gymnothorax fimbriatus


My two fishies. ♥

I gave Pug some ghost shrimp yesterday to see if he was shrimp-safe. As you can see, there is a half eaten shrimp in the bottom left of his photo, and he is super fat. So no, he is absolutely not cool with shrimp!

At least you can tell in the photo that his tail is regrowing wonderfully. (When I bought him, he had a huge chunk almost entirely missing.)

Betta splendens

Gymnothorax fimbriatus


I’m still visiting my parents so no new photos, and I have no art I can post, so have some baby pics of Sasha. She was like a 7-8" worm and I love looking back to these shots. She was so small.

That last one is one of my luckiest photos ever ahhhhh. i caught it at the perfect moment and it’s MIRRORED!!

(She was only in this container for acclimation and inspection.)

Gymnothorax fimbriatus


I took some pics while she ate, and oh my god I have the dumbest looking animal alive.

Edit: Pics 1 & 3 are swallowing motions for clarification and they look ridiculous I’m cryin’. I didn’t even know she COULD close her mouth so extremely like in the first pic. The teeth?? How is she not stabbing herself?? What a strange creature.

Gymnothorax fimbriatus


Video of Sasha eating from 3 years ago. She is the first one in this video, second one was Natascha. (I lost Natascha a while back due to some bad octopus. Almost lost Sasha to it, too.)