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Columbine Victims:

Cassie Bernall: Cassie was a seventeen year old “born again” Christian. Her nickname was “Bunny Rabbit.” She was shot twice by Eric Harris, once in the hand and once in the head. She died instantly.

Daniel Mauser: Danny was an exceptionally bright student who excelled in math and science. He was apart of the debate team and loved swimming and hiking. He was shot once in the face by Eric Harris, he died almost within three minutes.

Steven Curnow: Steven was 14 years old, a great soccer player, who also worked as a referee. He loved Spanish, technology, and gym class. He was shot in the neck by Eric Harris. He died within seven minutes.

Lauren Townsend: Lauren was 18 years old, captian of the varsity volleyball team. She was an all A student who loved animals and hiking. Her nickname was “Lulu” and she was a very talented sketch artist. She was shot approximately nine times by Dylan Klebold. She died within two minutes.

Kelly Fleming: Kelly was 16 years old and a beautiful poet. She loved to write, read and draw. She loved to read books about vampires. She was also under the same table as Lauren. Kelly was shot in the lower back by Dylan Klebold. She died within 3-6 minutes.

Isaiah Shoels: Isaiah was a minority at Columbine High, being one of few African Americans. He was on the school’s football and wrestling team. He was born with a severe heart condition, but overcame it as the years went on. He was shot in the chest by Eric Harris. He died within two minutes.

Matt Kechter: Matt was 16 years old and sitting under the same table as Isaiah. He was in the National Honors Society and was on the Columbine’s football team. He had all As and was very bright. He was shot in the chest by Dylan Klebold. He died within three minutes.

Corey DePooter: Corey was 17 and wanted to be in the Marine Corps. He loved fishing, hiking, hunting, and golf. He worked at a golf course to save up for a new car. He got good grades, never caused trouble and was on the schol’s wrestling team freshman and sophomore year. He was shot seven times by Dylan Klebold. He died almost instantly. 

Rachel Scott: Rachel was 17 years old and is probably one of the most well known victims due to her lying parents and brother. Rachel was heavily involved in drama club and was in many plays. She was shot three times, arm, chest, and head, by Eric Harris. She died instantly.

Dave Sanders: Dave was a 47 year old staff member at Columbine. He was a well known coach for many sports team and was trying hard to evacuate students from the cafeteria and hallways while Eric and Dylan were shooting. He was shot three times by Eric Harris. Unfortunately, he died within three hours.

Kyle Velasquez: Kyle was 16 years old, and was known as a “gentle giant.” He loved his family dearly and suffered from asthma and mental disabilities. He wanted to be a firefighter. He was shot in the head by Dylan Klebold. He died instantly.

John Tomlin: John was 16 years old, and was a weight lifter. He was Christian and loved to help others out. He had a seven month relationship with his girlfriend, Michelle. He was shot in the chest by Eric Harris, but fatally in the head by Dylan Klebold. He died almost instantly.

Daniel Rohrbough: Daniel was 15 years old and loved electronics and computer games. He helped his father with stereos and his grandfather with harvesting . He was shot abdomen and leg once, then shot again in the chest by Dylan Klebold. He died within five minutes.

Eric Harris: Eric was 18 years old, and one of the two gunman. He spoke fluent German, got good grades and was very bright. He worked as a cook and shift manager at a pizza place called Blackjack. He died by a self inflicted gunshot wound to the roof of the mouth. He died instantly.

Dylan Klebold: Dylan was 17 years old, and the other gunman. He spoke French and German and was exceptionally good at math. He worked as a cook at Blackjack, and was accepted to University of Arizona. He died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the left temple. He died within five minutes.


Bucky x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, smut

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Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room. 

Diving right into this one! For every man/woman/boy/girl out there who is a virgin, and maybe embarrassed about it; don’t be. It’s better to wait until it feels right, than to rush yourself and regret it later. 

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‘You’re a virgin?!’ Natasha called out, looking at her friend like she had suddenly grown a second head.

‘Yeah’ you answered nonchalantly.

‘B-but, you.. uh’ Natasha didn’t really know where tot take it from here.

‘But you’re so sexual sometimes’ Steve suddenly blurted out.

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‘Go speak to her.’ Harry suggested bravely turning back to Niall who was still staring wondrously in her direction. Niall was quickly brought back to the table though and was lifting his Guinness to his mouth to hide his blushing cheeks as he shook his head viciously. ‘Oh come on man, you gotta at least try if you’re gonna stare at her like that.’

‘No, no way, not a chance.’ Niall blubbered taking another mouthful of the tar coloured tonic in his glass.

‘I thought you believed in Irish charm.’ Harry winked but Niall took to ignoring his curly haired friend turning his attention to Liam sat beside him, though there was no hope for a logical conversation judging by the swaying motion of Liam’s body. Harry huffed and glanced back to the girl on the stage who was now taking a bow to a loud round of applause from those who had been listening. Harry took the final, large, mouthful of his drink and stood from the table. ‘Wingman Styles to the rescue.’ He whispered mischievously before quickly scampering off before Niall could process what was happening. He glanced over his shoulder to the table of his friends once he was closer to the bar, Niall’s face was dropped his mouth wide as Harry smirked back at him and gave him a wink.

Fool’s Gold | Harry Styles Personal Trainer AU | Coming Soon

Thirst Traps & Secret Codes Pt. 1 (Roman Bürki)

a/n: okay pals, here it is…the nastiness y’all requested based on this ig video :)

It was a normal day, just like any other. You woke up, but still laid in bed with your head tucked between two pillows under the duvet. Getting a move on was always hard, you’d often procrastinate so long that you barely had time to wash your face before you had to go. A part of that procrastination was scrolling through all your social media apps.

Your hand blindly searched for your phone before making contact with the device. You brought it into your sunlight blocking fortress, and unlocked it. There were a few messages waiting to be answered…they surely could wait a bit longer. You opened the Instagram app, swiping the screen down impatiently for it to refresh. A new story popped up, it was Roman’s. When you saw what it was, you flung off the covers and raced to the shower.

The thing was, you and Roman had this special arrangement.

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anonymous asked:

i see that you like bokuakakurotsuki, have any fic recs for me? i like the ship but not sure where to start on the ao3 tag! thank you!!

Oh, wow, I didn’t actually expect to be asked for fic recs lol, since I’m fairly new to Haukyuu!! and all. BUT! In the last month I’ve been in the fandom, I’ve read quite a few bokuakakurotsuki fics, and here are some of them:

1. Mannequin Men (M) - Model AU, and I am a sucker for model AUs because I love the fashion industry.

2. Impudicity (M) - Dance AU. The writing is the way I like it, a tad postmodern (oops, my lit brain has turned its gears), but it’s lovely, and gives a lot of depth to the relationship.


4. Smutty 3rd Gym One-shots (E) - Filth. Absolute filth. Some feelings in the first installment, but other than that, complete filth.

5. Absurdly Happy (E) - Future fic. Well I am not absurdly happy when I read this, I damn near cried. But it’s very well-written, and I’m desperately waiting for the next (last) chapter (if the OP will finish it huhu).

6. Metanoia (E) - Omegaverse AU. Only establishing chapters so far, but the writing got me hooked, and I vowed to be patient.

7. Times Four (M) - Future fic. Kind of like Absurdly Happy. But, being me, I didn’t mind. As long as I get my well-written ship, I am a-okay.

8. @zanimez - Look through her tag list for the OT4 fics and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Most of these fics are written by the same person, mostly because I love their writing so much like omfgit’ssofrickinggood. 

I hope this is enough for you to start exploring, Anon! There are a lot more around, plus some doujinshi that I love to hell and back. If you want me to rattle off the couple I really like, feel free to hmu.

Happy shipping!


The deadliest gun attack in British history is the Dunblane Massacre, which claimed the lives of sixteen children and one adult on March 13, 1996 in Dunblane, Scotland.

Thomas Hamilton (43) entered the gymnasium of Dunblane Primary School just as a class of nearly thirty students was getting ready to practise volleyball. In his jacket pockets were four handguns and over 700 rounds of ammunition. As a teacher began to question his presence in the school, Hamilton took a gun in each hand and began firing rapidly into the group of defenceless children. For several minutes he paced the gym, targeting anyone who managed to escape and killing a teacher who refused to let go of a child she was protecting. Hamilton then went back to the main gym area and shot all the injured children at point blank range, making sure each was dead before moving on the the next.

After wandering aimlessly out of a fire exit, Hamilton searched for more victims in the adjoining library; finding none, he entered the gym again and committed suicide with one of his guns. Sixteen children under the age of six lay dead or dying, and one heroic teacher.

An inquiry into Thomas Hamilton’s revealed a history of inappropriate behaviour towards children; he had been forced to leave a previous job in the Scouts after parents complained about his habit of taking photos of their children without permission. Hamilton became fanatically obsessed with guns in the months preceding the massacre, and isolated himself from his community by boarding up his front windows. After the massacre, the citizens of Dunblane refused to let him be buried within town boundaries, so he was cremated instead.

The Dunblane Massacre prompted urgent calls for gun control in Great Britain, as Hamilton had used four legally-owned handguns during the shooting. Two bills passed in 1997 severely restricted the type of gun citizens are allowed to own, which includes handguns.