Some of you might remember the gym bunny tank top I made a few months ago (or even seen me wear it in person! Because I’m obsessed with it, I’ve worn it to death practically) and at the time I had a lot of people asking me if I would offer some for others to buy and I wasn’t into it at the time because I’m pretty much notorious for never making things for anyone but myself, buuuut now I’m being crushed by the cost of paying several grand in bar fees and study program costs and could use a little extra money to make that less stressful, so I decided to do a limited run of these tank tops before I strip the screen I made to print it and say goodbye to the gym bunny forever! 

SO if you want your very own gym bunny tank top you can pre-order it in my etsy shop! It is available in sizes XS-4X, with sizes XS-XL available here, and sizes X-4X available here!

Pre-ordering will be open for ONLY A WEEK. Orders close on October 2nd, and all orders will be printed and shipped by the end of October. Honestly I will probably print and ship much earlier than that but the end of October estimate gives me a little more leeway just in case something crazy happens.