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Why are there so many things that appeal to gross snobby white dudes that also appeal so strongly to queer non-men and woc? Death Grips? Eraserhead? Harsh Noise and Power electronics? Like, literally all of these things have a sort of Fantano fanbase, but they’re also deeply loved by a small but non-negligible group of gays, and I think it’s our duty to take it

Female Noise/Experimental Musicians and Personality Typing

Here’s a completely pointless analysis of the personality types of female noise, experimental, electronic, no-wave, and avant-garde musicians from a weird music fan who is also too interested in MBTI. These are my typings and absolutely nothing should be taken as creed. Just have fun with it…

  • Yoko Ono - INFJ. She gets typed as INFP a lot, but to me her work has always had a lot of Ni to it - big concepts with tons of hidden meanings and deeper context. INFJ artists also tend to be very imagist in style and manage to say a lot with very few words, lending a strong impact to their craft.
  • Wendy Carlos - INTP. Fairly obvious judging by her movie scores.
  • Laurie Spiegel - INTP. Another obvious one. No other type would bother to write chilled-out synth music about the expansion of the universe.
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti - ENTP. She seemed like the only decidedly extroverted member of Throbbing Gristle and had Ne that mimicked Se functions at times. Still from reading bits and pieces of her autobiography, she is way more Ne than Se and seems to have tertiary Fe that has gotten her in trouble.
  • Lydia Lunch - ENTP. Some of her more dramatic songs could full listeners into thinking she’s a Fi-dom, but there’s a lot of Ti going on there.
  • Kate Bush - either ISFP or INFP. There’s a lot of heated debate in typing communities about which one she truly is and even I can’t make up my mind. Definitely a Fi-dom, though.
  • Meredith Monk - Either ENFJ or INFJ. Definitely some strong Ni and Fe going on here. She prefers to work in ensembles and has a strong spiritual current to her compositions. I’ve just never been able to work out if she’s more of an extrovert or an introvert.
  • Diamanda Galas - INTJ. Te is way through the roof in interviews and could be mistaken for an ENTJ if she wasn’t such a decided loner. The way she performs is consistent with most INTJ musicians - highly experimental but also highly structured.
  • Laurie Anderson - INTP. The most INTP to ever INTP.
  • Jarboe - INFP. Her songs lent a much more personal air to Swans’ sound and seemed almost like diary entries in places.
  • Mayuko Hino - Probably ENFP or ESFP. Can’t really work out if she’s more Ne or Se. Most adult performers tend to be Se but for someone like her, she could really be either at any given time.
  • Lisa Carver - ENFP. I really can’t see her as anything else. The weirdness of her lyrics and complete disregard for song structure screams Ne-dom, and from talking to her she seems more like a feeler than a thinker.
  • Bjork - INFP. Very easy one to figure out.
  • Tanya Tagaq - ENFJ. Most of her music has a traditional bent to it and coincides with her activist for First Nations women and Indigenous rights. Very strong Fe-Ni combo.
  • Zola Jesus - INFJ. Her songs ooze Ni-Fe, especially in her earlier witch-house days.
  • Grimes - ENFP. She took the test herself and got ENFP, so case closed.
  • Chelsea Wolfe - INFJ. She gets typed as INFP quite a bit too, but once again I see a lot more Ni in her writing style than Ne.
  • FKA Twigs - ISFP. Great dancer, well-developed Ni, and everything is connected to some kind of aesthetic purpose.
  • Pharmakon - INTJ. Like a lot of INTJ musicians, she seems to be constantly stuck in some kind of wicked Ni-Fi loop that produces a lot of dark, brooding, cerebral and extremely hopeless music. Ni-Fi loopers also have a strong sense of self-destruction or self-hatred, which seems to be a recurrent theme in her songs. Also note that her work is extremely structured for a noise musician.
  • Puce Mary - EIther INTJ or INFJ, with more inclination towards the latter.
  • Sara Taylor - ISTP. Very snarly and “fuck off” acting with inferior Fe that comes through in confrontationally political songs.
  • Gyna Bootleg - ISTP. She’s pretty much GG Allin in female form with Ni that’s slightly better developed.
  • Sevdaliza - INFJ. Her music has this way, waaaay dark undercurrent to it and despite a lot of songs about identity, her social media posts are very Fe-ish in nature.
  • Moor Mother - either ISTP or INTP. Still trying to figure that one out.
  • Pod Blotz - INTP. Very mechanized instrumentals with lots of delay and odd time signatures.
  • Lingua Ignota - ISFP. Definitely a Fi-dom, and also seems to have some strong Se and Ni going on in her work. Ni is developed enough to let her have broad concepts for her songs and visual art, but Se keeps her from going off into the deeper end of the pool.

Feel free to add to this list - my brain is shutting off and I can’t think of anybody else to add.