gymnastics practice

I get the feeling I’m in deep
Troubled waters but they’re only thigh-high

Kaito has very under-appreciated thighs imo

i love you seventeen but please put yourselves first!!! with practicing for boom boom promotions along with special stages for wild eyes and happiness and filming boom boom christmas version and staying active on v live and participating in isac (making and practicing a gymnastics routine??) how on earth do they have time to sleep??? much less teach all 13 members the choreography for highlight??? i love seeing new stuff from them and i love being a carat but i hope that my boys are warm and well rested before everything else

Handstand Kisses- Tom Holland One Shot

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Words: 1100

Prompt: At the gym, Tom practices his gymnastics & attempts to do a handstand kiss with you.

A/N: For this, the gym is empty and it has gymnastic equipment (ie: mats, trampolines, beams, blocks, etc.). I did gymnastics when I was younger and I don’t remember any of the names of the flips, twist, and other things; so, if you’re a gymnast and reading this, I apologize for my lack of gymnastic terminology knowledge.


“How are you so good at all these flips?” You asked, sitting on top of a block. You watched as Tom did another double tuck flip, or whatever it was called. You didn’t pay much attention to the names of the flips and twists. He got up from the large mat and made his way over to you. He put his arms on either side of you and you pushed the loose, sweaty hairs out of his face. You had been dating Tom for almost two years now and always accompanied him to the gym, where he loved to practice doing gymnastics, although you were terrible at the hobby.

“I’ve been doing it a while.” He replied, leaning in to give you a quick kiss. “Do you want to try something with me?”

“I’m not going to do a twist flip thingy.” You stated, making him laugh. He took your hand and you hopped off the block. He lead you over to the empty area on the floor. When he stopped walking, you questioned him, “What are you doing?”

“Lay down. I wanna try a handstand kiss.” Tom explained.

“Don’t fall on me or I’ll kill you.” You said, laying down on the ground as told.

“You would miss me while I’m gone.” He replied with a smile. He walked to the end of your feet.

“Do you trust me?” Tom asked you.

“Yes.” You answered quickly.

“Don’t worry. I won’t fall on you.” He said, with a cheeky smile, “I’ll only fall for you.”

“You’re a dork, Tom.” You laughed at his cheesiness. He kicked his legs up so he stood on his hands by your hips. He walked on the palms of his hands up to your face. He grinned and leaned down to kiss you on the lips. You smiled into the kiss, attempting not to burst into complete laughter. He pulled away and fell back, a foot on either side of you.

“I told you I wouldn’t fall on you.” Tom smirked, standing up and helping you up.

“Can you teach me how to do a flip or something cool?” You asked.

“I can, but I won’t. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Tom said, holding your hand in his.

“I have you-I won’t get that hurt.” You reassured him, “Please? Just something basic. Not that full twist stuff, but something like a front flip.”

“How about we go on the trampoline for right now? You’ll be safer on there then doing a front flip.” He brought you over to the large trampoline and helped you on it. “You’re a klutz, baby. I’m only worried about you.”

“Thanks. Thinking about it now, I would probably break my ankle before the flip even began.” You laughed, thinking about the countless broken bones, fractures, sprains, and other injuries you have received over the course of your life. Tom began to jump on the trampoline and you bounced up and down with him.

“See? This is much safer.” He said.

“A little less exciting, but nothing sprained yet.” You replied.

“Watch out, I want to try something real quick.” Tom informed you. You hopped out of the way and he prepared to do some sort of flip. You rolled your eyes at your gymnast of a boyfriend. He began to do a twist flip; again, you had no idea what the actual name for the flip was. He didn’t stick the landing and instead fell over onto his knees, sticking his hands out to break his fall against the trampoline.

“Tom, are you okay?” You asked, going to him after he didn’t get up. You kneeled beside him. He was groaning while clutching his wrist in his other hand.

“I think I sprained it.” He said.

“Can you move it at all?” You questioned.

“No. It hurts.” Tom hissed, sitting up to look at you.

“We need to get you to the hospital and get it checked out.” You stated, helping him off the trampoline.

“And we thought you were the one who was going to get hurt.” He laughed lightly as you exited the empty gym.

“I’m sorry you injured yourself, babe, but all that teasing about my injuries just led up to this moment. It’s karma.” You smirked, getting into your car. Tom slowly got in on the passenger’s side, still clutching his hurt wrist close to his chest. You started the car and headed for the hospital.

“We start filming in a couple weeks too. The director’s going to hate me for injuring myself.” Tom groaned. “Spiderman can be a handicap hero, right?”

“Tom, if it’s really just a sprain, it will probably only take a week. You’ll just need to ice it and rest, maybe take some medication. Take it from me, I’ve had three sprained wrists before.” You laughed at your worried boyfriend.

“I just hope it’s not broken.” He replied. He pulled out his phone to inform his mother of the mishap. The trip to the hospital was mostly filled with you trying to lighten the mood as Tom moaned on and on about how Spiderman can’t have a bum wrist. The doctor gave him a sling and told him to take the next week off to rest it, giving him a long list of things not to do. Of course, that list was mostly filled with things that Tom loved to do, such as basketball and gymnastics.

“I still can’t believe that I came out of that whole thing completely unscathed.” You laughed as you entered Tom’s room with him following you. He laid down on his bed and you set his arm up on a pillow to keep his wrist elevated. You went on the other side of him and cuddled into his chest.

“I guess we can’t try to do anymore handstand kisses.” Tom said, wrapping his good arm around your waist to pull you closer. You looked up at your boyfriend and grinned.

“I could try to do a handstand.” You joked and he let out a laugh.

“Yeah, then we’ll both be injured.” He replied.

“Fine, I guess we can just do normal kisses.” You leaned up to give him a kiss. Tom went to put his hands on your waist, but groaned and whined after moving his bad wrist. You broke apart from the kiss and laughed.

“This wrist will be the death of me.” He said.

“You’re such a baby.” You laughed, “Give it a week and it’ll be better.” You snuggled into his chest and his good hand played with your hair.


Naked Yoga for PMS 2: Boost Circulation for Premenstrual Syndrome! (Trailer)

y’all doing your fantasy lineups: *3 page color coded microsoft excel spreadsheet, running page-long calculus equations by hand to predict scores, notifications on several dozen gymnastics twitter accounts for constant minute-by-minute updates, have a friend of a friend who knows a guy who knows a guy who is a volunteer equipment manager on a top 6 team who texts you status updates on the team’s gymnasts throughout practice sessions*

me doing my fantasy lineups: she did floor last week right? ok u didnt fall good job ur doing it again this week pls dont let me down…. u also only did beam 3 times this season but im gonna put u in the beam lineup anyway just in case u change ur mind bc u scored a 9.85 all 3 times….. wow i am gr8 at this

Voltron Dance Team AU

Ok so I love the Voltron characters as street dancers au but like. Imagine them on a HIGH SCHOOL DANCE TEAM

  • Matching duffel bags, leos, tights, shoes, scrunchies, everything 
  • Keith and Lance trying to do the most pirouettes/al secondes/leaps/whatever in a row until they’re both dizzy and sick 
    • Shiro beats them both at everything except al secondes bc the two of them will keep going and going through sheer willpower alone
  • Lance has rly good projection like his smile will BLIND you and his posture is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 
    • He loves jazz and funk bc he gets a chance to be Sassy™ yooo
  •  Keith is practically a gymnast he just casually does back handsprings during practice and everyone’s like ok we get it Sto p ??? But also don’t
    • He’s rly good at breakdancing but he likes lyrical/contemporary the best so he can properly express his angsty ass ;)
  • Shiro being the Inspirational Senior Captain™ that gets so many solos but no one ever minds and every other team captain has a crush on him
    • He’s good at literally everything but kick line is his specialty lol
  • Hunk making literally every stunt possible bc he just. Lifts ppl up like they can stand and pose on his hands no problem. And he’s crazy flexible??? Wtf 
    • His fave is pom routines bc it’s like he’s cheering for the entire audience :’) <3
  • Pidge is super dainty and everyone thinks she should do classical or something but she’s actually BOSS AT HIP HOP and also can jump like a fucking kangaroo
    • One time she almost quit the team bc Allura made them wear glittery false eyelashes
  • Allura as the strict but loving head coach who makes everyone learn ballet technique and occasionally shows off her skills and blows everyone’s minds. 
    • Once she sent back a $3700 shipment of state costumes bc there weren’t enough Swarovski crystals on the left sleeve
    • She did the same thing with a box of hair pieces… which Lance couldn’t even wear since his hair is too short???
  • Coran is technically assistant coach but really is more like the manager and team parent who makes sure there are always enough Capri suns and those lil cheeses in the red wax
  •  They fight with the basketball team over gym space and it gets real ugly REAL fast
    • there’s still a red stain on the wall next to the drinking fountain
  • They put too much effort into getting cheerleaders to join dance team instead.. especially Shay ;3
  • The team performing at assemblies and it’s p much the only reason anyone attends them bc they kick ass every time
  • Spending so many long hours stuck in a van together on the way to competitions at powerhouse schools bc Allura’s too competitive to just choose the ones nearby
  • Chilling in their dressing room waiting for the round to start, eating granola bars and fruit by the foot 
  • Helping each other with hair and makeup. Hairspray makes up 50% of the air they breathe and they never want to touch eyelash glue ever again 
  • Lance is not allowed near curling irons 
  • Ukulele jam sessions with other teams during lunch (this is an actual thing my dance team did) 
  •  Starting rivalries with teams that are Confused and didn’t even know dance team rivalries were a thing 
  • They do novelty routines to shit like Bob the Builder and TMNT (also things that have happened) 
  • Pidge is the only one who ever wins at drill down. 
    • Lance gets pulled out after like one command bc he turned left instead of right 
  • Keith is good except he always gets called out for stuff like moving his thumbs or marching on the wrong foot 
  • The sweeper boys/girls hand out flowers and Hunk ALWAYS gets one 
    • Sometimes with a phone number attached 
  • Shiro usually ends up with some sort of individual dancer award. It doesn’t matter if he literally did nothing significant other than look good the judges will Think Of Something
  • Team sleepovers are frequent because they already spend at least 10 hours per week together anyway lmao
  • Shiro plans on being an assistant coach once he graduates bc there is no way he is leaving his adopted children behind <3

Idk what else?? Feel free to add on and if someone draws/writes something based on this i will literally die thanks

Calm Mornings, Not-So-Calm Afternoons (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Thomas Jefferson 267.  “Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!!” and 339. “Will you please just give me a hand?” 

By: ihavewitbeyondmeasure

(A/N: This is my first imagine as co-writer! Please don’t be afraid to give feedback- praise or constructive criticism. Thank you!)

TWS: Swearing at the end

It was a calm morning- (Y/N) had woken up to birds chirping outside, sun streaming in through the windows. Something she didn’t get a lot, due to gymnastics practice starting before school. Of course, given that (Y/N) was friends with the Thomas Jefferson, nothing stayed calm for long. She sighed into her coffee cup as she heard the door slam. She shut her eyes to try and preserve a few more moments of quiet. “(Y/N)!” He called. She mumbled a small in here and he appeared a moment later. “You will never believe what that insolent little-”

“Can you stop complaining so early in the morning?” (Y/N) said, sleep still evident in her voice. Thomas took a moment to take in her appearance. She was leaning against the counter with her hair all over the place, her eyes half closed, and he thought she looked beautiful. He thought she always looked beautiful, but he never said so.

“Fine.” He rolled his eyes. “Then can you at least get dressed? I’m supposed to meet James in the park later, and I was thinking then we could go to lunch or something.” (Y/N) nodded and trudged into her room. She picked out one of her favorite outfits and went into the bathroom to get ready. She emerged a few moments later, bright-eyed and with a smile on her face. She was met with the sight of Thomas sitting upside down and playing with his curls. She laughed, alerting him to her presence. He jumped up quickly and motioned to the door. “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” She answered. He chuckled and they walked out of her dorm, onto the campus grounds.

“I’m not that bad!” He faked a gasp.

“Ehhh…” She pushed his arm. He pouted, and she laughed. “Ooh! Can I have a piggy-back?”

“Fine. But, only if you do a standing backflip. It looks so cool.” He said. She rolled her eyes.

“Whatever.” She stated. (Y/N) had spent most of her lives in gymnastics camp, and she had spent the most amount of time working on her standing back flip, which only recently had she been able to master. She stood straight up, bent down, and performed a flawless backflip. “Ta da! Now you owe me a piggy-back ride.”

He bent down, and she hopped on. “Hold on.”

“Wha- AHH!” She grabbed his shoulders as he took off in the direction of the park. It was a large park, with a lake right in the middle of it and a pathway around the entire thing. (Y/N) recognized James Madison sitting on a far bench. “Madison is over there.” She pointed at the bench, but grabbed back onto Thomas’s shoulder when he started to spin.


“You mother-”

“Ah-Hey! There are children here!”

“Just shut up and put me down.” She smacked his head. He chuckled as he set her down.

“Stay here, I’ll only be a second.” He said before he raced off. (Y/N) sat down and leaned against a tree.


“James!” James turned around when he heard Thomas call his name. He stood up, but his gaze rested on the girl under the tree.

“You brought a date?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Shut up. I just needed to ask you if we could switch roles. Can you do the poster? I’ll do the writing and presenting.”

“Fine.” He rolled his eyes. “But you owe me.”

“Yeah yeah.” Thomas waved his hand.

“But seriously. When are you gonna ask her out?” James punched his shoulder, and gestured behind him. “Other guys see her too.” Thomas turned around to see (Y/N) laughing at something a group of boys from campus said. He curled his hands into fists and James laughed. “You might want to do it quickly.” He walked away, leaving Thomas to his thoughts.


(Y/N) talked and laughed, all the while looking out for Thomas. She didn’t want to be rude and walk away, but they weren’t very interesting to talk to. Her face broke into a wide grin when she saw Thomas heading her way. She made her way around the boys and said goodbye, walking over to Thomas. “Please say we’re going this way.” She grabbed his arm and pulled her in the direction from which he came.

“We are now.” He started walking next to her, pulling her close with an arm around her waist. He cast a glance back at the group, and smirked when they turned around. They walked around the lake, heading through the path in the forest to a field.

“Oh, Thomas look.” (Y/N) pointed at two boys who had gotten their kite caught in a tree. They were 5, and looked on the verge of tears. “If only we knew someone who had enough strength to climb a tree…” She looked at him with puppy dog eyes. “It’s not like it’s that high.” He groaned, and started walking towards the boys. She walked ahead of him and introduced herself to the boys. By the time Thomas got there, they were looking at him with big smiles on their faces.

“Thank you mister!” They said in unison. He sighed, smiling back at them. (Y/N) took the boys’ hands and pulled them away from the tree. Thomas reached the top in seconds, and threw the kite down. The boys shouted in joy, and raced back to the middle of the field and flew the kite. Thomas started to climb down, when all of a sudden he jolted, and fell.

“AHHRGH!” He didn’t fall far, his clothes got caught on the branches. (Y/N) clutched her stomach and fell over laughing. “Get me down!”

“I-I-I’m sorry… Oh my god!” Her words were broken up by her laughter. “This is the funniest thing- WAIT!” She sat up and pulled her phone out of her pocket. “Say ‘Hi’!” She took some pictures, then started a video.

“Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!!” He yelled/

“Thomas! There are children over there! Watch your language. And be nice to me, cause I’m the only one who can help you.” She warned.

“Alright, alright. I’m sorry- now will you please just give me a hand?”

“I’ll be right up.” She took her jacket off and dropped her phone onto it. (Y/N) then started climbing the tree, not quite as fast but that could be due to the fact she found the situation very amusing. When she got to where he was, she said, “Grab onto that branch. When I get you-” she giggled, “unstuck- you should swing down and let go, alright?” She broke the branch, and he swung down landing on the ground. “I bet you aren’t so upset that I made you come to gymnastics practice when we were younger now, hmm?”

“Oh shut up and do your flips.” He said, brushing off his clothes. She flipped down, landing perfectly.

“Ta da!” She laughed. She picked up her phone and jacket, looking at the pictures she took. She started laughing all over again. “I’m setting this as my background.”

“Why are you so mean to me? I did you a favor, you should be thanking me.” He pointed out.

“How could I do that?” (Y/N) said while still looking at her phone. He took a deep breath.

“I don’t know, a kiss?” He said, scratching the back of his neck. She dropped her phone in surprise. She giggled, and his face fell.

“Oh! No, I’m not laughing at that- well I am, but not because of the reason you think, it’s because of how cliche it is- and oh!” She stopped and pulled him in for a kiss. He smiled into it, and pulled away.

“So, I’m your hero?” He smirked.

“A funny looking one-” She took a step back. “-that is going to be famous on the internet.” She sprinted away laughing.


anonymous asked:

question: what do you think of cheng xiao's personality? what's your perception of her and why?

Cheng Xiao seems like that one friend that’s normally quiet (could just be the language difficulty) and cutely awkward (kind of 4D? especially with facial expressions), but anytime she does talk, she’s polite, friendly, and funny. She’s a sweet girl that has amazingly strong work ethic (practiced her gymnastics performances everyday for hours despite promoting musically and even needed IV so she could go to more schedules). After watching fancams from fansigns, it’s clear Xiao really loves WJSN. She has adorable interactions and she’s just a cuddly, little teddy bear with with all of them. Plus, all the fans that have talked about meeting her have said she’s just the sweetest thing.

All in all, Cheng Xiao is someone that deserves everything she’s achieved so far and more. She’s a wonderful person and I love her a lot. 

Hold for 10 Breaths

Hartwin AU where Eggsy utilizes his past as a gymnast to begin practicing yoga. His inherent flexibility and strength, and unique way of working gymnastic techniques into his classes, leads to him becoming a highly sought after yoga instructor. One day while he’s out teaching a class, Dean gets a little too drunk and a little too heavy handed. When he comes home, his mum has a black eye, split lip, and a cracked rib. He realizes that his increased absence means he can no longer protect her and decides enough is enough. The medal around his neck presses cool and solid into his breastbone and he dials the number, says “Oxfords not brogues”.

It’s a month later and he still doesn’t really believe that he’s not lost in the haze of a fever dream because now he has his own flat with his mum and Daisy and he teaches yoga on a country estate to a secret service of spies. His regular practitioners are already fit as fuck killing machines, and he glorifies in finding new ways to stretch their limits. He becomes fast mates with a girl named Roxy, who’s funny and kind and doesn’t give a toss that he’s a chav from the council estate.

One day a man that he’s never had in class before strolls in, and Eggsy stops mid-sentence while talking to Rox, staring like an arse. The bloke is tall, with legs that go on for fucking miles, and hands that look like they could push Eggsy’s flexibility to its limits. His hair is slightly tossled, and a light tan indicates that he’s just arrived from somewhere warm and tropical. Eggsy wants to kneel at his feet and lick him from bottom to top and then start all over again until he orders Eggsy to be a good boy and control himself. He must feel Eggsy’s stare because he looks toward the front of the room and a warm, amber gaze meets his and holds. A hot flush works its way up his neck as the man looks him slowly up and down, and Jesus Christ, Eggsy has never been so well eye-fucked in his life. Those piercing eyes return to his and Eggsy swallows roughly, feeling way too unravelled and turned on from a look alone. Roxy shoves him lightly, and he snaps back to the present.

“Who the fuck is that?” He asks her quietly, jerking his head toward the man setting up his mat in the middle of the room. She seriptitiously takes a glance around and immediately starts shaking in silent laughter. “Oi, Rox!” He whispers frantically. “Stop! He’s gonna know we’re talkin’ about him.”

“You just…oh my god, you would,” she gasps, putting a hand to her mouth until her breathing evens out. “That’s Harry Hart. He’s knight Galahad. Pretty much the best and brightest of Kingsman. He just got back from two months undercover in the tropics where he managed to single-handedly take out one of the largest cocaine trafficking rings,” she says and then pauses momentarily. “Actually, I probably shouldn’t have told you that.”

Eggsy winks at her and mimes zipping his lips. “It’s a secret between bruvs, yeah?” He glances towards the clock on the wall and realizes it’s two minutes until class starts, so he shoos her back towards her mat. Before beginning class, he takes another opportunity to scope out super-spy Harry Hart. Eggsy has certainly never been the type to back down from a challenge.

Updated Masterlist....

Reposted Masterlist:

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Saved by a Rogue Angel: One | Two.
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Movie nights and popcorn fights.
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You tell him you’re pregnant.
You date in secret.
You fight and refuse to go to the concert.
Some infinities are bigger than other infinities (TFIOS).
I bet it was a misunderstanding.
He has a crush on you, so does Harry Styles (FIGHT).
Teased about his crush on you.

Motion Sickness.
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Attractive Bass Player.
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Single Dad and Best Friend.
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Music Video Jealousy.
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You’re the only reason.
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Middle of the night drive.
You meet at a party.
Points you out in the crowd.
Day off cuddles and movies.
Dating Calum, but Luke wants you (FIGHT).
Date night.
Teased about his crush on you.

Motion Sickness.
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Love Triangle: CAKE
Hogwarts Houses.
Bad Enough.
Divergent Factions.
First Time Waking Up Together.
Showering Together (Visuals).
Disney Movie You Watch Together.
Wedding Shoes.
Wedding Flowers.
Suit He Wears.
Piano Singing.
So Far Away.
Small Bump
Broadway Baby.
If you don’t know.
Oh, Calamity Lyrics.
Casual Affair Lyrics.
Interview Crush Reveal.
Me Without You Lyrics.
Little Lullabies.
Backseat Serenade Lyrics.
All Of The Stars Lyrics.
Cute with baby *GIF*
Stay in bed.
Just the way you are lyrics.
You have a cold.
Schizophrenia:Cashton | Muke.
Losing You Lyrics.
Flaws Lyrics.
You make him laugh.
Cooking together.
The pet he buys you.
Back off (Jealousy).
He tweets he misses you.
The skull outfit he loves on you.
Cute couple moments.
He spins you around movie style.
Break dance together.
How you cuddle (GIF).
How you kiss.
Cute dancing.
CAUGHT: Heated moment leads to concern.
Favourite tattoo on you.
He doesn’t know he’s flirting.
Cuddling (BLURBS).
He tweets babies Halloween costume.
The style of your toddler.
His favourite hat on you.
Photoshoot flirting.
The hair he likes on you.
The dress he buys you.
Theme park date.
Band shirt he buys you.
Skinny jeans he buys you.
Matching onesies.
Matching shirts.
OUT AND ABOUT: his favourite gif of you.
YOUTUBER: He appears in a video.
Matching halloween costumes.
Amnesia lyrics.
What you wear to his concert.
Picnic date.
Clothing item you steal.
Your wedding dress.
Worried about your fever.
How he hugs you.
Pregnancy reveal.
He proposes in front of fans.
She looks so perfect lyrics.

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