gym moves

I just made this ‘Best Ab Workout Moves’ pic for you guys. Take a couple of these and build your own core workout! If you don’t know how to do the move, just google it. If you like, you can save the image and print it. If you have any ideas for more pictures or printables, please send me an ask or a message with your requests! Go drink a glass of water and have a fabulous day/night. <3

First progress picture! Let’s consider this my “before” photo. 
It’s not before starting working out, god I wish I had one of those :< but this is my starting point as of starting this blog soooo let’s call this the “before blog”. 

I’m really trying to get control of my eating habits. I love food. Iat  love it so much. I love carbs more than life itself so it’s been kind of tough learning the discipline I need to make good choices. I’ve recently switched over to 80% pescatarian diet sans eggs and lactose. The other 20% of the time I will eat meat and cheeses because they’re honest to god my favorite and I believe that moderation is key to sustaining these kinds of changes. 


I’m in no way overweight or unhealthy, I’ve always been a pretty active person but my health has been neglected often. I used to have an amazing metabolism and it helps that I’m quiet long in terms of fat distribution. My fat grows in my thighs, butt and belly (literally none going to my chest :’( ), in other words I’m bottom heavy but I also concentrate a lot of my lifting on my legs and glutes. 

Where I’d like to see some improvement is in my waist and muscle definition. I’m trying to work up to visible abs and reducing fat in my core while also decreasing fat in my hips. Also build definition in my legs, butt and arms. 

I think I’m at a good place already but there’s definitely room for improvement!

  • In the morning
  • Izuru: “Nanami, why didn’t you look at me during?”
  • Souda: *spits out juice*
  • Fuyuhiko: “H-Hey! Watch it!”
  • Izuru: “During our walk today. You seemed preoccupied.”
  • Chiaki: “Sorry, the new gacha started for this new mobile game I’m playing. I’ll promise to make it up to you later.”
  • Fuyuhiko: *looks to Souda* “They’re just having a normal conversation.”
  • Souda: “How I was I supposed to know?”
  • At Gym Class
  • Izuru: *moves in swiftly towards Chiaki* “Nanami, are you wet?”
  • Hiyoko: *disgusted* “Is he for real??”
  • Izuru: “From earlier. It seems the sprinklers went off unexpectedly.”
  • Chiaki: “Hmm… I’m a little damp, but it feels good for a warm day like this.” *laughs*
  • Mahiru: *looks to Hiyoko* “What did you think he was talking about?"
  • Hiyoko: "I didn't know!"
  • Next Day
  • Chiaki: “Izuru-kun, I didn’t realize you were so hard…”
  • Teruteru: *nose starts bleeding* “Oh my…” “Didn’t realize these two were already in that stage~”
  • Chiaki: “....To beat. I really need to step up my game.”
  • Teruteru: “…” *falls dramatically to the floor*
  • Chiaki: *notices Teruteru* “Hanamura-kun, are you alright?”
  • Teruteru: “Will you two stop playing with my emotions?”
  • Izuru and Chiaki: *exchange confused looks* “Hmm?”

2015 - here we go!!!

Flew into Sydney from Perth early this morning and since I don’t start work till tomorrow, I spent all day prepping for the new year. The past two weeks have been amazing and I feel refreshed and ready to tackle this year!

Today I…

  • Wrote down my goals for the year - I feel super focused and I’m determined to work my ass off to achieve them.
  • Cleaned my room and threw out all the clothes and things I don’t need - I want to be as clutter-free as possible.
  • Went to the supermarket and bought groceries - I haven’t cooked in over two weeks so this was super exciting!
  • Cooked a delicious roast pumpkin, quinoa, and chickpea salad for dinner.
  • Did a face mask and body scrub - want to look shmick for my first day back haha!

I didn’t go to the gym (gasp!) as I am feeling slightly under the weather and exhausted from all the travel - damn aeroplane germs! So I will be starting Week 1 of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide tomorrow. Check out Kayla’s instagram as well as #thekaylamovement if you haven’t already. She has inspired thousands of girls to start the guide at the same time! So awesome!

Above are pics of me this time last year compared to me today. The angles/lighting is slightly different as I had to take today’s pics myself haha but still… I’m so proud of myself for all that I achieved last year. In saying that, of course there are still things to work on and I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied - a good thing I think, as it ensures that life never becomes sedentary.

Over the break I had a chance to reflect on last year and how I am going to approach this year. I realised that I am hyper-critical of myself in all facets of my life (my career, fitness, relationships…) when really I’m doing just fine. So yes I will push myself, but I will remember to celebrate all the small wins along the way too. *JUST RELAX* (as everyone always tells me!!!)

Sorry for the long post, I just felt like doing a big new years post and update on everything. Wishing you all health and happiness this year. Thanks again for all of the support in 2014 - I wouldn’t be where I am without the fitblr community. I know 2015 will be even better!

Ciao bellas! x

My previous phone lost enough functionality for me to finally upgrade. So of course the first thing I do with a shiny, new phone is re-download Pokemon GO!!!

One thing I noticed tonight is that the hospital my sisters work at is no longer the gym. The gym got moved to what is referred to as ‘erosion plots’ right in front of the hospital, which was previously a PokeStop. The other PokeStop right outside the parking garage is still there tho, so all is well.

I haven't given up on my journey...

… But I’ve had 2 horrible eating days where I literally reverted to my old eating habits. I ate packets of chocolate and jellies (gummy bears etc) and just felt really crappy and down.

I realised why I’ve been feeling down and eating like someone with 6 stomachs. A very special Aunt is in town for a week or so 🙄. You guys don’t know how bad my period cravings can get. I got headaches because I was craving chocolate/jellies and when I finally ate them I felt SO MUCH BETTER. I’m just gonna have to replace these cravings with mixed nuts or fruit or something. I might try dark chocolate again but last time I did, I went crazy 😩.

But yeah, woke up today and I’m back at it. I’m hoping to go to the gym tomorrow and just move past this.