gymnastics floor routine


My idea of a doable floor routine for Simone for this quad

Drabble #8

Beck x reader

“Do you think Watneys okay?” You asked softly, curled in a wooly blanket with a mug of hot coffee grasped close to your chest.

“I’d like to think so,” Beck replied, “He’s using his botanist powers, Y/N.”

You let out an airy laugh, glancing over at the man sharing your blanket. His hair was ruffled and fluffy, reminding you of a baby duck. He lolled his head to look at you, giving a wide smile. You snorted again and looked away, partly to hide your blush and secondly to stop yourself kissing him.

He had one hand hooked on your thigh, his fingers trapped in the crease of your bent knee while his thumb rubbed circles by your knee. The little action was causing your heart to pound. He followed your gaze to the window where countless stars glowed in the blackness of space.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” He said softly, nodding to it.

“Yes,” You agreed.

Beck didn’t speak again, lost in a daze as if he was hypnotized by the little lights. You glanced over, shocked to find his eyes fixed on you. When he realized he’d been caught, he gave a toothy grin and brought a hand up to further ruffle his hair while looking away. You noticed the light dust of pink on his cheeks, the minute detail sending your heart into another rampaging fit of infatuated fury.

“What’s the first thing you’re going to eat when you get back to earth?” You blurt suddenly.

Beck took this into serious consideration, tilting his head as he chewed on his bottom lip. He looked over at you and gave you a long look before answering.

“I really want fresh fruit,” He said, shockingly dull compared to what he was acting like it’d be.

“I really want bread,” You said mournfully.

Bread wasn’t allowed. It crumbled and could damage important equipment.

Beck groaned in response, “I forgot about bread… I change my answer.”

You chuckled as he dropped his head onto your shoulder, acting like your heart wasn’t doing a gymnastics floor routine in your chest. Beck yawned quietly, reminding you of a kitten. He was bundled in a NASA sweater and warm sweatpants. His feet clad in large wooly socks. Beck didn’t like being cold, if it wasn’t obvious.

Conversation didn’t start up again, choosing to sit in a comfortable silence. Beck hadn’t moved instead wiggling closer against you. You gave him a questioning quirk of the eyebrow.

“I’m cold,” He explained.

“How?” You asked incredulously.

“Dunno,” He shrugged pulling the blanket close to his chin.

You huffed softly, gulping quietly when the cold tip of his nose grazed your neck.

“Jesus, Beck, do you wanna cuddle?” You asked suddenly and more sharply than you had intended, your pent up frustration obvious.

“I’m sorry,” He pulled away, eyes downcast.


“No, it’s fine. Do you?” You softened your voice.

It wasn’t hard to figure out Beck was a sensitive soul. He was quiet, soft and introverted. He would talk, sure, but only when he had to. Every time he cracked a joke it sent Watney into a fit.

“I’d like it,” He hadn’t met your gaze.

“C'mere,” You wrapped your arm around him and pulled him down to lay on top of you.

He was quick to find a comfortable position, face pressed to your neck, one thigh between yours, the other against the outside of your hip. One of his hands softly cupped the side of your neck his face wasn’t against.

He had a ghost of a smile on his lips as he laid there. You glanced down and saw it, the small quirk once again sent your heart pounding away.

“What’s the smile for?”

“Your heart is beating really fast.”

Of course he could hear it.

“Huh,” You responded vaguely in hopes that he’d just drop it.


“No reason,” you had tried to respond in a casual, airy voice but it came out as a choke.

Beck turned and propped his chin on your chest to see you better.

“Well don’t lie, just tell me,” He insisted.

You remained silent, averting your eyes. The blush on your cheeks was enough to tell Beck what he needed but he wanted to hear you say it. So he sat there, staring at you. The intensity of it made you twitchy.


“Stop what?” He replied quickly and cheekily.

“Stop looking at me like that,” You snapped.

“Why?” He grinned.

“Because it makes me want to kiss you,” You felt the air rush from your lungs as the words left your lips.

Beck was smiling like the cat the ate the canary as you gaped like a fish. He hummed in satisfaction, pleased the words were finally out in the open.

“I know, love.” He pressed a kiss to the corner of your mouth, effectively cutting off your stammering.

“You’re evil,” You said softly.

Beck laughed loudly, “I am not!”

“Are too! You knew!” You argued playfully.

“I just wanted to hear you say it, in case I was wrong,” Beck defended himself.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. Beck nuzzled back into your neck, fingers painting patterns on your exposed collarbone. The comfortable silence resumed.

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Good Enough (2)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“Are you ok?” someone asked, shaking your shoulder roughly.

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30 Day Gymnastics Challenge - Day 5

Favorite Floor Routine: Aly Raisman, 2015 Worlds Team Final

I love floor and I have about 20 routines that I consider my all time favorites, but I particularly love this routine of Aly’s. The music, the tumbling, and yes, even some of the choreo make this one stand out, even though it’s not the best routine that she’s done. I was so excited to see Aly come back and do a great floor routine at Worlds (especially after her bad qualification) and I’m glad that she’s sticking with this for 2016!

So Many AUs, So Little Time

 Not gonna lie, I have so many AUs I’m working on that I’m going to be writing Hartwin until the end of time. (Okay, maybe not that long.)

1. Bookstore AU [Part One][Backstory]

Harry Hart is the anonymous author of the Kingsman book series and the owner of the small bookstore Galahad. He chooses to live a quiet life running his bookstore, interacting with his editor and best friend, Merlin, and his dog, Mr. Pickle. This all changes, however, when young actor Eggsy Unwin bursts into his quaint bookstore seeking shelter from his fans.

2. Business AU i’m leaving on a jet plane (don’t know when i’ll be back again)

The first time Harry met Eggsy was when the young man had fallen into his lap. Or the business!Harry/flight attendant!Eggsy AU that no one asked for, but I wrote it anyway.

3. Mamma Mia AU [Outline]

While planning his wedding, Eggsy comes across his mother’s old diary which contains a list of three men who could be the father she never told him about: Lee Unwin, Archibald Knight, and Harry Hart. He invites them all, convinced he’ll know which one is his father at first glance. Unfortunately, it turns out that that’s not quite the case and Harry Hart also happens to be very much Eggsy’s type.

4. Suits Crossover/AU [Suit Up] [xx

In the aftermath of V-Day, Merlin reaches out to the American branch of Kingsman for additional support and recruit nominations. Harvey Specter, once a Kingsman nomination, now Kingsman’s and Manhattan’s best closer, brings Donna and Mike to London as his nominations. Harry Hart is alive, Mike and Eggsy sigh and pine over their handsome, older mentors, and Donna, Roxy, and Merlin are just sort of fed up with all the pining and angst that occurs.

5. Gymnastics/Olympics AU [xx]

Harry Hart is the primary judge for the Men’s Gymnastics Floor Routine during the Olympics, Eggsy is a young and fit gymnast, and Merlin is tired of having to deal with a turned on Harry.

6. NBC Hannibal AU [xx]

Harry Hart is an analyst for Kingsman, a handsome gentleman with a habit of collecting dogs. His main dog is named Mr. Pickle, a small dog who commands the other strays he pulls in from time to time. The thing with Harry, however, is that his extreme empathy allows him to see into the minds of criminals, something he has problems controlling. Cue his doctor, Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, a young psychiatrist, talented cook, and someone incredible invested in Harry’s mental health.

7. Think of the Children series 

Harry and Eggsy have been together for two year when they adopt their first child, Lee Archibald Hart. Six years later, they have another child via surrogate, Lizbeth Roxy Unwin. 

A Domestic Hartwin series co-written by marteenysqueeman.

8. All That Could Have Been series

Harry thought, seconds before the bullet ripped through his skull, about Eggsy. It isn’t the life you had that flashes through your brain as you die, it’s the life you could have had.

A series about the could-have-been’s if Harry hadn’t gone to Kentucky.


The Great British Bake Off is the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. 

Where Eggsy and Harry compete against each other, fall in love, and eventually start their own bakery business after one of them wins GBBO.     To be co-written by marteenysqueeman.

10. Youtuber AU [here]

Eggsy Unwin (mugsandpugs) and Harry Hart (mannersmakethman) are two British bloggers who live together, making videos of any and all subjects while their fanbase questions their relationship with each other.

AKA the Phandom has infiltrated Kingsman.

11. Porn Star AU [here]

Harry is a popular porn star under the production company, Kingsman, and Eggsy is the cameraboy he’s pining after.

12. Wedding Fic [here]

Basically this one is all secondarysushicorps‘s fault? Kallie is a terrible influence on me and my writing schedule. About half way through the fic. *long sigh*

13. Harry Potter AU

Eggsy is a troubled Hufflepuff and Harry Hart is the DADA professor who would hate to see his potential go to waste. Obviously they fall in love.

14. One Direction AU [here]

Harry Hart is Harry Styles, and Eggsy Unwin is Louis Tomlinson. Together with Roxy and Merlin , they make up the hugely successful and popular band Kingsman. (This one is getinthefuckingjaeger‘s fault.)

15. Guidesman Fic [based on this]

Where Eggsy was already a spy before Kingsman, sent to watch over and guard Harry.

16. Time Traveler’s Wife AU [here]


Updated: 9/1/2015 for Kallie.