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Honestly I can't stand you | Lance Tucker *smut*

Summary: You had grown up next to Lance Tucker, also being a gymnast however he had ended up with a more succesful career in gymnastics then you, so you left and became something else. It’s been some years and the gym has an anniversary where things…escalate.

A/N: I recently became o b s e s s e d with Sebastian Stan and can’t wait to write more about him, I saw the bronze and loved the cocky asshole that is Lance Tucker. The song “Peak” by drake inspired me to write this and I highly suggest you listen to it while reading because I tried to follow that vibe.

warnings: smut, bad language, alcohol use

You were kinda dreading tonight. Hope, one of your gymnast-friends had forced you to come back to the gym. They were celebrating their 15 year anniversary and invited anyone who trains or had trained there to come. The reason you were dreading tonight was because you knew Lance ‘the fucker’ Tucker would also be there, probably making a pass at the younger gymnasts. Lance and you had trained together for a while, both being gifted gymnasts. However, he became succesful while you got injured and missed your shot. You left shortly after and had become a lawyer in the city. 

There had Always been a little tention between you and Lance but he was such an asshole that he had usually ruined it before it began. You were putting the final touches to your outfit, a little tight fitted black dress, heels and some simple jewellery. You were putting on some lipgloss and sprayed some hairspray in yout hair. Hope coincidentally arrived at the time you were done. She knocked on the door of your motel room, wearing her signature varsity jacket. “Damn y/n trying to get fucked tonight?” You blushed slighty, you had to admit that the thought has crossed your mind. You shook your head “No just showing them what the city can do to you” You winked her way as she laughed at you. 

The two of you arrived at the gym, you recognized a bunch of people and greeted all of them on your way to the drink table, you needed booze to get throught this. You didn’t recognize a bunch of younger gymnasts, but how could you, you left 5 years ago. You were sipping your drink, looking around the room when you saw him, Lance, chatting with a group of teens, the ones he was probably coaching. You downed your drink and got a refill.

Lance was politely talking to his girls, they had excidetly rushed up to him and since he was their coach, he was obligated to talk to him, while all he wanted to do was talk to you. Yeah he had seen you come in, in that litle dress. He couldn’t wait to talk you out of it. He excused himself from the girls and made his way to you “y/n y/l/n, it’s been too long darling” You turned around, rolling your eyes. You had recognized the voice and already knew what was going to happen, and frankly you were way to sober for this. “Fuck off Lance” He smirked smugly “Fiesty today? tell me love what has gotten into you? because I was planning on doing that” You snorted and had to restrain yourself from bursting out in laughter “Seriously? did you really think that would work?” He laughed “I could try” he winked. You sighed. You had been drinking the whole night and you were starting to get a little tipsy. “Wanna dance?” He held his hand out for you, you nodded but slapped his hand down and walked to the make-shift dancefloor, Lance following close behind.

You slowly moved your hips to the beat, you felt Lance snake his arms on your hips holding you close against him, mimicking your movements. You were getting more and more into it, swaying your hips and pressing your ass into the body behind you. You could hear a groan, making you grin.You swayed your hips even more, basically grinding agaisnt him but keeping it PG. You could feel the bulge forming and grinned to yourself. You clearly had the upper hand and you wanted to tease the shit out of him. You didn’t care anymore, you didn’t need to like the guy for you to admit that he was hot. You had been attracted to him since you were teenagers and this was your time, besides you’d fly back home tommorow anyway. 

You turned around and wrapped your arms around his neck, still moving to the beat. You were biting back a grin when you felt his hands move to your ass, you pressed closer against him and moved to whisper in his ear “So Tucker, what does it feel like to have a hard-on at a work event?” you smirked. You heared him grown “It feels fucking terrible y/l/n, it fucking hurts and it doesn’t help that you’’re grinding against me and that all I can think about is ripping that little dress off of you” You swallowed. Hard. that sounded so hot, the booze clouding your mind a little. “Let’s get out of here” He grinned as he followed you closely, making sure nobody saw his bulge. You took his car as you had ridden with Hope. “Your place or mine?” You smiled “I have an empty motel room ” “Yours it is” He said with a grin. You wanted to wipe that stupid grin off of his face so you palmed him through his jeans making him groan loudly “Fuck” he hissed as you did it again “Fucking safe it, you’’re going to kill me like this” Now it was your turn to grin. 

He was way over the speed limit and you knew it but you didn’t care once he pulled over to the motel you were staying at. The two of you sprinted out of the car and before you had even arrived at the door of your motelroom, his lips had found yours. The kiss was messy, tongue and teeth, desperate, the only reason you pulled away was to unlock the door. He was attacking your neck with kisses while you were working the lock and as soon as the door opened, he had spun you around, picked you up and was once again kissing you. Hard.

You kicked the door closed and wrapped your legs around his waist. All the pent up frustration came out and god did you want this. He put you down on the kitchen counter to remove his shirt and you did the same, the gymnastics had shaped him beautifully and you licked your lips in appreciation. However you shook your head once you saw the little peak of his tattoo come up “Really Tucker? A medal tattoo around your dick?” you snorted and he grinned “Yeah, wanna see it?” He winked at you. “God, honestly I can’t stand you” In one swift motion he had his hand under your dress, pushing your lacy panties to the side and fingers feeling how wet you were. You gasped at the sudden motion and he hovered over you smirking “Oh really? Cause it seems as if you like me an awful lot right now darling’' 

You decided to shut him up by kissing him, hands wandering around his muscular body as his riked up your dress to get more access. He pulled away and moved closer to your semi-clothed cunt ’'Damn doll, if I had known you had such a pretty pussy I would’ve done this ages ago” He let his finger swipe some of your juices and licked them off his finger “You taste so fucking good” He opened your legs more and sat in between them. You wanted to shove his pretty little face where you needed him the most, you were dripping in anticipation and couldn’t wait any longer. Luckily he didn’t want to wait anymore either and once you felt his tongue on your clit it was over. He was an expert, licking and sucking in all the right places. You wanted to lay down and experience it fully when he pulled away “Oh no no babygirl, I want you to look me in the eyes when I do this” He grinned and started eating you out again. You were looking him straight in the eyes, moan after moan leaving your lips. It was incredibly erotic to see him eating you out like that and it turned you on even more. He pushed a finger inside of you while sucking on your clit, curling his finger making you moan out his name. He started fingering you at a relentless pace and added another finger, you were close and he could feel it.

“Come on baby, I want you to come for me. Let me see you come undone” He curled his fingers once again and there you went. Moaning his name loudly as you saw stars, he slowly rode out your high and went back up to kiss you. He oulled your panties down before he pulled down his jeans and boxers, his erection finally sprung free, slapping against his stomach, It was beautiful and you wanted inside of you more than anything you’ve ever wanted. 

He pulled a condom from his jeans pocket and quickly rolled it on, he pulled you closer to him and you suddenly realised you were still sitting on the kitchen counter. “Should we move?” He nodded and picked you up, he laid you down on the couch and wasted no time Climbing on top of you. “Ready?” You nodded and he slowly inserted himself in you, both of you lettting out a loud moan. “You feel so fucking good around my dick, so fucking tight” He started moving in a slow pace. “Come on Tucker give it to me” He smirked and pulled one of your legs over his shoulder, picking up the pace “Well hun, it’s good to see that you’re still this flexible” You rolled your eyes “Just shut up and show me what you can do Tucker, I thought you were better than this” Your words did exactly what you wanted them to do, it fueled his anger. He was now pounding into you, hitting just the right angle “Fuck right there” He grinned, his cocky atittude resurfacing.

“So fucking good” all you could hear were moans and groans and the slapping of skin. “F-fuck i’m c-c-close” You stammered as he was hitting the right spot over and over again. His fingers found your clit, roughly circkling it, pushing you over the edge. Seeing you come, pushed him over the edge aswell as he came, moaning loadly. He pulled out of you and got rid of the condom. He was getting dressed again when you stopped him “Wait, would you maybe wanna stay over?” He laughed and made his way back to you “Why?” You grinned “The night is still young, do you really want to miss round 2 or 3? maybe even 4?” He grinned back at you, giving you a quick kiss “Very good point darling, very good point”

Pabbi Ithro + Baby Sport headcanons

*When Sport was born? Ithro cried 

*When Sport took his first steps? Ithro cried 

*When Sport’s first word was “Pabbi”?  C R I E D 

*He gets so proud of watching his baby boy grow, you have no idea 

*He’s 100% that dad who brags and shares EVERYTHING too 

* Ithro: “My son just learned his abc’s! My son can do a whole somersault all by himself! My son can run now!  My son’s only three but he can already ride a bike without training wheels! My son grew two inches in the past month! My son just-” 

Everyone: “We GET IT!” 

*Sport was a REALLY hyper baby, btw. That goes without saying though 

*He was tiny and he was FAST so Ithro actually ended up getting a lot of bumps and bruises from crawling under the coffee table and running around the house trying to catch him

*Honestly, baby-proofing the place was just as much for Ithro as it was for Sport 

*Sport is a gifted gymnast like his dad, and by the time he was preschool age he could already do flips and walk around on his hands 

*The amazing thing is even though Ithro did teach him a couple things, Sport actually learned how to do things like splits and somersaults and cartwheels and one-handed pushups himself just by watching his pabbi train every day 

*Exercising was of course, a bonding thing for them. Ithro would do push-ups with Sport sitting on his back and he’d lift Sport a lot like his weights. He also totally had one of those things that Craig from Dream Daddy has where you run with your baby strapped to your chest 

*Sport was a handful sometimes though, especially after he learned to walk 

*Ithro didn’t want to, ….but he didn’t really have a choice but to put him on a baby leash when he was a toddler because they would go to the store or something and Sport would run around and touch e v e r y t h i n g

*Seriously like, Ithro would have his back turned for one second and then the next thing he knows his son is literally climbing on the grocery store shelves and displays. He’s on the top shelf OH MY GODS HE’S STANDING ON THE TOP SHELF

*So yeah Sport was a rambunctious baby 

*Also, getting Sport to take his fish oil every day was almost impossible. He really hated it and would squirm and spit it out

*The only way he got him to take his fish oil was by mixing it with apple purée since apple is his favorite food 

*It was disgusting. 10/10 Ithro gags every time. But, anything to get his weird son to take his goddamn fish oil 

*Also, for some reason, baby Sport did not like clothes???

*Ithro had to be careful when inviting guests over because Ithro could be talking to someone and all the sudden a naked elf baby toddles into the living room with his pull-up on his head. He dresses him again and he just comes back naked ten minutes later 

*There is absolutely photos of naked baby sport with his diaper on his head in the family photo album tho 

*Ithro also taught Sport chess in an effort to get him to stay still for a longer period of time and also to improve his concentration. That’s why Sportacus thinks of chess as a sport to this day 

*Ithro affectionally called Sportacus his little “kangaroo” and his “jumping bean”. Coincidentally, …some of the things Robbie also ended up calling him 

*He called him  his little “bouncy ball” too

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If Vika and Aliya never had injuries, who do you think the 2012 AA top 3 would be?

Tbh it’s just impossible to say. I think Vika is naturally a more gifted gymnast but I think Aliya has a better personality for gymnastics in terms of her focus, determination, consistency, and how cleverly she constructs her routines/how well she knows her own strengths and weaknesses.

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I would have liked this episode more if it didn't left you feeling like Ruffnut/Tuffnut are so much better people than Astrid. This episode takes no regard for Astrid's character. She is written extremely one dimensional. At this point of her life Astrid was supposed to be less serious and enjoy life but instead she has regressed into the 15 year old super serious Astrid.

From this.

It’s totally fine for you to feel unappealed by the episode. We’re not required to like all episodes, and if Astrid felt off to you, I can understand feeling a little upset. If you’re interested in my perspective why I think “Edge of Disaster” is actually a worthy, well-written canonical addition to expand Astrid’s character and analyze her personality in better depth, I’m going to discuss my own personal perspective below. This is why I have no issue with “Edge of Disaster” and Astrid’s characterization here.

We interact with different people in different ways in different contexts

One criticism you bring up is that Astrid at this point in her life is supposed to be less serious and enjoy life. The greatest canonical evidence that Astrid goes from a more rigid to less serious character is the Hiccstrid scene at the start of HTTYD 2. At the start of HTTYD 2, Astrid is pretty goofy and teasing around Hiccup.

I’d bring up the caveat that the HTTYD 2 Hiccstrid scene cannot be indicative of Astrid’s entire personality in all instances. In HTTYD, we saw Astrid’s personality mostly from how she interacts with Hiccup. At this point, in her competitive mindset, fifteen-year-old Astrid was “super serious Astrid,” as you so wonderfully described her. In HTTYD 2, we also see Astrid from how she interacts with Hiccup. Now that she loves Hiccup and has developed a deep romantic relationship with him, she’s more relaxed and cheerful.

Neither HTTYD nor HTTYD 2 depict how Astrid interacts with other people, though. We have seen Astrid be less serious around Hiccup as she grows older. Have we seen Astrid be less serious around the twins?

Not really as much.

We humans all interact with different people in different ways. Around my close friends, I have a devious sense of humor, use my fair share of swear words, and broil in sarcasm. Around my boss and coworkers at my university, I am refined, serious, proper, evenly-spoken, and slow to output words. This isn’t me being inconsistent with my personality; it’s me being myself, my true self, in two very different circumstances around two different sets of people.

The television series is the primary medium by which we see Astrid interact with the twins. That interaction, and that development of how she interacts with them, is on a semi-separate plane than how she interacts with her soon-to-be-boyfriend. We people develop with an overall characterization, yes, but our relationships have their own unique developments, too. It’s even consistent for me to become a friendlier person over time with people in general… and yet get increasingly meaner to one person I hate in particular.

Within the shows, we see that Astrid typically tolerates the twins, but that they can get under her skin sometimes. She is a bit more lighthearted in RTTE with everyone, I would say, and I’d agree she’s probably learned to love life a bit more by and large. Still, she’s the same human being, and if someone is rattling her skin, and it’s someone who has rattled her skin for years… she’s more likely to be terse and tough with them.

The fact is she hasn’t ever had a good relationship with the twins, meaning that she isn’t going to joke with them like we see her joke with Hiccup in HTTYD 2. This means there’s good motivation for Astrid being more serious because she’s around people with whom she’s less comfortable by and large.

What we actually get here is an expansion of Astrid’s character: we learn how she develops in her interactions not just with Hiccup, but with others like the Thorstons. It’s just like seeing your boss at the grocery store with their family: they’re probably going to act a bit differently, a bit surprisingly differently, than how you see them at work with their employees.

RTTE S2 depicts Astrid in her strengths and weaknesses - everything

Character expansion is best done when we see characters at their best and at their worst, when we see them lighthearted and happy, when we see them depressed and despaired, when we see them frustrated and angry. To see them in all these facets is to understand them more, and for the characters to shine more realistically as real human beings.

If you look at RTTE S2 as a whole, you’ll see that Astrid’s character is being depicted in many respects. We see many of her strengths. We see Astrid successfully (though still seriously, mind) develop a new team of dragon riders for Berk in “Astrid’s Team.” We see Astrid bond with Stormfly in an early-morning flight. We see Astrid fight Dagur, put an axe to his throat, and punch him in the face (which is also in “Edge of Disaster” - the episode we’re talking about!). We see Astrid fight off dragon hunters with a broom. We see Astrid defend off a lot of enemies in “Edge of Disaster Part 2″ before they implement Tuffnut’s plan. We see Astrid treat Gustav with kindness and respect. We see Astrid comfort Hiccup when he frets he has made a horrible mistake. All of these are positive strengths to Astrid’s character that are depicted in RTTE S2.

Just as many times, we see Astrid in weakness. We see Astrid feel vulnerable and emotionally down after her parents’ home is destroyed. We see Astrid try to fight that off by being overly critical about her new team of riders. We see Astrid make mistakes in battle. We see Astrid lie to Hiccup. We see Astrid get upset at the twins. All of these are negative weaknesses to Astrid’s character that are depicted in RTTE S2. 

Throughout Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, and Race to the Edge, Astrid has been portrayed overall in a pretty positive light. We’ve seen her be the athletic gymnast and gifted warrior. We’ve seen her be Hiccup’s confidante and emotional support. But the truth of the matter is that we haven’t seen as many weaknesses in Astrid’s character as we have some of the others by this point in the television series. The one exception to that is in “Heather Report Part 1,” but even then, Astrid was right in her assessment of Heather.

“Edge of Disaster” is one of the only episodes ever to deal with Astrid in a moment of making a serious oversight. It’s one of the first, and even throughout the rest of RTTE S2, we watch some pretty positive Astrid moments. The fact that this one episode shows Astrid making a mistake builds realism rather than reduces her to one dimension. It shows that Astrid - just like anyone else - is fallible. What is usually her greatest strength can sometimes prove to be a weakness. 

Other characters have episodes where they’re in opposition to another good guy. “Defiant One” is a perfect example. Snotlout is a good guy, but he pits himself against Hiccup in this episode. But this doesn’t turn Snotlout into a one-dimensional personality just because he and Hiccup had a bad fight and Snotlout refused to listen to his cousin in this moment. Something like this happens again in “Cast Out”. Fishlegs even has moments where he goes against the rest of the team in “Shock in Awe.” Astrid is in opposition to the twins here, a decent parallel to other episodes where other characters have their moments of weakness and opposition.

Yes, Astrid is opposing Ruffnut and Tuffnut, and this causes a huge mistake on her part. Yes, it was short-sighted of her. Yes, Astrid is a bit of the “bad guy” to Ruffnut and Tuffnut. But she’s not at all antagonistic in “Astrid’s Team.” She’s not antagonistic in “Night of the Hunters Part 2.” She’s not antagonistic by and large, and she’s depicted throughout RTTE as someone who is hardcore, more serious-minded than the twins, and full of strengths and weaknesses.

Astrid is heroic in many other episodes. Making her clash against another good character in one episode doesn’t negate all the good she has done throughout the rest of RTTE S2, but in fact amplifies and demonstrates a broader and more nuanced scope of her character.

Astrid’s frustration is understandable in the context of this episode

Astrid is in an extremely high pressure situation. Dragon’s Edge is being invaded. It’s enough to make someone more tense. She does act a bit more extreme and serious here than in other episodes of the timeline… but then, she’s in a pretty serious context!

Hiccup becomes more snappish and chews out Snotlout in “Defiant One” because they’re in a deep, dangerous, pressurized circumstance when Snotlout isn’t pulling his weight. Astrid becomes more grating against the twins in “Edge of Disaster” for the exact same reason. Given the context of the danger of the episode, it makes sense for her to be a little more on edge.

This isn’t the first time Astrid has done this, either. There’s her competitive streak in HTTYD. There’s “Heather Report Part 1″ where she becomes snappish at Hiccup. And while RTTE takes place three years later after those incidences, it’s still not the time of HTTYD 2, and there’s plenty of room for growth between now and the second movie. Not to mention HTTYD 2 isn’t a time where Astrid is in a snappish mood… so there’s no inconsistency to what is shown here.

Imagine you’re paired with someone who gets under your nerves in a high-pressure group project. Even if you have become a friendlier, more relaxed person by and large, you still might be more inclined to be close-minded and angry around this person in this unpleasant situation. The right context can breed worse animosity.

Astrid is three-dimensional in “Edge of Disaster”

In this episode, we see Astrid being stiff, serious, and angry. We see Astrid hold up rage and then release it. We see Astrid being snide and sarcastic. We see Astrid jump quick to conclusions and cut people off. We see Astrid on the verge of crying and emotionally hurt. We see Astrid nervous and afraid. We see Astrid accepting and appreciative. We see Astrid smiling and smirking. We see Astrid cheering and celebrating. We see Astrid criticizing and apologizing. Astrid is thrown into a round of many complex but comprehensible emotions, many reactions, all based upon the context of what is going around her. Astrid is shown to be a human being who goes through a variety of emotional reactions, a rather three-dimensional individual who has understandable feelings for every moment. It’s tied up into the complicated mass of who she is.

“Edge of Disaster” is about the merits of BOTH sides of the argument

The entire episode is about balance. It’s not saying Astrid is fully right. It’s not saying Tuffnut and Ruffnut are fully right. We audiences don’t leave the episode saying, “Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s slacker personality is totally correct 100% of the time,” nor do we leave the episode saying, “Astrid’s discipline is totally the worst thing ever.” We understand there needs to be balance. Furthermore, the way the situation gets solved is when Astrid and Tuffnut work together and use all their resources to defeat an enemy. It takes both Astrid’s weaponry and Tuffnut’s trickery to scare off all the invaders. When Hiccup asks them how they held off the dragon hunters, Astrid responds, “It’s called teamwork.”

Teamwork - both of them using their combined skills.

Tuffnut is shown being appreciative of what Astrid can do in “Edge of Disaster Part 2.” At the start of this episode, Tuffnut shoots two of Astrid’s weapons. The first one is the enormous crossbow on top of the roof. The second is a flaming catapult. Notice that one shot each from these two weapons sinks both dragon hunter ships. Tuffnut is so amazed at what Astrid’s work has done that he starts dancing on the spot. The point of the matter is that Astrid’s defenses do an AMAZING amount of damage. The dragon hunters are furious about the fact they lost both their ships so quickly. Astrid’s tactics legitimately help their dire situation improve.

We also are shown of the twins doing serious breaches of responsibility that aren’t ever excused as being “right.” The scareships were never presented in the story as anything except avoiding work - not a good thing. Ruffnut and Tuffnut aren’t shown as the people with all the right answers, either.

It is true that the merits of the Thorstons are emphasized a more in this episode, and Astrid’s snipness and close-mindedness shown to a great degree. As you say, Astrid doesn’t seem to be given a chance. In the end of the episode, Astrid apologizes to the twins for how she treated them; we don’t see an apology in turn from them.

From a writing perspective, though, I can see why Astrid’s error is keenly emphasized. We as audience members don’t need to be convinced Astrid is a worthy fighter. We’ve seen her prove her weight on the team time and time again. However, throughout the series, we haven’t seen the twins be the heroes or the merits of the time. It’s more novel to write an episode by which we as audience members can see the importance of Ruffnut and Tuffnut… rather than get emphasized yet again that Astrid is a competent woman.

“Edge of Disaster” is about showing us new, novel things about the characters, and showing the balance that needs to be reached between usually-successful-Astrid with usually-lazy-Thorstons. The episode comes in with the assumption we understand Astrid’s dedication doesn’t need to be proved meritorious and the twins’ laziness doesn’t need to be proved unhelpful. “Edge of Disaster” shows us that Astrid’s dedication and rigidness - usually great strengths - can sometimes be a weakness. It shows us that the twins’ ridiculousness - often a weakness - can sometimes be a strength. That’s important to realize. It’s important to realize Astrid, who we still know is a very competent fighter, can be liable to error, and it’s important to see the twins as good team contributors.

The result is we understand the balance. Astrid apologizes because she is the one here who was most dogged about upsetting the balance of perspectives, and was the one who first blew up and shouted at the others. It’s not that Astrid’s warrior-driven dedication is an antagonistic energy against the twins.

“Edge of Disaster” builds the dimensionality of the twins

The way “Edge of Disaster” is written brings out the twins’ emotions and three-dimensionality to a level we’ve never seen them exhibit before. The twins have been somewhat two-dimensional in the past, but here, we learn an intricate amount about how they handle stress, how they handle pressure, how they handle rivalry, how they care about each other, how they care about the other dragon riders, how they are lazy, but how they are also creative and important.

Ruffnut especially has been a character on the sidelines. She is the personality who is probably seen the least. “Edge of Disaster” is an episode that brings her to the forefront and makes characters we typically dismiss as comedic relief… the heroes.

It’s hugely important to see the two women on the dragon team - Astrid and Ruffnut - directly interact after all this time. It’s important to get the female representation of both of them. It’s important to demonstrate the twins as more than muttonheads. It’s important to show Astrid as something more than Hiccup’s kickbutt girlfriend.

It’s fine if you don’t like “Edge of Disaster.” That’s totally fine. No worries! But these are the reasons I personally appreciate this episode hoards.

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Also, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if everyone has already seen this, but if there is one person out there who hasn’t, it’s worth sharing.