Remember When

A long time ago, before he sported the wedding band, wife and tween, when I thought the PGG (Pretty Gym Guy for those new tuning in to my cray cray) was starring at me? Well my only fabulous coworker started my gym, so when he came in tonight I sent her the text describing him, before she left she came to talk and out of nowhere she was like, dude he keeps checking you out. My back was to him and I was like gurl you be trippin’. So she proceeds to tell me that in the 5 minutes she has been talking to me he has turned his head straight at me no less then 5 times and doesn’t look away, but stares a bit.

So, I wasn’t delusional in thinking he was looking at me. I just question if my panties were exposed or I had a questionable stain on my pants. Maybe it’s because his wife has cankles and he’s seen that I don’t. (Dreamin’)

Oh, and coworker agrees that he looks like an older Ezra from Pretty Little Liars. To help you gage how adorable he is. But that doesn’t matter because I’m over my crush. OVER I SAY.

wtf just happened, my sister just made my day

I’m lying in my bed, more specifically over my stomach, blogging, doing nothing. When my sister walks in my room, with all the intention of jumping on top of me. I see her and I try to defend myself, and scream like a little girl as I try to stand up straight. 

And just when I’m doing that, I have my arms stretched, hands over the mattress and I was about to get on my knees. My sister stops a feet away from the bed, points at my belly and yells “OMG WHAT IS THAT!” and I get all scared as she gets her phone out and tells me to stay still. 

She took a picture of my belly and then told me to stand up and to lift my shirt and took another picture of my belly. She then showed me the pictures and holy shit I’m starting to get toned abs, my self esteem just got busted 20 points B)

I want to thank the academy, the gym, my delicious diet and of course my fitness senpai (meaning, the gal who gives me my diet plans and gym routines), thank you, I feel more bad ass now, I feel awesome ;-;


All my hopes of Pound Towning with PGG are officially RUINED!

I kept starring at his wedding band willing it to disappear, because isn’t that what The Secret teaches you to do. If I will it, it will happen.

Lust has been demolished. Edit: No it hasn’t.

Dream ruined.

I need a pack of Lifesavers, STAT!

Bright side, because he was working out beside me I totally KILLED my cardio session.

Down side, I was a disgusting sweaty mess, but my vagina was totally fresh because I believe in vagina wipes.

Vagina wipes always and forever.

Gym AU

Rhys failed gym. Again. Being the one armed nerd he is, it’s not a surprise. But it wasn’t entirely his fault. His coach was a jerk, so he decided to retake gym over the summer with a different coach. Rhys wears hoodies with extremely long sleeves so it’s difficult to tell he’s missing an arm. Even if it’s summer and he has to run the track, he still does it. His new coach, Jack, notices this. He also notes how awkwardly Rhys runs. When class is over, Jack goes after Rhys to consult him, and maybe poke a bit of fun at him. As Rhys is leaving, Jack grabs at the sleeve of his hoodie to stop him. It takes them both a moment to process what is happening. Jack (finally) realizes Rhys is missing an arm. He feels quite dumb at his lack of knowledge. But who actually keeps track of summer-school kids? Rhys is now frozen, pale, and hyper-ventilating. He wonders what will happen, thinking of the worst possible outcomes. Rhys hears Jack chuckle behind him, so he slowly turns to face him. Jack let’s go of his sleeve, still chuckling for reasons unbeknownst to Rhys. Jack then brings him into a one-armed bro hug. Rhys is extremely confused, and still very frightened. He hadn’t thought of this outcome. Jack confuses him further with the words: “Why didn’t ya just tell me, pumpkin?”

It’s funny how amazed people get when @donavantkd kicks. I see that shit everyday and I’m just like “Can you chill?”. 

The best is when we’re stretching and someone will try to out stretch him and he has to show off!

Things that confused me at the Gym today

1. My man’s working out in a polo shirt

2. This guy running on the treadmill in jeans.

3. this woman who put a rubber band around the screen of the treadmill to hold her book in place while she ran. I mean she was doing more work by having to lift the band to turn her page again and again. 

4. An elderly white dude blasting Ying Yang twins from his headphones

5. this woman who had her accessories in a crown royal bag on the treadmill.

6. This extra swoll dude walkin around with a 10 lb chain around his neck, lookin like he just escaped from the plantation and took the chain as a memento.

I was perplexed during my workout. 

Ugh, Make Me Gag

PGG brought his wife. (Lisa says it’s his husband’s sister and this is why she’s my bitch.) Stupid newlyweds I bet.

Bad news, she isn’t unfortunate in the stupid face.

Good news, bitch has cankles. I don’t have cankles, I win. Also, cankles on a healthy weight individual must suck hardcore, so I win extra big.

His shoes made his feet look tiny, so I’m over him. Over I say.

I hope they’re to tired too bone.

so i went to the gym and was super pumped because i only had 2 episodes of s1 of zombies run left and i was like, ALRIGHT i’m going to do BOTH TONIGHT! and yeah, i was really excited and started getting ready in the change room when to my absolute shock and horror, i look through my bag and realise that i had left my SPORTS BRA at home. it would have taken 15 minutes minimum to drive home and back and i was with my dad and uncle (shush we work out together and it’s fine i can do plank longer than them and it boosts my ego) and I didnt want to make them wait/cut down on my workout so. 

i adjusted accordingly and switched to the eliptical and did it without a sports bra (just a regular bra instead). and i finished s1 and it was glorious but ended on a CLIFF HANGER so that was disappointing. i didnt have time/energy to do another episode so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow but HNNNGGRR

there’s this cute new german kid, not sure if and exchange or visiting student but i while we were both running at the gym, I could see him looking at me several times by peripheral vision. So eventually while he was looking for a bit I figured, why not let him get a good look and looked him dead in the eye. 

Needless to say he swiftly turned his head and continued running.