I listen to yall to make a mockery, i am not associated with your democracy, i conduct myself nostradamus'ly, rape these fuckin beats like sodomy, nietzsche in philosophy, i am not a part of god’s colony…

Underground like dirt in the soil… A naked eye can look loyal but dont trust em, thats why i chill with women, fuk em but not cuff em, i think i have a problem with being faithful, its not that i aint grateful just something bout me so hateful.

#anthem #jedimindtricks #gympumpjam

Y disparamos a mansalva y fucilamos a nuestro corazon, mente y alma.. Le perdimos ya todo el respeto a madre tierra y todo x la guerra del dinero y el vivir sobre cemento.. Y yo tengo una nota musical, un oceano de palabras, algun problema neuronal y un potencial creciendo. #gympumpjam 🔥🔥🔥 #rapsusklei