Trampoline Workouts

I learned today that jumping on a trampoline at moderate intensity for 10 minutes is equivalent to going on a 30 minute run! (Explains why I’m not the size of a house despite my junk food habit). Since I’ve had a trampoline every day for 18 years (using it for at least an hour 5 times a week), I thought I’d share the ways I’ve made it fun and interesting, and gymnastics themed!

1. Music
I jump with my iPod in my pocket (I wear a pair of stretchy denim shorts that can fit the iPod in the pocket). I make up all sorts of playlists that allow my imagination to run wild. Put on your best Olympic playlist and imagine yourself going for all-around gold! (If you want the full details of what I do to my playlist, message me. It’s weird but wonderful and you may be intrigued to try it)

2. “Gymnastics”
Are you a flipper? Go for your life. Imagine your single tuck is a double double and you just nailed the landing. Switch rings are easy on the trampoline! So are pike jumps!

3. Workouts
Looking for a higher intensity workout? Try this to the beat of a song or just in your own rhythm.
- Pike jump
- straddle jump
- wolf jump
- straddle full (360 rotation while doing a straddle)
Repeat as many times as desired. Throw split leaps in there!
Try doing 20 pike jumps. It doesn’t feel like a workout until you’re out of breath when it’s done.
Try rebounding back tucks, or back tuck, jump, back tuck!

4. Time of day
Confident in your air awareness? Try jumping at night.
Bonuses: no sunburn! No mat burn on your feet. Less feeling like people are watching you (is that just me? Probably)

Feel free to reblog and add your own!