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time to dance // panic! at the disco

Good Enough (2)

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“Are you ok?” someone asked, shaking your shoulder roughly.

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30 Day Gymnastics Challenge - Day 5

Favorite Floor Routine: Aly Raisman, 2015 Worlds Team Final

I love floor and I have about 20 routines that I consider my all time favorites, but I particularly love this routine of Aly’s. The music, the tumbling, and yes, even some of the choreo make this one stand out, even though it’s not the best routine that she’s done. I was so excited to see Aly come back and do a great floor routine at Worlds (especially after her bad qualification) and I’m glad that she’s sticking with this for 2016!


Despite competing with an injured shin and falling off the balance beam in the previous rotation, Rebecca Bross posts the highest floor score of the entire 2010 World Championships during the All Around with a 15.233, and eventually earns the bronze medal. Not only was Rebecca’s floor score the highest of that Worlds, but it was the highest floor score recorded from any of the three World Championships held that quad. (x)