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It’s OK to wear makeup to the gym.

Who would have thought that so many girls would be looked at negatively for wearing makeup to the gym. People always seem to have snarky remarks about the girls who walk into the gym with a full face of makeup on. 

I was one of these girls for years. I would wake up every morning and put on a full face of makeup, go to school, and then go right to the gym. It wasn’t that I was getting all dolled up just to go sweat it off, but some people believed that that’s exactly what I was doing.

And so what if I had? Did I become incapable of building muscle because I had glitter on my eyelids? Was I now incapable of burning calories because I had blush on my cheeks? Was I now there to simply get the attention of guys instead of work on my self esteem because I had eyeliner winged across my eyes? 


I was treated so poorly by a group of guys that came at the same time as me that year. Because of these boys I actually stopped going to the gym altogether because they made me feel so uncomfortable. Do I think they treated me poorly fully because I was wearing makeup? No, of course not. But I noticed a difference on the days that I didn’t wear any makeup. 

On days that I wore makeup to the gym I was constantly talked to. They would come stand at my treadmill and not leave me be despite my one word answers. They would watch me from across the room. If I went upstairs into a small room with spin bikes, some would follow and just stand there. One time I was trying to leave and the group of them blocked my way saying I did not get to leave unless I gave a certain one a kiss. It was a nightmare.

On the days that I didn’t wear makeup things were a bit better. Only a couple of them would talk to me, they wouldn’t look over at me as much and I’d be left alone when I went upstairs. It was almost as if they realized on those days that I was there to work on myself and not to flirt with them. It was almost as if I became a person those days, instead of just an object they wanted to fuck

So please, from my experience of borderline harassment, just remember that the girls wearing makeup at the gym are the exact same as the girls there with naked faces. All they want is to be left alone.


It's okay

It’s okay to be a beginner,we all had to start somewhere.
It’s okay to workout in baggy t-shirts and old jogging bottoms,be comfortable in your workout.
It’s okay to go beetroot red,it’s your body working hard and bringing blood vessels up to the surface.
It’s okay that you don’t have perfect make and hair at the end of your workout,if you have then you haven’t worked hard enough.
It’s okay to start off small and push yourself further,faster or longer every time you work out.
It’s okay to have cute gym clothes that you never wear.
It’s okay to own more gym clothes than any other clothing.
It’s okay to love sweating,you earned it!
It’s okay if you only do a few little workouts or 1 big one,just keep going.
No matter what you do,how you do it just keep going.These are the first steps of the best you that you can be.
Trust me it will change your life.

To all the new people thinking about starting up in the gym this year:

Firstly, let me apologize on behalf of all of us for the few people who make you feel self conscious or nervous in the gym. I never understood the people pointing and laughing at the overweight men or women sweating it out on the cardio machines, or the small guys and girls attempting weights for the first time.

Let me give you a few bits of advice that I wish I’d been told before my first trip to the gym:

1) Get comfortable - I know it’s easier said than done, I definitely felt self conscious and awkward my first time. Do anything you can to make yourself feel more comfortable. Whether it be spending your Christmas money on nice gym clothes, wearing vests that show off your guns or wearing a hoodie to cover up. If ever I’m feeling like I don’t want to see people in the gym, I wear a big hoodie, beanie hat and headphones with loud music.

2) Get some knowledge under your belt beforehand. Don’t turn up with no concept of what you should be doing (unless you’re doing a PT session or a class etc). Get a rough idea of exercises for different muscle groups, and of course keep good form - cheat reps have a place, but not when you’re just starting out. If you’re going with a friend, don’t try and keep up - go at your own pace and focus on getting the movements right rather than heavy weight. That’ll come soon enough.

3) Train at regular times and consistently. Not only is it good to get into a routine, but you also start to recognize people around you. It might start with a simple nod of acknowledgement, but eventually you’ll form friendships and potentially training partners. If you’re self conscious, I recommend training early mornings or late nights. Avoid 5-7pm, the gym will be full of people after work or school.

4) Music. Find a decent pair of headphones that can play loud. And find a genre that gets you pumped. I recommend metalcore or hip hop. You’ll thank me.

5) Watch other people. You can learn a hell of a lot from other people. It’s always good to mix up your training, and I often get ideas for new exercises by watching other people.

6) Ask for a spot when you need it. It doesn’t matter on the weight, would you rather be pinned under 80lbs or ask someone for a spot?

7) Start your training utilizing more Dumbbells than barbells, and free weights over machines. This will help to work out any minor imbalances and also improve mobility. Exercises that feel a bit awkward will start to feel more natural. Don’t forget to stretch!

8) Take progress pictures! And track your progress. I was never one to keep a direct training log, but I have progress photos going back over 3 years. It fantastic to go back and look at where you came from. If you feel embarrassed about how you look, you don’t have to share it - but in 6 months time and you feel like you haven’t progressed, you can look at the photo and see just how far you’ve come.

9) Learn about nutrition. Training hard is all well and good, but if your diet is poor you won’t progress anywhere near the rate you should. You can’t out train a poor diet. As a general rule, stick with chicken breasts, turkey, lean mince, white rice, brown rice, yams, oats etc. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

10) Don’t quit. Don’t think of it as a chore or something you have to do. Enjoy it. I can’t tell you when I realized this, but training should be a joy.

Hope those aren’t too patronizing or too cheesy - good luck!

Poet sits there, glassy eyes and parted lips,
smoke rising through the lamplights.
The music blurs, slows and whines
and whistles and her shoes
are two paperweights too heavy.
Poet loses two hours.
Poet trying to find the right words
at the bottom of a wineglass.
Poet wants to say something new
about change—not resolution,
not gym memberships, not a better me,
but something her brain
is too tired to pronounce.
Poet doesn’t write clichés.
Poet becomes cliché.
She slips back into the decaying couch;
vows they’ll die together.
—  Schuyler Peck, POET MISSES THE NEW YEAR (12/30 an event in third person)
Be nice to the new people at your gym,

January first is finally here and for a lot of people that means New Years resolutions. And with New Years resolutions comes weight loss, improving health, and becoming fit. 

I know how frustrating it can be when you’ve planned your gym time around when there are the least amount of people, and now all of a sudden it’s completely packed. But please remember that these people are here to better themselves.

A lot of the time they’re nervous. They don’t know how these machines work. They’re completely out of their comfort zone here. They feel as if everyone is watching them, judging them. They’re sweaty and often times not great at exercising, and they are beating themselves up watching you slay your workout. They don’t need you beating them up too.

Take a deep breath, wait your turn for your favorite spin bike, and realize how lucky you are that you have already started your journey. Look back to you were day one, and where you are now. Chances are, you’ve come along way. Physically, and mentally.

Don’t look down on those who use the first of a new year to motivate themselves. I see a lot of hate surrounding this group of people, and I don’t think it’s right in the slightest. Everyone has their day where they wake up and decide to change their life. Their day just happened to be the same as a lot of other people. Root for them, don’t just think silently to yourself that they’ll never make it because they’re only here for a New Years resolution. 

Know that in a month or two chances are the gym will be back to where it was before. Hopefully, with a few more familiar faces. 


i did a drawing like this back in march and i wanted to redo it

Went to the gym for the second time this week yesterday but on my own. Came back feeling achey but great. Can’t wait to improve my fitness and *hopefully* see some progress! (P.S - I’m not going to become one of these people who constantly post about the gym okay doke)



NEW VIDEO! Be sure to watch the 3 steps video I did YESTERDAY as you need to master those before getting started!
So 2017 we’re gonna make the best YOU POSSIBLE!! And so a lot of folks who are beginners or advanced are sometimes overwhelmed and dont know how to GET THE BEST BENEFITS from EACH WORKOUT they DO! 

Well today I’m going to help beginners and advanced folks alike reach their goals by telling them some easy fundamentals to follow so they can fully reach they’re goals this new year! Each Training session has to count and this video will help you guys and gals out also be sure to share with all your family and friends so they make the best out this new year

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quick stop in hawaii before the next school year with my students starts

im gonna keep myself accountable for the gym. new school year resolution initiated

#BestYearEver: Get Fit in 2015

10 steps to a healthier new you and the best workout gear to shop now

Start your year off fresh and make it your #bestyearever. One of our biggest goals for 2015 is to get fit - we’re not just talking about working out more, we’re talking about an overall better you, inside and out. From drinking more water to finding a workout partner, read our 10 helpful steps to a healthy new life below.

10 Steps to a Healthier New You

1.  Start a journal. When it comes toworking out and eating right, defining your goals on paper is one of the most successful ways to actually achieve them. Create a calendar, mark which days you’ll be exercising and plan your healthy meals ahead of time. 

2. Don’t skip breakfast. Most of the time we’re running out the door to get to work, skipping the most important meal of the day. This year, wake up just a few minutes earlier and start your day off with a healthy breakfast. High proteins, such as eggs and spinach, as well as steel-cut oats with fresh berries are great meal ideas.   

3. Join a gym. If this thought has always been in the back of your head, take the plunge! Most gyms have more than just machines. They have a wide variety of classes, lap pools and saunas to relax in after. 

4. Be outdoors. Hiking or jogging outside feels great. You get to enjoy nature, inhale fresh air and it doesn’t even feel like you’re burning calories because it’s fun! Being outdoors really clears your mind as well. 

5. Find a workout partner. One of the best ways to actually make it to the gym or to try a new workout is by having a partner in crime. Ask one of your friends to come with you and maybe even grab a pressed juice after!

6. Change your diet. Avoid junk and processed foods as much as possible. We know these guys taste good and eating out can make this hard, but they’re definitely no help to a healthier new you. 

7. Eat healthy fats. Stay away from artificial sweeteners and low fat products, and replace your cravings with healthy fats like avocados, nuts and olive oil.

8. Drink more water. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your skin and body. Often times we mistake hunger for thirst, so drink up and stop those unnecessary cravings!

9. Catch up on your zzz’s. The more you the sleep, the stronger your immune system will be. This means, if you’re caught up with your sleep, you’ll have a better chance at fighting off all those nasty colds and flus that go around this time of year. Everyone requires a different amount of sleep, so make sure you’re paying attention to your body and feeling rested when you rise. 

10. Switch up your workouts. If you’re typically bored with going to the gym or stretching in yoga, try something different. From indoor rock climbing to strip tease classes, there’s a way for everyone to get their workout on (plus, it’s fun!).

Workout Gear

Whether you’re upping your miles as a runner or attending more yoga classes, buying new workout clothes makes you look good and feel great. Update your collection with pieces by some of our favorite workout brands below. 

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Did you put “Go to the gym more” on your New Year Resolutions list by accident?

Guuuuurl, me too! This New Year Resolution is finna get broken by the end of next week! But until then, Here are a few tips for you from a Plus Size Girl! Pop a Squat and we’ll begin!

Find a local gym
-You know good and well that you won’t go work out if the gym isn’t close by. Try to find a good gym nearby your work or home. Have your bag already packed with the essentials you need for the gym. You are less likely to find an excuse if your things are all together.

Make sure to eat before working out
-I cannot stress this enough. At the very least, have a light snack or fruit before hittin’ the gym. I’ve experienced light-headedness too often from lack of food. It usually ends up cutting my workout in half. 

No one is going to make fun of you working out
-I repeat; NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU WORKING OUT, I promise you! (If they do, you let me know and I’ll go exchange a few words with them). Everyone who is in the gym is there to work on their body and I feel like this is the last place they should be fat-shaming people. Be confident in yourself. Walk in with your head held high. You are there for YOU and no one else.

Take a friend if you are scared

-A new gym can be intimidating at times, so share you fears with a friend! Having a buddy there will encourage you to try your best and make gym life a little bit more exciting.

Don’t be afraid of the equipment. OWN IT

-Sometimes gym equipment can be so disrespectful. For instance, when I first started working out on the elliptical, the machine would cut-off if I wasn’t going fast enough. Rude, I know. Don’t let that prevent you from continuing your exercises! You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure!

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable
-The gym isn’t a fashion show, so you don’t need to have the latest in designer wear to work out. Wear an outfit that you think you can effectively work out in.

Have a Booty poppin’ playlist

-Listening to the right set of music separates you from completing a workout or finishing it halfway. When your favorite jams are pumping through your headphones, it heightens your motivation to finish strong!

Don’t overdo it
-If you’re exercising with the mentality that you’re going to lose weight fast, then you’re going to be a little upset…It may take longer than expected, so don’t give up! The first thing to go is water weight, then fat. At times, you will hit a plateau, but that’s nothing to worry about! If your main goal is to lose weight, then you will get there!

You don’t have to work out at the gym
-There are different places and things that you can do to exercise your body. You can go to the park and enjoy nature, swim laps, join a dance class, yoga, participate on a community sports team, play Wii Fit, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Take a break
-Your body is a machine and every once in a while, you will experience some malfunctions. Maybe the weight you’ve been lifting at for the past two weeks is difficult to lift now. That’s okay. It just means that you may be pushing your body a little hard and a rest day is definitely needed.

Ask for help
-You don’t have to do it alone. If you are struggling, ask someone for help. Gym employees are there to help you have the best gym experience that you can possibly have. They are also knowledgeable about the equipment. So before you strain your back on something, ask them to clarify exactly what this machine does and what part of your body it works on. It never hurts to be well-informed.


-I used to think that the less food I consumed, the quicker I would lose weight. That is not the case. Starving your body of nutrients and healthy carbs will force your body to hold onto the fat that’s already in your system. It’s not helping your body when you do not eat. Make sure to Eat!

I hope these tips helped for those who are wanting to start their new year in the gym! Just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you don’t work out!

[I work out daily, not with the sole intention to lose weight, but to tone and keep my body limber. To me, exercising is one of the ways that help clear my thoughts and make way for coherent ideas]


2015 - here we go!!!

Flew into Sydney from Perth early this morning and since I don’t start work till tomorrow, I spent all day prepping for the new year. The past two weeks have been amazing and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this year!

Today I…

  • Wrote down my goals for the year - I feel super focused and I’m determined to work my ass off to achieve them.
  • Cleaned my room and threw out all the clothes and things I don’t need - I want to be as clutter-free as possible.
  • Went to the supermarket and bought groceries - I haven’t cooked in over two weeks so this was super exciting!
  • Cooked a delicious roast pumpkin, quinoa, and chickpea salad for dinner.
  • Did a face mask and body scrub - want to look shmick for my first day back haha!

I didn’t go to the gym (gasp!) as I am feeling slightly under the weather and exhausted from all the travel - damn aeroplane germs! So I will be starting Week 1 of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide tomorrow. Check out Kayla’s instagram as well as #thekaylamovement if you haven’t already. She has inspired thousands of girls to start the guide at the same time! So awesome!

Above are pics of me this time last year compared to me today. The angles/lighting is slightly different as I had to take today’s pics myself haha but still… I’m so proud of myself for all that I achieved last year. In saying that, of course there are still things to work on and I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied - a good thing I think, as it ensures that life never becomes sedentary.

Over the break I had a chance to reflect on last year and how I am going to approach this year. I realised that I am hyper-critical of myself in all facets of my life (my career, fitness, relationships…) when really I’m doing just fine. So yes I will push myself, but I will remember to celebrate all the small wins along the way too. *JUST RELAX* (as everyone always tells me!!!)

Sorry for the long post, I just felt like doing a big new years post and update on everything. Wishing you all health and happiness this year. Thanks again for all of the support in 2014 - I wouldn’t be where I am without the fitblr community. I know 2015 will be even better!

Ciao bellas! x