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I know everyone is busy screaming about history, but I would like to casually remind everyone of the gift that no one has talked about enough. this is magical and amazing and none of you have appreciated it enough so HERE now you can watch/listen on repeat like me

Break Part Three

Lance Tucker

Break Part Three

Warnings: sex, unprotected sex, oral, swearing, dry humping

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From which floor music is this song?

So I was listening to music and heard a song and suddenly noticed some gymnast used it as her floor music and didn’t remember it! So I thought it would be cool to pick some songs that gymnasts have used as their floor musics and see if you all get it right lol

And the last and more difficult one (don’t know why but tumblr doesn’t let me add it)

Eurovision and gymnastics (Part 1)

I’ve always loved the Eurovision Song Contest (even though I dislike 90% of the songs…) and I’m always happy when I hear a song from it being used in gymnastics.  I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the “ESC” routines that I could think of.

Eurovision is more popular with RG gymnasts but several songs have found their way to AG. The most famous one is probably Wild Dances by Ruslana (who won the contest in 2004) used by Jordyn Wieber in 2011/2012.

Jordyn Wieber (USA) 2011/2012

Sam Peszek (USA) 2007

Kim Janas (Germany) 2011

Lara Omahen (Slovenia) 2015/2016

Bulgaria Balls/Ribbons 2013

wishedworld  asked:

My name is Ruby (I wish I had a nickname, but I don't). I am in a lot of fandoms, but supernatural is my main one. My favorite fruit is probably strawberries. My favorite sport is gymnastics. My favorite song is Maps by the Front Bottoms. My favorite piece of clothing is my sisters old sweatshirt. My favorite things to do is drawing and writing. My question is, what is your favorite color?

hello Ruby! my favorite color is orange!

If some of today’s songs seem laboured, it’s because of a huge disconnect between lyric writing and poetry. Words are rustled up to fit pre-composed tunes. The beat is important, not the words. The slide started when dance became gymnastics and songs turned into a meaningless stringing together of words. Today’s lyrics aren’t poetry. They aren’t even prose. They are bad prose. The attempts at rhyming are painfully laboured. In the past, a Hindi film lyricist had 70-75 words to play around with. Today he has no more than 30 or 35. Their vocabulary is very limited. Today’s cinema has no gentle dissolves, no flashbacks. It’s cut-to-cut. Images and sounds are thrown at you one after the other. In song sequences, the movements usually have no connection with the words. Words are just an excuse to hang a tune on.
—  Gulzar (Academy Award, Grammy Award, Padma Bhusan, Dadasaheb Phalke Award, National Film Award [India], Sahitya Akademi Award Winner)

it is everyones favourite childrens film about a man who is trapped inside the body of a steam train that is right it is thomas the tank engine from the hit family film that is called thomas the tank engine and the curse of fat controller. if you like films that are about curses and trains then prepare yourself to go on a train journey of a lifetime because it is about both of them things and at the start of the film it shows thomas the tank engine being born in a thunder and lightning storm and his dad who is the fat controller and his mum who is the main woman train at the train station are really frightened because they were told to never have a baby together and the fat controller even swore on his mums life when he took the job that he would never get any of the trains pregnant not even one of the small unused ones that they keep around the back and the train elders said to him that if he ever gets any of the trains pregnant then his first son will be born cursed with the body of a train and the legs and arms of a man and the fat controller said you got it there will be no pregnant trains around here haha trust me but then along came thomas and my best bit in the whole of the film is when thomas the tank engine is a teenager and he is fed up because he hates being a trains gender teen because he is really sensitive about his massive long mens beige legs and all of the other trains make fun of him and they call him thomas the rank engine and they spit on him all of the time as well and it makes him feel really fed up and then one day his friend henry says to him thomas have you ever thought about trying out for the local gymnastics team because you would probably be quite good at it and thomas said yeah right who would want me on their gymnastics team i am a freak and then henry says oh go on just give it a go there is no harm in trying and thomas says fine i will try out for the local gymnastics team because anything is better than being spat on all day here by these bunch of idiots so thomas goes to the village hall where the gymnastics team practice and he crawls in through the door covered in spit and he says i would like to join your gymnastics team and the gymnastics teacher walks over to thomas and she takes one look at him and she says you want to join my gymnastics team and thomas says yes and she says but you are a train and thomas says i know i am a train but i have got the heart of a man and she taps her bottom lip with her pen 3 times and then she nods her head and she says ok then lets see what ya got kiddo and then she points to a boy who has got a ghetto blaster on top of his head and he puts on the number 1 gymnastics song of the year that is called lucky boy by the daft punk experience and thomas the tank engine goes into the middle of the room and then he slowly stands up on to his hind legs and everyone cant believe how massive he actually is and everyone was saying they he was nearly about as big as a train and then thomas says here goes nothing and then he jumps up into the air and he does a massive sideways gymnastic spin and he blows loads of glitter out of his head chimney and everyone starts cheering and shouting come on and as he stood there in the middle of the room under the blanket of glitter slapping his massive long mens beige legs together in time to the music he finally felt free for the first time in his life because he had found a place where people accepted him for who he truly was and then right at the end of the film there is a shot of thomas the tank engine standing on top of a hill and he screams freedom in a really deep voice and then he stabs a massive sword into the ground in slow motion and then the film just ends really suddenly and it gave me such a fright and i hope that you will be able to have a watch of it soon with your children or with a child of your choice because you definitely will not be disappointed not even a slice. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox