A few workout tips (mainly gym based)

  • Do supersets. If you’re short on time try including supersets (two exercises performed back to back with no rest) to really still get the most of your workouts. That way you get a good burn in less time.
  • Go for compound movements. It’s okay to split up your muscle throughout the week, but if you wanna get some muscle or just want to get a full body workout, you should go for compound movements (deadlifts, squats, or even supersets) to hit all the muscles.
  • Don’t fill up your workouts with exercises. Sometimes we think we’ll manage to do 20 different types of exercises in a short period of time, and that makes us rush through the movements. Stick to just a few movements and make sure you perform them correctly.
  • Keep your core engaged at all times!!!! It’s so good to 1) keep balance 2) keep good posture 3) get definition in your abs 4) just getting a tight core
  • Don’t neglect any muscle!!!! If you’re interested in one particular group, train it more often, but you should still work every muscle! (If anyone is interested I can make a post about how to train according to your goals)
  • Warm up and activate your muscles, go for compound movements and finish with isolation exercises. This is especially amazing for targetting the glutes (again, I can make a post about it)

⬇️ another pant size

I was a size 30 in the stretchiest cut jeans when I first started losing weight (I’m 5'11" and was nearing 350lbs) and today, at 9pm and on a night I ate pasta, I fit into “super skinny” size 14 jeans. So many 6am workouts, 18 straight months of lifting in a caloric deficit, never leaving home without a contigo full of water, a daily step goal of 12,000 and cooking almost every single meal I’ve eaten since 2/2016 went into this.

I’ve got to stop crying in dressing rooms.