gymnastics practice

I get the feeling I’m in deep
Troubled waters but they’re only thigh-high

Kaito has very under-appreciated thighs imo

Warframe but like in high school

Atlas: Senior. Workout buddies with Rhino. Has a rock collection. Surprisingly good at cooking.

Ash: Senior. Bros with Excalibur. Closet weeb. Thinks Banshee is attractive.

Banshee: Junior. Loves listening to dubstep. Headphones never come off…NEVER. Very quiet and shy.

Chroma: Senior. Has a large pet lizard that he feeds live chickens named “Draco”. Plays Dragonborn in Dungeons & Dragons. Has multiple dragon posters.

Excalibur: Senior. Plays Quarterback on the football team. Has high grades. Also closet weeb. Has a crush on Mag.

Ember: Junior. Has a thing for Valkyr. Throws lit firecrackers at people. Smokes weed.

Equinox: Freshmen. Creepy twins. Finish each other’s sentences. One wears black, the other wears white. ALWAYS together.

Frost: Junior. Has a thing for Ember. Is always wearing a hoodie because he’s cold…all the time.

Harrow: Sophomore. Really into occult stuff. Has Demonic pentagrams on his notebooks and lockers. “Do you have time to talk about our Lord and savior, Satan?” is the line he uses to break the ice. Taken a liking to Nekros. History teacher’s favorite. Scares the hell outta Mag. (Poor girl.)

Hydroid: Sophomore. Likes pirates of the Caribbean. Wears a pirate hat everywhere. Perverted. Tells terrible pirate related puns.

Inaros: Sophomore. Has a beetle collection. Timid. When threatened throws pocket sand. Nekros’ younger brother.

Ivara: Freshman. Loves Archery. Reads comics. Green Arrow and Hawkeye are favorite heroes. Pro Hanzo in Overwatch. Always falls asleep in class.

Limbo: Junior. Wears a Tux everywhere. Thinks he’s good with the ladies. Not very good with the ladies. Terrible at Math.

Loki: Sophomore. Ash’s younger brother. Plays pranks with Mirage. Has a criminal record for Vandalism and Public indecency. Also smokes weed.

Lotus: Principal. Knows everything about the students. Chooses to do nothing about it. Inexplicably always drinking coffee. Plays handheld games (like DS and PSP) during work hours.

Mag: Freshman. Trusted by Lotus to keep everyone in check. Never acts out. Straight A’s. Makes Nyx jealous because her boobs are bigger. Loves Astrology and Physics. Has science blog. Smallest in school

Mirage: Senior. Teases Loki with “Perverted acts”. Loves playing pranks. Blew up Principal’s bathroom and didn’t get caught. Rarely shows up for class. Likes to dress Mag up in outfits.

Mesa: Junior. Plays Overwatch with Ivara, mains McCree. Loves to tell you what time it is (you know damn well what I mean) Has a bunch of old Cowboy movies. Remembers every scene of Walker Texas Ranger.

Nyx: Senior. Small boobs, big brain. Everyone listens to her, Sorta the disciplinarian.

Nekros: Senior. Always wears all black. Never smiles. Childhood friendswith Saryn. Unaware that almost every girl and Limbo (excluding Nyx, Saryn, Ember, and Mirage) is afraid of him.

Nezha: Sophomore. Only Transgender in school, loves to tell everyone about it. Burned down the gym one time and didn’t get caught. Wrote his name in fire in the school courtyard.

Nidus: Junior. Owns every zombie movie ever. Likes to wear zombie makeup to school. Jumpscares Mag all of the time.

Nova: Freshman. Best at astrophysics…beats Mag actually. Has a weird thing for blowing shit up. Respected by Ember. Tutors Rhino and Valkyr.

Oberon: Junior. President of Nature club. Loves butterflies. Extremely dense but has an A in biology.

Octavia: Junior. Banshee and her are the female equivalent of bros for life. Made Banshee’s Spotify playlist. Makes her own mixtapes. Plays said mixtapes on morning announcements. Lotus would do something about it if she didn’t really like the music.

Rhino: Senior. Jacked! Pretty dumb. Great football player.

Saryn: Senior. Owns a Katana for God knows why. Pretty chill. Student Council president. Smokes weed and drinks. Developed feelings for Nekros. Created the dogmatic teaching of “Biggest boobs makes the rules”. Also not very liked by Nyx.

Stalker: Sophomore. Emo. Probably planning school shooting. Hates everyone but Nekros. Has a really creepy crush on Mirage.

Titania: Freshman. VP of nature club Huge crush on Oberon but will never say it. Even dressed up as a butterfly to get him to notice her only to be outshined by his butterfly costume.

Teshin: Gym teacher. Doesn’t give a fuck.

Trinity: Junior. Goody two shoes. Helps out the school nurse. Wants to be a doctor. Asked Volt to play Doctor. Volt thought she wanted to like practice medicine which they did…sorta.

Vauban: Senior. Engineer. In robotics. A’s in physics. Heard of sports at most. Always in charge of fixing everyone’s….everything. Lotus even bribed him to fix the computersin the lab rather than paying for an actual professional. Worked out in the end.

Volt: Junior. On track team. Listens to Sonic the hedgehog soundtrack while jogging. Crush on Saryn. Avoids Trinity actively.

Valkyr: Sophomore. Good at gym but not much else. Anger issues. Pummeled Hydroid to a pulp for looking at her butt too long. Rhino’s younger cousin.

Zephyr: Junior. Owns a pet hawk that creeps out everyone considering it follows her every command. Does parkour and hanglides.

Wukong: Freshman. Practices gymnastics. Practices martial arts with the Bo staff just to say he can. Showed up to practice drunk one time. Has a pet monkey named Pyjak that he puts sunglasses on and takes selfies with.

Clem & Darvo: College kids that hang out near the school. The suppliers of all of the contraband that goes around the school.

Amaryn (New Loka Lady): Vice Principal. Lotus’ advisory and all-around babysitter. Struggling to find a way to hide Lotus’ video games from her.

Cressa Tal (Steel Meridian Lady): English Teacher. Claims she hates men yet has a new boyfriend every few weeks. Every class is like a sad romance novel.

Arbiters of Hexis: Mean teachers I forgot to cover.

Ergo Glast (Perrin Sequence guy): Math Teacher. So boring he sometimes puts himself to sleep while he’s at the board teaching.

Red Veil dude: History Teacher. During class he makes random Conspiracy theories. Everyone thinks he’s crazy.


Just some mobility and core movements for you guys! @strengthwraps @armyfreshfitness
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Lol every gymnastics practice I update my little gymnasts that I coach on Taylor and it’s so funny I’ll be like “Girls ‘gorgeous’ came out today make sure you listen to it” and it’s so funny they’ll be like “yes we will” ahaha

BFFS with Harrison and Tom Headcannon

Request from @dancing4girls


Originally posted by harrison-osterfield-appreciation

  • You hail from South West London darling! 
  • you had the pleasure of meeting Harrison first in a photography class 
  • Tom instantly wanted to “model” or be an idiot in front of the camera 
  • Late night photoshoots 
  • “You’re blinding me, Y/N!” 
  • “Shut up Tom.” 
  • Ya’ll did everything together…almost literally 
  • You and Harrison showed up to every performance and every gymnastic practice 
  • Harrison tried to do a handstand once and landed on his face 
  • ….group hospital visits 
  • the nurses knew you three by name 
  • Tom got a sh*t ton of followers and comments 
  • Harrison and Tom wanted to protect you from fame since it already got them 
  • They deleted a lot of the photos with you in them and asked you to make your social media profiles private 
  • you agreed after a douchey comment from some dude in Norway (love you Norway) 
  • sadly you never went on set
  • you were reallyyyyy upset 
  • you didn’t talk to Tom for a week 
  • He desperately tried to get you to talk to him and Harrison again 
  • You opened up your Insta and received a lot of love from the fans 
  • Tom and Harrison finally lightened up and invited you to the Homecoming premiere 
  • Jerks.
we don’t choose our family (BATFAMILY/JASON TODD X READER) PART 2

You guys I honestly can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing feedback for “we don’t choose our family” I mean you guys are honestly the best people i have ever met and I love your guys comments. 

PS: guys I wrote this listening to you (don’t own me by grace feat. G-eazy) and I recommend you do to because holy shit it was awesome

AS PROMISED PART 2 OF “WE DON’T CHOOSE OUR FAMILY" ————————————————————————————————

You could feel your heart thumping against your chest and your palms sweating on the handles of your motorcycle as you rapidly approached the Jokers hide out.

Your fathers hide out.

You looked to the left of you and saw Jason looking straight ahead, arguing with one of his brothers, you could hear him all the way from the other side of the abandoned road.

You smiled softly knowing this would probably be one of the last times you would be this happy, for a very very, long time.

All of the pranks you pulled with Damian were going to be gone.No more practicing gymnastics with Dick until ungodly hours of the morning. You wouldn’t be able to talk about the latest gadgets that were coming into the tech community with Tim. The worst of all would be no more phone calls with Jason that eventually turned into a 9 hour call with both of you falling asleep and staying on to say good morning to each other. 

It took everything in you to not turn the bike around now and just vanish from Gotham. You had to meet him though, innocent peoples lives were on the line and you swore to protect them no matter what. Also you couldn’t leave the family heart broken like that.

In the superhero world if a “hero” vanishes  out of nowhere it means one of two things, they either got caught up into some bad shit and had to flee, or they were probably dead. You could never do that to Bruce, the man who helped you through so much shit and accepted you into his family.

You shook your head and let out a deep breath trying to clear your head as you saw the outline of the jokers warehouse or what he called it the “fun-house” fall into view.

“You ready over there (y/superhero/n).” Jason said through the com frequency that only you and him shared.

“Yeah, yeah i’m good.” You said in the most convincing manner you could muster. 

“Nothing we haven’t done 100 times before,right?” Jason said with a chuckle but you could still hear the sadness and anger behind his tone. He still hated the fact the Joker was running free and causing chaos all over Gotham.

“Hah yeah.” You said in a encouraging voice to him but you really thought ‘I have a feeling it’s gonna be different this time.’

You slowly killed the engine on you bike, as did Jason, when you were close enough to the abandoned warehouse that you guys wouldn’t alert the joker that you were closing in on him. You slowly blended into the darkness the night sky so graciously supplied for you and Jason.

“Robin to red hood and (y/superhero/n), the Joker has no men posted outside so be very cautious for traps and anything lurking in the shadows.” Damian’s rough voice came through the main com making you crack a smile by how professional the 13 year old boy sounded.

“Wait but aren’t we the ones who are lurking in the shadows.” Jason fired back at the teenager and you could practically feel the smirk that was hidden under Jason’s helmet.

“I’m actually going to murder you after all of this, you intellectually inferior sub par pass for a human.” You heard Damian growl out through the coms before Jason turned it off putting his finger up to his head in a crazy gesture.

You let out a small laugh and examined the area. You were standing in the middle of the Gotham city docks with countless storage units around you, in front of the doors of a huge industrial sized warehouse that hasn’t been in use for 12 years. Well technically it was still used, but not that the public knew that. 

You looked up and saw Tim and Dick on the very top of the roof probably looking into the skylights to see what we were going against, while you spotted Bruce and Damian on the opposite side on one of the ledges. Apparently you were right about what Tim and Dick were doing.

“There’s about 50 men walking around with AK-47s and the Joker is standing in front doing, yes you guessed it, laughing.” Tim sighed as he climbed off the roof and meet with you, Jason, Damian, Dick and Bruce. 

“Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, you’re with me on the roof, the element of surprise is in our court right now and we’re going to use it to our advantage.” Bruce said in his signature rough gravely voice. Tim, Dick and Damian nodded as they grappled onto the roof to get into positions.

“Red hood you’re better at making a grand entrance so when I give you the signal come in with (y/superhero/name), and show them what you got.” Bruce said as he gave Jason a stern glare.

It was still very prickly whenever a mission concerned the joker and Jason. The one thing Bruce still didn’t trust him with, Jason’s finger “accidentally” slipping and hitting the Joker during a mission. Before Jason could get a word in to defend himself Bruce had already pulled out his grappling gun and shot up onto the roof.

“And they say I have communication issues.” Jason said as he stared where Bruce had been standing and slowly sat down on a nearby stack of wooden planks.

“Jason, I know it hurts when he does stuff like that but you have to understand that he loves you and just doesn’t want you to do something you might regret.” You said softly as you sat down next to him, laying your hand on his shoulder and watched as he slowly relaxed his tense shoulders.

“How do you do that?” Jason asked as he reached up and took off his helmet.

His hair was still styled perfectly with a grey streak running straight through the middle. His piercing blue eyes stayed trained on you softly, as the moon light his his face making him glow like some sort of fallen angel.

“Do what?” You questioned looking up to see Jason looking at you with a lazy smile on his face. You held in a breath as he reached down and brushed a loose piece of hair behind your ear.

“No matter how mad or upset I am, you always manage to say the right thing to make me smile.” He said as his hand fell down to you cheek and caressed your face softly, making a shiver go down your spine.

“Maybe it’s my superpower.” You whispered to him softly as you smiled and leaned in closer.

You wanted to remember happy moments like this. The smiles and laughs you shared with Jason before your world is turned upside down.The first joke you shared, the last joke you shared. The first time you sparred and the last time you sparred. The first prank you played and the last prank you played. The first time you stepped into the manor and the last time you stepped into the manor.

“NOW!” You heard Bruce shout in both of your ears making you wince and jump apart.

You watched as Jason put on his helmet with a load groan and you swore you heard him mumble ‘are you freaking serious Bruce?’

“I’m sorry Jason, I truly am.” You said and ran towards the building and kicked open the door.

Before Jason could even respond you ducked a handful of bullets that has been fired your way and you landed in a crouched position on the inside of the warehouse behind a shipping container.

You looked up and saw the monster of a man, who sadly had to be your father, standing on a railing yelling at one of his lieutenants. You shivered realizing this would be the first time you would ever see him, well with him knowing you were his daughter. Apparently those 5 years of solitary confinement at Arkham helped him to figure it out.

You watched as Jason ran in guns a blazing, quite literally. He was taking out everyone in sight,jumping from one spot to another in a perfect rhythm with his brothers. You looked to see Bruce working his way up to the Joker when you noticed something.

“Guys, GUYS!” You yelled into the com trying to pull everyone out of their battle modes and focus on the real world. “The men aren’t fighting back anymore, they’re not moving from there position there just letting themselves get hit.”

“She’s not wrong guys.” Tim said as he just stood in front of one of the henchmen and they just stared at him with a emotionless look.

“What’s going on here Joker?” Bruce said honestly just as confused as the rest of us

“Are you telling me the greatest detective in the world hasn’t figured it out yet? I mean it’s just so obvious it’s almost hilarious, wait thats because it is hilarious.” The Joker said letting out a maniacal laugh at the end.

You gasped as you stood up, when a hand came around your neck and pulled you flush against a mans chest. You rolled your eyes and quickly jabbed him in the ribs. He bent over and quickly let go, you spun around round house kicked him in the face watching as he fell down and 6 more men came to replace him.

You looked around and saw you were only being pursued. They were even running around the boys to get to you. You gasped as one of them managed to hit you right in the gut. The guys finally realized you were being targeted and quickly rushed to help you take them down.

“What are you talking about,why are your men only fighting her?” Bruce asked from where he was standing face to face with the Joker on the balcony.

“Well I guess I’ll tell you but only this once.” The Joker said with a smile plastered on his face, as always.

“You brought me my daughter.” He said looking straight at you. You dropped the last henchman to the floor and felt every single set of eyes in the room trained on you.

“Isn’t that right, (y/n)?” He said and looked dead at you with the craziest look you have ever seen. Ever.

“(Y/n) please tell me that’s not true please.” Jason said off to your left in the most heart broken tone you’ve ever heard.

“Where are the hostages?” You questioned completely ignoring everyone else. This was still a mission to you even if you had to do it alone

“ That’s the first thing you have to say to your dear old dad I though it would be a little more heart warming.” He said with a mocking frown.

“That implies that you actually have a heart, now where are the hostages.” You said as you pulled out your eskrima sticks from there thigh holsters.

“Oh now i’m hurt.” He said with the same frown and clutched his heart as he leaned over the side of the railing.

“Is he being serious, answer me NOW!“Bruce said at first but then slowly turned it into a yell at you.

“COME ON BABY GIRL TELL THEM, TELL THEM WHO YOU REALLY ARE.” The joker quickly yelled after him making you clench your teeth.

“Yes.” You said quietly to your self, noticing Jason had taken off his helmet which was hanging off one of his hands before it fell to the ground.

“I can’t heaaaarrr youuuu.” He said again in a sing song voice cupping his hand up in his ear.

“YES!” You yelled up at him and tightened your hands around your weapons, not daring to turn around to meet the faces of the batboys.

“There you have it folks my one and only superhero daughter.” He said and did a twirl before coming back to the railing

“I don’t have time for this, Where. Are. The. Hostages?” You said through your teeth as you walked over the bodies of the fallen henchmen to stand directly in front of you father.You were still on the ground while he smirked triumphantly on the railing.

“oh well if you really wanna know, they’re up there.” He said pointing up to the roof.

You looked up to the sky light and saw a large crane holding a shipping container over the Gotham bay.

“You sick bastard.” You said as you kept your eyes trained on the container.

“Wouldn’t that make you the bastards daughter?” He said teasing you with a wide smile.

“I WILL NEVER BE YOUR DAUGHTER. EVER.” You stated giving him a fierce glare.


“what?” You asked in confusion. You wouldn’t go with him, not in a million years but you couldn’t let these innocent people die.

“And here I thought you were the smart one. Come with me, be my daughter and partner in crime or else they die.” He said reaching his hand out to you giggling like a mad man. Which he was.

You turned around to see dick looking at you with concern written all over his face. Damian had a hard glare set on you but his swords had fallen on the ground. Tim looked up to batman, who just had his emotionless stare settled on you. Finally Jason looked at you and was shaking his head slowly mouthing the word ‘no’.

“I’m so sorry.” You said to them all as you softly laid your hand in your fathers.

A loud boom sounded out from the roof as two ladders fell in from the skylight one for you and one for the Joker. You looked up to see a gigantic helicopter hovering over the ware house

“COME ON LITTLE ONE, DADDY HAS A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!” The Joker yelled at you while he grabbed on to one of the ladders.

“IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY” You heard Jason yell at you but Dick and Tim were holding him back while Damian was on his back.

“LET ME GO, I HAVE TO TELL HER, I HAVE TO.” Jason said struggling against his brothers. He probably just wanted to tell you he would hunt you down for your deceitful ways

You looked up at Bruce who gave you a silent nod. You sighed dropping your eskrima sticks and tightly held into the ladder opposite of the jokers.

“See little one, father knows best.” The Joker said as the helicopter raised you both out of the building into the starry night sky.

The Joker babbled on about a bunch of nonsense while the only thing you could think about was the heartbroken family you had just left behind. As the joker started to cling the ladder you made a silent promise.

Know matter how long it took or how many times you had to fight, you would find your way back to them and earn your redemption.


Part 3 coming out soon

Dregs and Social Media (2/2)

·        Nina is the Instagram Queen of the group

·        She posts probably twice a day, usually a combination of food pics or #ootd pics

·        Follows Kuwei’s aesthetic study blog and sometimes submits her own medical school notes (she’s generous with filters)

·        Wylan’s Snapchat has videos of him playing various instruments or animals he passes by

·        RARELY posts on Instagram, but when he does, it’s really beautifully composed pictures of the crows

·        Absolutely gets in Facebook arguments with science-deniers

·        Inej has a 340 day streak with Nina (she usually sends her pictures of her outfit and Nina encourages her to post them on her story she doesn’t)

·        Instagram has pictures from rooftops that are inaccessible to normal people, videos of her practicing parkour in the city, or gymnastics practice

·        Tweets short Suli proverbs or multi-part rants (no in-between)

·        One time Jesper got a video of Inej drop kicking an anti-abortion protester and it’s his most famous Vine

·        Kaz absolutely gloats about his heists on Snapchat

·        He started the Crows FB messenger group chat and is very annoyed when anyone changes the name of the chat or everyone’s nicknames

·        Secretly has a poetry blog where he writes about crow symbolism, the magic of friendship money, or his undying love for Inej Ghafa

·        He always tries getting out of the background of other people’s pics and anyone who follows Jesper, Inej, Nina, or Kuwei think Kaz is actually a cryptid


#100daysofpractice day 7: Dancing with the Tchaiks. 


I finished shoulders and back with some bodyweight and calisthenics…it was rough. @strengthwraps @armyfreshfitness @militaryfreshfitness #fitness #hspu #bodyweight #movement #yogi #fun #core #handstand #practice #workout #spent #tired #instagood #igdaily #gymlife #gymnastics #pushyourself #dedication #strengthwraps #streetworkout #armyfreshfitness #militaryfitness #gains #fitgoals #nutrition #instalike #me #balance #practice #strength

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dc heroes highschool au

so i was thinking about this and its my new baby but its really long so im putting part of it under a read more

  • the school is called justice academy and the school colors are blue, white and gold
  • theres a martial arts class at their school that bruce teaches bc he’s lonely and we all know he doesn’t have a real job
  • clark is the lunch lady who reminds kids to eat their vegetables
  • everything made in the caf is grown in the school garden that he has and he shames kids into not picking the unhealthy foods
  • bruce is smashing the lunch lady aka clark n he thinks no one knows but really the whole school gossips about how rich dude/part time gym teacher bruce wayne is banging sweet lunch lady clark
  • also clark and lois have an open marriage so they don’t have to hide their relationship but bruce is like……..yeah but i don’t want ppl to know i’m dating someone who says y'all’d’ve'st
  • Kon HATES it bc he and tim are also dating
  • diana is the wrestling coach and everyone marvels at how good she is except donna and cassie (bc thats donnas mom and cassie’s aunt and she  loves to embarrass them) n she’s known for having a rivalry with her the arkham academy coach, barbara minerva, aka her ex girlfriend
  • also diana is an ancient/world history teacher teaching history as it happened
  • Diana during the first day of class: The common theme in world history is that White Men Ruin Everything 

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So I’m sitting in the sauna today after my workout and two gentleman strike up a conversation asking me “what does it take to get that physique and maintain it?” My reply was, “nutrition, dedication and time”. We proceeded to have a great conversation about nutrition, fitness, supplements and what I found works for me to get to where I’m at now; I love helping others reach their goals. @armyfreshfitness @militaryfreshfitness #nutrition #dedication #time #gym #eatclean #loveyourself #workout #motivation #gains #bodyweight #calisthenics #fitness #gymnastics #core #train #crossfit #practice #yogi #yoga #nevergiveup #beastmode #instafit #igdaily #instalike #fitness #me #handstand #movement #igdaily #armyfreshfitness (at Saint Paul, Minnesota)

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lip gloss

(also here on ao3, on the idea that Trini has a crush on Kim throughout the movie)

It was almost impossible not to notice Kimberly Ann Hart. Trini took notice on her first day at the school, staring from her seat at the back where of course – no one noticed her. She only learned of her name through the attendance call though based on the whispers in the hall later she would have learned it soon enough anyway.

She wasn’t sure what it was at first, taking note of Kim’s hair which was up in a ponytail that day since she had gymnastics practice later (though Trini wouldn’t learn of that fact until later), seeing how there were tiny whisps that dared to escape from the hair elastic and drew attention to Kim’s neck.

Trini was certain she was staring too hard, her face felt too hot but when she glanced around still no one was looking at the new girl. It was business, and her life, as usual. With a sigh she doodled in her notebook, refusing to look up at Kim again.

Except that she kept doing it much to her own annoyance. Biology class came around and Trini found herself always looking in Kim’s direction. One day Kim turned around and Trini stiffened, panicking slightly that she’d been caught but Kim was just turning to talk to the student behind her. Even this far away Trini could catch the light on her lip gloss.

She almost wished she’d been caught staring. Acknowledged somehow. But the day passed on and at dinner when her mother pressed her on what she did that day Trini just shrugged.

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Haechan when his girlfriend wants to cuddle but got shy in front of his members

This is my first time trying to write a bulleted scenario so I really really really hope you like it….?? ♡♡

• You have been dating for nearly four months now with Donghyuck and it’s interesting to say the least
• You don’t even know how you could end up dating this devil incarnate
• He constantly bullied you and pulled pranks on you but you just shrugged it off because it’S DONGHYUCK
He does that to everyone
• But r.i.p it was his means of telling you that hE LIKES YOU
• He doesn’t do that to just any girls he only does that to his members….. and you
• You never noticed his little pouts and stomping feet when you pulled out the shredded papers he dumped on top of your head from your hair one by one calmly like nothing happened
• Or when you just let him ate your fries that he stole when you were having lunch together with everyone
• He teased you to no end
• “hey seEms like your face is going to explode anytime soon you should stop eating ramen see how swollen you look”
• “who says you’re cute you look like a frOg”
• But you’re so chill and soft and
• It drove him mad
• Because of your cuteness msnshdhdhnsnsjs he couldn’t take it anymore
• One day he was acting all weird and his face was so flustered and he said he wanted to talk to you privately and you were like ??????!?!?!?!?!????
• Where is Donghyuck where do you hide his body at are you the more evil twin of him impersonating as a meek Donghyuck
• He weNT ALL POUTY AND SULKING lmao and you were like ok ok don’t be mad but what do you want to talk about???
• And hE CONFESSED TO YOU with a little cute flower bouquet and you couldn’t believe your eyes that he turned all shy and stuttering mess
• But you like him a lot too and you’re just so soft for him and his antics you think it’s adorable because it’s Donghyuck
• It’s now a habit for you to come to their dorm and hang out with everyone at times because it’s one of the possible ways to meet Donghyuck now that he’s constantly busy with practices and has less flexible time to date outside like you both did in the first couple of months
• You know that Donghyuck isn’t the type to do skinship in front of the members because one he feels like it’ll make the members think he became soft but nO he wouldn’t allow it two because aCTually he doesn’t mind if they think he’s soft because of you he does but he’s too shy to do lovey dovey couple things in front of his hyungs
• That’s why he still roasts you
• As HaRD as before you became a couple
• You went to their dorm after a very shitty day you got the worst score on Econ yet this semester and the coach scolded you from not putting enough effort on your gymnastic practices when the competition was going to be less than 2 months and you just felt so incredibly tired
Mom Taeyong opened the door for you and he shooed you in while shouting to Donghyuck that his girl arrived
• And he came down from the stairs looking at you sitting on the couch with terrible appearance and savage Donghyuck was all “did you fall in a puddle on the way here?? Got chased by a lion?? Went through a tornado?? WhaT’S WiTH YOUR HaiR you look terrible”
• You just sighed tiredly and sunk your body further to the couch so Donghyuck walked to you and sit beside you
• You instantly leaned your head on his shoulder but then he stiffened anD like HOLD UP WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO THE HYUNGS ARE WATCHING
• And you were like Donghyuck shut up I just want a hug I’m so tired
• He fiddled with his fingers and his hands was frozen on his lap he wanted to hug you back but like Taeyong and Taeil were sitting on the island table at the kitchen and they could clearly see him and you on the couch
• You didn’t want to argue and made him nervous so you held back “fine if you don’t want to then just let me hold your hand I feel so stressed”
• He still made no move and just stay silent and your patience was wearing thin so you straightened up your back and starting to raise on your feet but he got alarmed and turned his head to you
• You glared at him and sighed again “Donghyuck I went here because I had a really bad day today I got a C on my Econ test and coach Song scolded me for not training hard enough and all I wanted was to cuddle with my boyfriend but it seems like he doesn’t want to so I’m just gonna go back home and sleep”
• He immediately felt guilty this sensitive little cutie because all he did was being such a sore loser and he didn’t know you needed him so badly he loves you and he wants to shower you with all his affection but his shyness made it so hard for him to do so
• So he looped his fingers around yours and tugged gently and made you sit on the couch with him again and hE PULLED YOU INTO HIS EMBRACE and softly stroke your back soothingly aw omg i’m suddenly so soft i can’T i WANT TO SCREAM
• THEN THERE WAS SQUEALING SOUND and it was Taeil and Taeyong gushing over how cute the two of you were being and Taeyong was all “omg hyung they hugged I can’t believe our Donghyuck is growing up too fast he becOmES SO SOFT diD HE JUST PULLED Y/N INTO HIS HUG”
• When you were raising your voice it caught the hyungs attention and they watched as the drama unfolds in front of them
• DONGHYUCK WAS SUPER RED AT THIS POINT LMAO but you just laughed into his chest and he hid his face on your hair while mumbling nonsense
• And when he lifted his face to met Taeyong’s he was ready for another roast
• “Hyung do you want me to find you a girlfriend too so you won’t sulk yourself to sleep for having no one to hug”