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Certain Things - Chapter 5 * Signings and Roses

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It was not every week that I got to Friday and I felt that the week had passed running. Between classes, gym, studying and cooking, it seems that I didn’t see the time go by, in fact I think the fault was mainly the part of the gym.

Since I wasn’t accustomed to exercising so regularly, now, after an hour in the gym, it’s shot and fall. I arrive at the house dead, it seems that a truck overtook me and I fall asleep soon, which leaves me no time to do much more. Claire is always saying that it is only in the beginning, and I sincerely hope it is, because though I sleep much better, I also sleep much longer.

And that’s why I did not put my tired body in that gym today. I had my room in a mess and I had to go round the house, and since I was not going to be home tomorrow afternoon, I had to move today.

Supposedly, from what Claire told me, it was tomorrow that Harry was going to do the barbecue at his house, but during the week he had not told me anything, as he had said he would. In fact, the fact that he didn’t tell me anything just left me with less desire to go, but I also didn’t want to create a bad environment so I must show up there and at the best opportunity I leave.

I had just started to pack the clothes that had been ironed when the computer music stopped. I was about to get another, when I realized, that it had not been the music that ended, but it was my brother Joel, that was making a Skype call.

“Hello, hello little sister! How long!? "Joel was exactly the same. Light brown hair, shaved over the sides and perfectly swept back at the top. How I wish I had to dislodge that hair just to see him all upset!

"So, Joey, how’s little life?” I asked him, pushing the clothes aside, which I was tidying up before. “Is everything okay with you?”

“It is. And you? Tell me, are you already packing to go home? "The lack of confidence my family had in me sometimes put me on my feet.

"Of course not! I continued to love the fact that I did not have you bothering me every day. So until that day, you can continue to sleep in my room at ease. "I blinked at him and he laughed.

"Oh, I sleep in your room? Okay, okay, if that’s what makes you sleep well at night, then good! "Actually, when we were younger, it was me, that in the middle of the night would sleep with my brother. And whenever he didn’t sleep at home I slept in his room. "As for the fact that I do not annoy you every day, maybe you’ll have to change your mind …”

“So what? Are you coming to London to play? "Joe was a professional football player and so travels often for many sites. But whenever he comes to London to play is an excuse for the whole family to travel to London. Not only to see him, but also to spend time together, with my grandparents and my uncles.

"This time I will not play, but in every way, I have to go to London.” If there’s one thing that annoys me is that he knows I want to know what he is doing here and still is like a child, full of secrets.

“Come on! What are you going to do here? ”

“But you have to promise that you will not tell anyone anything!”

“We have five years now, it is!? Okay, I promise! "I rolled my eyes and made a child’s voice.

"But to no one at all, it’s still all a secret from the Gods, and besides, I shouldn’t even tell you anything.” Although I missed my brother for millions, I hated it when he started with all these things to get to the point. If there is anything that he can’t, is to go straight to the point. “So, Patrick, my agent called me a week to tell me that Manchester United were interested in signing with me.” My mouth opened in amazement and my hands went to cover. “He was talking with my team and with representatives of Manchester and agreed we meet in three days in London.”

“The … But … Oh my God!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, he always had the dream to play in a great team. And by all means, he had succeeded because he was playing one of the best teams in Portugal, but playing in Manchester is something spectacular, both for him and for me, as for our family. “You’re serious, right? Please don’t play with me like that otherwise it still gives me a heart attack! ”

“No, I’m really serious! I know, I spent the last week between moments of happiness and asking me if I was dreaming. But not Ju, this is indeed true, my dream is gaining body! "I was thrilled, he was thrilled. Basically the next two minutes neither of us could say anything, we just laughed.

"I still cannot believe it’s true … So what does your agent say? Are they really willing to hire you? And your team will not be a problem? You had not signed a contract for three more seasons? "When the chip fell, I remembered all the questions, and being me, I couldn’t wait, I had to do them all at once. Maybe journalist would be my backup career if Management did not work out.

"Oh, calm down! Yes, they are really interested in hiring me, or they hadn’t asked me to go to London. My agent is handling everything and says that may be the hiring of my career. He also spoke to the representatives of my team and there is no big problem, since when Manchester announced that he wanted to hire me, they were already aware of my termination clause.

"So why meet up in London instead of Manchester?” It could be my fault, but when it mattered to me-and let’s say it Matters-I could be the most boring person in the world.

“From what Patrick told me, it was they who asked to be in London, and he did not even want to know where, he accepted soon. Honestly Ju, what matter if it’s in London, Manchester or in Japan … ”

“Sorry, I was just finding it strange!” That wasn’t really the best question, but that was it. “I’m really happy for you, believe - You deserve it! What I wanted to be there to give you a very tight hug. "I smiled and there came tears to my eyes again.

"You’ll give me that hug in three days or do you think I’m going to London and not visit you?” He said smiling too.

“Neither was I thinking of something else!” I heard the door of the entrance to beat. It must have been Claire who had arrived. “My roommate has arrived, I’m going to hang up because I also have to finish cleaning my room and then I have to go and make dinner. You’ll let me know when you get here, and as soon as you’re cleared of all the meetings, you call me! "Probably next week I was going to miss some classes, but since it was for a good cause, this week I had to go ahead and study a little more.

"Okay lady! Go behave yourself and anything, you already know Ju. Huge kiss! "I threw a kiss at him and waved with my hand before turning off the video call. When I was about to get up to finish my clothes, somebody knocked at my door.

After saying to enter, Claire enters my room very suddenly. "Jules, where did you put your cell phone? We’re tired of calling you! ”

“Well, it’s …” I stopped to look around to see where the cell phone was lying on the bedside table. “… there. Sorry, when I arrived I did not get out of the silence and I was talking to my brother, I did not even hear it. "I walked to the cell phone to pick him up, when I started scrolling on the cell phone to erase the missed calls I saw that not only did Claire tried to call four times but an unknown number had called me twice and five more calls from Harry.

"Well, me, Harry and Nick, we’ve been trying to call you for almost an hour, I was already worried.” She sat on my bed and put her hand on her chest on the side of her heart, as if she had been running.

“And why are you Harry and Nick trying to call me for over an hour?” I asked as I headed for my closet to put the shirts on the shelf. “And why the hell does it seem like you’ve just run a marathon?” I said looking back frowning.

“Change of plans, the barbecue will not be tomorrow since it’s going to be raining, we’ll have to arrange for another time.” Oh what a pity, I wanted to go so much. But no, I was being ironic.

“And you were so concerned to warn me today, that would be no BBQ tomorrow, is it?” Go up there to realize these people. “What’s more, for a barbecue that nobody else had talked about if it was going to happen or not?” They had more concern about cancelling, than confirming if there was going to be, whatever …

“No silly! We were worried because we’re going to have dinner tonight at Harry’s house and we wanted to warn you to get yourself ready. But since you did not answer, Nick gave me a ride here to warn you, and in forty-five minutes he’ll pick us up. "She said and stood up putting a hand on the strap and staring at me.

"I’m not going to any dinner!” I shrugged and she stared at me as I grabbed a shirt to hang on a cross. “And don’t look at me like that, I don’t feel like going to a crowd. And, besides the owner of the house didn’t even invite me … ”

“Oh stop being silly!” She put her hands on my shoulders to make me look at her. “If you had answered the cell phone he’d invited you himself. Plus, it will not be crowded, we are only about seven or eight people. Me, you, Harry, Nick, Alexa, Douglas, Pixie and a friend of Harry that I don’t know. "I had to bite my tongue for not asking who was the friend of Harry, but I controlled myself in time.

"Oh Claire, I don’t feel like it. I had already plans to rest today, and besides, I cannot be ready in forty-five minutes … "She looked at me and laughed.

"Of course you can, you’re going to take a shower and I’ll get you the clothes, then I’ll help you stretch your hair and we still have time to drink a shot!” She pushed me towards the bathroom and gave me a slap on the ass. Well, there it will be.

In fact, I could even be ready ahead of time and even had to drink one shot to see if I entered the spirit. Since I still didn’t know Nick, Claire did introduce me during the car trip. And Nick told me that he was an interlocutor on Radio 1 and made me very comfortable. He seemed very nice and very funny. His personality was very much like Claire’s. Basically it was Claire but in male version.

When we got to Harry’s house, Nick parked outside, because he had said that Harry’s sister had already arrived and already had the car inside the garage, so there was no room for Nick’s.

While we waited for someone to come and open the door, I began to look around. Harry’s house was in an isolated place, with high walls imitating the stone and with a large black gate followed by the door where we were waiting. Of course the house had enough privacy and had to be due to his lifestyle. At the gate was a bouquet of red roses.

“Look, there’s a bunch of roses over there.” Nick and Claire turned to look at me as I bent down to pick it up. It was then that we heard the door open where Harry appeared with an apron, which soon put Nick and Claire laughing, and me too.

“I was seeing you were not coming, Gems is sick of grumbling that the eat will be cold!” He pulled away for us to enter. He gave Claire a kiss on the cheek and when he was about to give me a kiss he stopped to look at the roses. “Oh, my dear Jules, you didn’t need to have brought flowers, but thank you!” He really thought I had gone to buy flowers.

I looked at Claire and Nick who were already laughing and I started to laugh too “Well Harry, as much as I want to keep the credit the flowers are not mine.” He lost the smile that had begun to appear on his lips. I put my hand on his forearm and handed him the flowers, which he grabbed. “But, hey, they’re for you, but for your fans. They were at the gate. "I gave him a kiss in the face and I followed Claire and Nick who continued to laugh.

The Perfect Plan.

On Monday, I came up with the perfect plan. No one even knew we were friends.

On Tuesday, he stole the gun from his dad.

On Wednesday, we decided to make our move during the following day’s pep rally.

On Thursday, while the entire school was in the gym, we waited just outside the doors. I was to use the gun on whoever walked out first. Then he would take the gun and go into the gym blasting.

I walked up to Mr. Quinn the guidance counselor and shot him in the face three times. He fell back into the gym, dead. The shots were deafening. We heard screams in the auditorium.

No one could see us yet. I handed him the gun and whispered, “your turn.” He ran into the gym and started firing.

I followed a moment after.

He hadn’t hit anyone yet. Kids were scrambling and hiding. It was mayhem.

I ran up behind him and tackled him. We struggled. I wrenched the gun out of his hands, turned it on him, and killed him. I closed his mouth forever.

On Friday, I was anointed a hero.

It was indeed the perfect plan.