Gabby Perea’s bars exhibition today! The Maloney+Ricna is new.

She also did a beam exhibition


Hallie Mossett’s floor to Beyonce’s Formation/Partition/Single Ladies. The head stand choreo during Partition was excellent! And she’s one of the only people in NCAA who actually does a full turn on floor, haha.

Since so many gymnasts are being messy, let’s focus on queen Laurie

-hates Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Gary Johnson

-tweeted a link to share queen Shang Chunsong’s story back in 2015

-by far the best dancer out of any gymnast who has been on DWTS

-has actual choreo on floor and beam

-amazing and expressive performer

-super consistent on beam

-does a downie on bars


WTF Fabian??? :O