gym routines

I just wanna

• Get a regular sleeping plan
• Get into a gym routine
• Eat healthy again
• Achieve my targets with business
• Allow myself time to create
• Drink more water
• Wake up happy and stress free
• ^^ even though life still has its problems
• Be a better friend
• Be more in touch with my intuition
• Be closer to God
• Meditate
• Love someone worth loving
• Receive love in the realist form
• Continue to Glo
• Educate myself constantly
• Travel
• Live and enjoy every moment

Seijou Youtubers AU #1

Have you not realised I am a slut for Seijou and youtubers? I have so many parallels for ships like Matsuhan and Iwaoi you have no freaking idea, and I can’t help but procrastinate about what it would be like if Oikawa and Iwaizumi were both Youtubers sharing an apartment, kinda like Dan and Phil. I mean, they’re both a pair of best friends that people ship with each other so why not? This will have a few parts, this is merely the summary. I’ll go into details in different specific posts.


Please note, that though most of these headcanons are drawn from Dan and Phil, not every single one of them is inspired the British duo. I am very aware that Dan and Phil may not be involved in a relationship and I do not wish to disrespect them by assuming they are. In other words, if they are indeed not together, and find someone else they decide to start a family with etc, I as a fan will be happy for them.

I am going with the headcanon that Iwaizumi and Oikawa are openly dating each other.

 - Iwaoi -

  • Oikawa basically makes videos of male apparel, life advice, vlogs, gym routines and pretty much anything that comes to mind. He also has a long running series on his channel where he takes in requests for a tag or challenge, then films it with Iwaizumi on Friday; things they have done include the 7 second challenge, chapstick challenge, miracle berry and even attempting to put on a hundred layers of socks.
  • Oikawa live-streams on Saturday at odd times cause usually, he’s really busy with other more “Personal” stuff. Iwaizumi used to live-stream on Sundays but now, he does it on Tuesdays. Fans suspect it’s because they have some cheeky bum sex on weekends and Iwaizumi is either too sore to live-stream or too doused in hickies. It has been hinted multiple times by Oikawa that he gets jealous really easily and has a propensity to display it physically.
  • Sometimes when Hajime is streaming, Tooru would come and start kissing his neck or give him a quick peck on the lips. When reversed, Iwaizumi would simply plop himself beside the brunette while resting his head on the taller’s shoulders and start browsing his phone. When fans comment how domestic they’re acting, they tend to laugh it off.
  • Tooru calling Hajime babe sometimes when he live-streams and wants something, the raven just coming in like “What?” with some random-ass granola bar.
  • When Oikawa has a fan telling him they’re new, he’ll greet them with words like, “Thanks for deciding to watch me!” or “That’s great, I hope you look forward to more content!”. Iwaizumi is just like, “I’m so sorry.” or “You must be pretty lonely if you decided to watch me of all people so I guess it’s my responsibility to ensure you don’t feel so alone.” People think he’s this really asshole like guy but fans who have met him in real life say he’s one of the nicest people they’ve ever met.
  • Iwaizumi makes gaming videos, mainly horror or PS4 games he’s fond of, and he swears so fucking much it’s actually funny, one of the most memorable moments was when he was playing Outlast and called the dude in the game “A even more fucked up version of Oikawa on drugs”, and to give context to his viewers, he explained that Oikawa had wondered into their room with a facemask on at 3 am in the morning scaring the shit out of him.
  • Both of their channels have around seven million subscribers, though Iwa did begin his channel a little earlier.
  • Tooru has a very outgoing personality so he usually engages with other’s really well. Even at events or fan-meet-ups, he tries his best to take a picture with every one of them. Iwaizumi is socially awkward but he gives really good hugs to those he knows need them.
  • He has to drag Oikawa away from fans if he constantly dwaddles, their friends merely say it’s Iwaizumi’s way of showing he’s jealous.
  • Oikawa has stated a few times he’s bisexual while Iwaizumi says he doesn’t really like labels. They’ve been dating for over five years but only recently came out as a couple. 
  • They have a cat called Princess that fancies Iwaizumi over Oikawa, when she appears in one of Oikawa’s blogs, she’s most commonly found lying on Hajime’s lap. Oikawa would most of the time turn to the camera and murmur, “What a spoiled piece of shit.” Before scoffing and resuming his intended task. She’s a snow white maine coon Hajime rescued from a ditch.
  • Fans noticed that when Hajime does playthroughs, Princess is either beside him or on him 90% of the time. 
  • The duo having a short series of them taking care of Takeru, and in the process, the internet sees how good of a cook Iwaizumi is and what good parents they’ll be.
  • Oikawa calling Iwa-chan compilations, done by Hajime just to prove how often he says it. It’s one of his most popular video and he doesn’t understand why.
  • Iwaizumi rarely vlogs, he calls it a hassle. But he does appear a lot in Oikawa’s vlogs so fans are cool with it. Besides gaming, sometimes he does song covers because this fucker can play the guitar and has an amazing voice, he even wrote a song once for Oikawa and made him react to it, he cried. They do a Q&A over on Hajime’s channel twice every year, one at the beginning and one at the end.
  • Tooru steals Iwaizumi’s cereal all the time. Which only results in a pissed off raven talking about it on one of his live-streams. Apparently other things Oikawa regularly does on a daily basis is leave his glasses in the fridge, sneak onto Iwaizumi’s laptop and change the background to weird pictures of aliens, hog the blanket, spill coffee all over their coffee table and print out candids of the raven before sticking them around their house. Once, he also mentioned that Tooru also sleep-talked and it was the creepiest thing to hear without context. He was going on about dicing some sort of motherfucker but it turns out he was trying to chop some onions without crying in his dreams.
  • Hajime casually stealing Tooru’s hoodies to get back for his empty cereal boxes. Oikawa says that when they aren’t filming, Hajime tends to wear his shirt and walk around in only that along with his boxers.
  • They occasionally film with their close friends Hanamaki and Mattsun who share a prank channel named ‘TheDankMemes
  • Hajime’s most popular video is the one of him singing the song he wrote for Oikawa.
  • Oikawa’s most popular video was the chapstick challenge, but now it’s his marriage proposal to Hajime ;)
  • Tooru vlogging them planning their wedding; choosing matching tuxes and deciding on a location. They chose the beach.

For penance for my recent betrayal I’ll post the Wonho smut I’ve been working on. My editor is busy lately so please excuse my errors.

Work That Muscle

Group: Monsta X

Pairing: Wonho x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 2061

Warning: Idk what to put here. They bang.

(semi) public sex

Inspired by watching this video too many times with the sound turned up.

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Lolol. She obviously isn’t referring to makeup and prosthetics cause we know those take longer.

I love the bit of sarcasm, cause she knows how hard Sam works.

So….. She means his gym routine. 6 days on, one day active recovery (restish). And I love that she knows his routine.

Sanvers Minific Compilation (holy crap I need to compile them more often than once a week edition)

Alex and Maggie are patient, understanding queer mamas to a drunk Adrian –

Baby Adrian is Sorted at Hogwarts (and meets Maggie’s Slytherin gf for the first time) –

Nb!Alex gets their first binder in college and awkwardly flirts with new girl Maggie (with help from rommie Lucy Lane) –

College!Alex drunk dials the cute girl from bio class (guess who) –

College!Alex drunk dials the cute girl from bio class (part two: the morning after) –

Sanvers + silly string = deeply domestic fluff + humor (it’s a balanced equation!) –

Kara helps Alex process being queer –

Hogwarts!Sanvers in Defense Against the Dark Arts class –

demi!Maggie realizes she wants to have sex with Alex… and they do –

Domestic!Sanvers + Kara + Adrian + Sunday morning –

Sanvers kissing in the rain (how had I not done this yet??) –

Alex cares for a depressed Maggie –

Alex comes out to Clark, and he meets Maggie –

Alex sets Kara and Maggie up to for a bonding night –

Hogwarts!Sanvers with Maggie comforting Alex about the Sorting Hat’s choice of House –

Sanvers mornings = grumpiness and giddiness and domesticity galore –

Sanvers x James gym routine –

Alex rides Maggie’s strapon (enough said) –

Alex comforts a suicidal Maggie –

The SuperFriends comfort Alex after she survives a Black Mercy –

Kara comes out to Alex –


Collection of 2x18 fix-it fics –

James and Alex Brotp PSA –

Today's routine:

✖️10 minutes of treadmill cardio at 3 incline to warm up. 2 minutes brisk walking at 3.5, 6 minutes of jogging at 5, 2 minutes cooldown at 3.5.
✖️Full-body weight room. Two sets of eight reps on each machine, highest weight I can lift. The machines I use include: leg press, chest press, lat pulldowns, shoulder press, leg curls, bicep curls, and tricep press. There are three more I can’t think of the names for right this second, but they work legs, shoulder/chest, and abs/back.
✖️30 minutes of treadmill cardio starting at at 3 incline. 5 minutes 3.0, 5 minutes 3.5, 10 minutes at 3.5 with 6 incline, then put incline back down to 3. 5 minutes 3.5, 5 minutes 3.0, then two minutes cooldown at 3.0 without incline.

This is my usual weight routine, and I typically do it once or twice a week. The weather has been so nice lately that I’ve been doing a ton more cardio though, so it’s been on the backburner for a few weeks. Felt good to pick up some heavy shit this morning.

(Also I will re-format this to be a bit neater when I’m on the computer this weekend.)

anonymous asked:

months ago i started going to the gym, i've got a routine down but i'm confused on how to work out my arms. like i know how with weights and things, but what are some things you do for your arms?

oh man you have so many exercises to do. (as you can see… i’m a big fan of dumbbells, but i’ll give you plenty of options that i personally recommend. i’m generalizing arms with delts, upper arm, forearms, & rotator cuff muscles) 


barbells (or barbell weight)


there are so many variations. use this resource to select via muscle groups, equipment, and exercise type

[lower body post here]