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Signs watching the Olympics

The only time I will appreciate sports: Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo

YES THESE GYMNASTS SLAY: Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini

Well there went my self esteem: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo

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Why are you all so into my likes, all that’s in there is some porn, memes, and gymnastics.

Batfamily Social Media

Dick: He would mainly use Instagram, constantly taking selfies and soaking up the immediate attention like a sponge. He is possibly the hottest and most famous guy in Gotham, so he has quite a few fans, mostly fangirls. Sometimes he will take short videos of Barbara singing or dancing around in the kitchen or even just laughing and post them. He usually comments with “Beautiful” or “This is what i get to come home to every day”. They are the city’s most popular couple.

Jason: Jaybird is very big on Vine. He mostly does ones of the Red Hood taking down bad guys or shooting some soda cans off a wall with expert skill. Other times it will just be six seconds of himself looking so done. He’ll look directly into the camera like on The Office while Bruce is yammering on in the background about why he shouldn’t kill people and how he left the milk out. The most popular ones are the vines of the shenanigans he gets into with the Outlaws. His most viewed one is of himself, Roy, and Kori dancing to Uptown Funk.

Barbara: Ever since she became paralyzed, Babs has become more interested in crafts and baking. So she is often on Pinterest, mostly posting cute little recipes she finds and other diy projects. Hers is one of the most followed boards and it has become increasingly popular. Her home has become filled with little projects and cute decorations she made herself.

Cassandra: Cass runs an aesthetic blog on Instagram. It mostly consists of beautiful night skies or black and white photos of outside. Occasionally she posts selfie, but only very close up ones of her eye or an earring. She usually will write only a handful of words like “pretty” or “sky”.

Tim: Oh my gosh, Timmy though. He runs a Tumblr blog and anyone can tell that this boy is a mess. It started out as a Batman blog, but it slowly transformed into something so strange and random. He posts everything from memes to gymnastic videos to weird posts like what he ate for dinner or stuff he or his family has done. His most popular post was one he made while he was on a caffeine high and hadn’t slept for three weeks. It was mostly just gibberish, but every line was a new subject. One said “giraffes really shouldn’t go to parties because they would hit their heads on the ceiling” while another was him typing sound effects like “blah. sploosh. bajoosle.” but then it became a long scream with emojis every once in a while. It has gotten over 14 million reblogs and nobody knows what it means or what he is trying to communicate.

Stephanie: She has a YouTube channel called SpoilerAlert:WaffleQueen666 and around 3000 subscribers. She does amazing hair and makeup tutorials that make her look absolutely flawless. The best parts are the commentary, especially because it is always Tim behind the camera, saying stuff like she looks like Beyonce and that she should use that mascara to draw mustaches. One time she even did a video of herself doing his makeup while he was sleeping. That alone gained her 200 more subscribers.

Damian: Dami isn’t one to use a lot of social media, but he does use DeviantArt for his many drawings and paintings. They are mostly of his many pets, but a few are drawings of his family members taken sneakily while he was peaking at them through a crack in the doorway or around a corner. This kid really is an artist and is very blatant about showing it off to anyone and everyone.

Bruce: BROOSE. Bruce Wayne is such a lame dad, he only uses Facebook but has no idea how to use it. It’s not rare to see a status update from hi. saying something like “search pronunciation of data” and “what to do when your daughter locks your youngest son in a crate and mails him to Lexcorp”. He is always asking his kids how to use Facebook properly. Then he friend requests every single person he has ever met in his entire life. So he’s always pestering his children on why they haven’t accepted his friend request and they’re just like “Dad Staaapp”.

Height // 5sos Imagine

Can you do an imagine where you’re a model like the height of the boys

“Y/n, are you taller than Michael?” You were hanging out with all of the guys and you and Michael happened to be standing next to each other when Ashton asked the question with a slight chuckle.

You laughed and Michael pouted. “She’s a model for a few reasons, and one is her height!” He defended himself and sat down to make the height difference less noticeable.

“How tall are you though?” Luke asked and they all directed their attention towards you.

“Um.. I’m like 5’11…”

“Oh my..”

You sighed. “I hate when you guys make a big deal about my height! I mean of course I’m happy because it’s helped with my job but you guys-“

“Oh my god I never realized that it made you upset” Calum spoke.

All of the boys looked at each other before all getting up and attacking you in a group hug. You laughed and told them it was fine.

okay there! I hope this was good…