What if Pokemon became an otome/dating sim game (aka Pokemon Memorial) - PART 2

Due to the massive amount of support and notes from my first post, I bring you part 2. Hope you guys like it :)

The dialogues I put in here were taken from their respective games and obviously taken out of context. The background images I used are not mine (found all of them in Google Images)

Belated Happy Valentines Day everyone!

*dusts off tumblr* hello, here is another neon confection designed to burn through the insides of your eyelids!
sorry guys I post a lot on instagram now because I’m afk for extended periods of time;;; if you don’t really mind though I guess I could repost some stuff in batches on here as well!

i was trying to draw a young Morty, but now it just looks like a discount store version of the Little Prince got lost on the way home to his planet.