as well just talk to male-identified MRA’s! Because if there’s anyone who needs to be convinced that women’s colleges still matter, it’s primarily young liberal feminists, and secondarily trans men.

I have no dog in this fight, so to speak, except for several friends and relatives who attended women’s colleges. But I do feel very frustrated with trans men for all the work they’ve done over the last decade to undermine the idea of women’s schools. Talk about fucking over other female people, in the name of personal feelings! It looks extremely selfish to me.  

On the other hand, young liberal feminists are the ones actually attending women’s colleges. Clearly, the current students and recent grads have a lot of pull in the decisions over whether to keep these schools female-only, or to allow males to attend. They also tend to be ultra-pro-transwomen, no matter what the context. I sincerely believe that this is a failure of education: when you accept the extent of sex criminality among trans women, you can never unsee the reality that blanket trans-acceptance policies endanger women. It’s really that simple.

And yet, the people who have no say in the matter (because they’re not attending these schools) and yet are some of the most vociferous arguers about it are trans-id’d males who haven’t transitioned. Let’s be clear: what is the actual difference between these boys and young men, and any other MRA? Exactly: ZERO.

Let’s not waste our time on these assholes! It’s not worth it. Let’s focus on young women, because unlike young males (who have been socialized to not give a fuck about anyone else), young women often are acting in ways that they think are “for the best”. Put yourself in the place of a modern teenage girl: you no longer have the ability to talk about misogyny, due to the removal of all sex-based analysis from “feminism”, and yet you still sense that your position in society is conditional and fraught with danger. A trans girl must just be another girl like you, also in this scary and uncertain place, right? I mean, she has a “1 in 12″ chance of being murdered! Of course you’d support her!

Except, that’s not the reality. I know that, you (if you’re reading my blog) probably know that. So let’s focus where the focus needs to be!

To my pre-transition future trans women sisters: I am not “denying your identity” by saying that if you live as a boy, you’re a boy. You know that’s actually true, which is why you’re planning to transition some day. I want you to get to a place where you’re happier in your life. But you absolutely do not get to build your identity on the basis of destroying women’s ability to name the problem. I’m not here to engage with that kind of fuckery. Go post on reddit or 4chan about how much of a troll and an asshole I am. I don’t fucking care.