“You got people that surround you, They gone try they best to down you
Keep them squares up out your circle, What don’t kill you gone hurt you And it’s only gone get worser……..”

“ Pray the Lord to help me spot my foes, Next thing you know I started losing friends
Ain’t’ got the energy for no foolishness, I got a list of shit to do, Make believers out of atheists, What’s going on with you, I’m a barb wire tie, gotta stay sharp, Cross my heart, Cross by my heart, Spit chrome heart; Help me spot the fakes, Wolves in sheep clothing, I loath them…..”

#gymclubbing #hiphop #rocko #future

“The sun goes down
The stars come out
And all that counts
Is here and now
My universe will never be the same
I’m glad you came” ❤ #gymclubbing