Wow this Gabby hate is getting extreme. I’ll admit at first I was confused, but now that I’ve had time to think about it, and read stuff from more knowledgeable gym blogs, I’ve accepted it and MOVED ON. Like some of y'all clearly need to do.

Idk I kind of see where Lari and the other Romanian girls are coming from because Cata wasn’t there with them all the time so of course they’re gonna be resentful when Cata comes back and the federation pretty much pushes all the girls aside for her and blatantly lies to Lari about her chances but I feel like Cata being 10+ years older than these girls should have been better at rising above this petty drama. I get it’s awkward and it must suck to not have anyone who likes you for reasons beyond your control but you are still an adult. I would especially think Cata could understand Lari’s feelings since after all before she came back herself Lari was the one out there giving her blood sweat and tears for team Romania and of course she’s hurting when the olympics has just been taken away from her. It feels like Cata is being callous and she’s better than that.

But anyway I still hate the Romanian Gymnastics Federation for putting these girls in an impossible situation.

I’m posting my buddy @melitinastanioutas‘s very accurate comment on the Irina Viner ask so that ppl get the big picture on who Viner is :

“Dont get me wrong, she has done shitty stuff but I want to point out that she implemented a system in RG were she produces the best gymnasts and has depth like no other country, when the gymnast retires they become sucessful coaches who coach successful gymnast, open gyms etc. Invites gymnast from all over the world from not wealthy programs and helps them, really the only one that dont go are the ones from competing big RG countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan (recently). EVERYBODY GOES TO NOVOGORSK 4 FREE BASICALLY TO GET BETTER. Viner has the right ideas on how to develop a sport.”

also you should go visit her blog and ask her about RG stuff bc she knows her shit !!

Things I don’t care about in womens sport:

  • how their hair looks
  • how sweaty they are
  • their make-up (or lack thereof)
  • how big their muscles are
  • whether or not they win
  • being able to see their bra straps
  • how ugly/cute their game face is

Things I DO care about in womens sport:

  • their sportsmanship 
  • the inspiration they give to other girls/women
  • their commitment to training/fitness
  • their passion