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Okay guys time to be honest

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling very low, depressed and lonely.

I’m constantly either out studying, at placment or stuck in my bedroom 😞

Now I know I said I would complete the 30 day shred, but I have instead decided to rejoin the gym as it gets me out the house and forces me to be a bit more social.

My first time back is tonight, wish me luck 😚

Lovely cross trainer workout this morning before uni ☺ having to run a bit less this week bc I have shin splints from all the sprinting last week 😂 anyone know some good exercises to strengthen my shins? They really hurt when I do hip dips (from plank) and also when I use rowing machines ☹️


I came home from a lab theory exam today and jumped into an hour of yoga, with the sun peaking out a lil at the end. I haven’t stretched like this in awhile or given myself the mental break, so it felt good. Shout out to my yoga teacher sister’s Spotify playlist 😍

I stretched out my arches and calves, and just put some kalaya arnica lotion on my shins before bed. Planning on going to the gym tomorrow morning.

Overall things are trucking along. Four weeks of class left!!!! 49 sleeps til the semester is over and I am officially halfway!!!


- pretty much everyone in the school has it. loads of the girls are low key about it though, they don’t want their parents knowing they’re spending a lot of money on catching Pokémon
- the black magic club is literally a spawn for ghost / psychic type Pokemon
- the south wing has a gym on it.
- students request to be excused to the toilet literally just to go and catch a Pokémon
- one of Tamaki’s Pokémon is called Haruhi. he wouldn’t shut up about it and so Haruhi now has a Pokémon called Tamaki
- did I mention that the Host club brought Haruhi a Pokémon GO compatible phone just so she could play it too because “it’s not fair if we all play it and Haru-chan can’t!!!”
- The host club have taken over the gym on the south wing. (They’ve all chosen Team Mystic because “ooo blue” and, “but mommy family has to stick together !”
- loads of students end up bumping into each other running around the school for Pokémon
- Haruhi is probably the one with the most Pokémon purely because she walks/catches a train home (she’s got ALOT of rattata candies)
- despite this Kyoya probably has the strongest Pokémon in the Host Club, Kaoru in close second
- Hikaru’s Pokémon are probably all nicknamed to the lyrics of All Star Smash Mouth
- Ouran hosting school wide pokétreks. ends up being a bunch of rich kids in limos driving at 5 miles per hour
- Mori’s surprisingly good at hatching eggs quickly. Students giving him their phones so he can hatch eggs for them
- Hani and Mori go out on walks together to find Pokémon, often taking Haruhi with them
- Host Club Pokémon competitions
- Hani & Kyoya probably go out late and catch Pokémon && take over gyms when no one’s looking
- a lot of the students homes being Pokéstops; or students paying for their homes to be Pokéstops
- “if you were a Pokémon, I’d choose you”
- Students working together to get Pokémon, announcing that there’s a Pikachu in the west wing or something
- the newspaper club is definitely all in team Instinct
- students finding rare Pokémon on their exotic holidays. Meanwhile Haruhi’s still stuck with a million rattata candies
- Nekozawa probably doesn’t go outside for Pokémon GO, so his little sister goes out for him and Kirimi’s so cute that the high school students can’t help but assist her in finding Pokémon
(I’ll probably think of some more eventually)

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JD: Veronica open the door! Tonight our school is Vietnam! Veronica: Ok. *JD and Veronica enter the gym* *JD begins to pull something out of his trench coat- its Mac & Cheese and a super soaker* JD: FOOD FIGHT! [a war breaks out between the students- the gym is a cheesy, wet mess] All the students of Westerburg sing 'We're All in This Together' (HSM- c.2006) Heather C. and Kurt and Ram are alive- all is well.

Then they all go work at Heather C’s dad’s country club and it’s another mess

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Stupid things the 2ps have done in highschool plz? (; 7 ; ' ) /

2P!America: got caught drawing dicks on the vice principal’s car during lunch break

2P!China: brought weed to school, got caught by a teacher, literally ran away, was chased down the hallway by the gym teacher with students watching him and cheering him on to escape/ recording him on their phones

2P!England: found a lost kitten on his way to school, put it in his backpack, kept it out during each passing and lunch, and he meowed each time it made a sound during class so the teacher didn’t suspect anything, got away with it

2P!France: literally said “fuck your final” to a teacher and didn’t take the English final

2P!Russia: helped someone pull a prank on the homecoming queen because he hated the bitch anyway

2P!Italy: made fake hall passes/ early dismissal notes/ excused absence papers and sold them to people

2P!Germany: ordered a pizza during calculus and had it delivered to the classroom

2P!Japan: discreetly locked a student out of class so he would be marked late

2P!Canada: rear-ended someone in the student parking lot because he just wanted to get the fuck out of there

2P!Romano: dyed his hair in the school bathroom while he was supposed to be in class

2P!Austria: purposefully grabbed the off-limits ingredients during a chemistry lab and made an explosion thus causing the smoke alarm to go off which made the whole school go on a fire drill and even police/ fire fighters showed up (all because he didn’t want to take the chemistry final)

2P!Prussia: stopped being shy during class just to argue with the history teacher that Prussia should still be a country (and took up like 15 minutes of class time)

Morse Code - Jongdae

Summary: You and your best friend speak morse code to each other in class, and Jongdae happens to sit in the row behind you.

Genre: Fluff, Comedy?

Length: 890

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Can we make a Tumblr school where we just hug you an never let you go and cry when we're not on your team in gym?

If tumblr was a school the only people in gym would be student athletes and everyone would be making fun of them