Seeing Nush on the sidelines doing this routine with her kills me.

1 // Helena Rakoczy, Poland - all-around gold & bronze, vault gold, uneven bars 2x bronze, balance beam gold, floor exercise gold (1950, 1954)

2 // Larisa Latynina, Soviet Union - all-around 2x gold, vault gold & silver, bars gold & bronze, beam gold & silver, floor silver & gold (1958, 1962)

3 // Natalia Kuchinskaya, Soviet Union - all-around silver, vault bronze, uneven bars gold, balance beam gold, floor exercise gold (1966)

4 // Ludmilla Tourischeva, Soviet Union - all-around gold x2, vault silver & bronze, uneven bars silver & bronze, beam gold, floor gold x2 (1970, 1974)

5 // Olga Korbut, Soviet Union - all-around silver, vault gold, uneven bars silver, balance beam silver, floor exercise silver (1974)

6 // Ecaterina Szabo, Romania - all-around bronze, vault silver x2, uneven bars silver, balance beam silver & bronze, floor exercise gold (1983, 1985, 1987)

7 // Elena Shushunova, Soviet Union - all-around gold & silver, vault gold x2, uneven bars bronze, beam silver & bronze, floor gold & silver (1985, 1987)

8 // Lavinia Milosovici, Romania - all-around silver & bronze, vault gold & silver & bronze, bars gold, beam gold & bronze, floor silver (1991-1995)

9 // Svetlana Khorkina, Russia - all-around gold x3 & silver, vault gold & silver, bars gold x5 & silver, beam silver, floor silver & bronze x2 (1994-2003)

10 // Aliya Mustafina, Russia - all-around gold & bronze, vault silver, uneven bars silver & bronze, beam gold & bronze, floor silver & bronze (2010-2014)


2016 Best Routines of NCAA 6/: Sarah Finnegan (LSU)

So this white girl on a facebook status was saying that she was tired of white culture being targeted constantly (on an article about the importance of the French language). I basically said that if her biggest problem is that people are annoyed at her whiteness and white culture, then that’s not really that big a problem considering whiteness has, you know, systematically ruined the majority of the world or whatever.

Then she had the gall to say that the culture I want to replace French with is barbaric and horrible… ??? I literally didn’t say anything about my culture but this Islamaphobic clusterfuck of a woman just assumed I wanted a fucking caliphate in France because my name is Arab/Muslim. Honestly how horribly racist and she’s so oblivious to the numerous callouts that tried to educate her. 

Fuck you and your transparent white supremacy.



GYMNASTIA ON REDBUBBLE (…i had to keep with the #brand)

here you’ll find some gymnastics art prints that i’ve made that can be put on a mug, as a sticker/poster, on a shirt or hoodie, phone case, etc! please check them out and spread the word <3

i just ordered a shirt for my younger sister to test the waters, so i’ll be posting a picture of that when it comes in. i’ve been wanting to open a shop for a really long time, but now that i’m legit poor af i decided to actually get off my ass and do it. if anyone has any questions/concerns, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

more to come!


Working on double kong double front and a few other progressions. (at Waveney Gymnastics Club)
Viktoria Komova(RUS)
▶подпишись▶️ Мой вк-

Maria Bondareva has been uploading lovely tribute videos for some girls of the Russian team on her youtube channel. So far she’s made one for Melnikova, Komova and Dmitrieva. CUTE!

Angelina´s (looove the music!)


Her channel