gym leaders oh yeah

Voltron Pokémon au time!~

So I’ve been planning out this au a bit and here’s some things about it:

-hunk is ash, Pidge is misty, and Lance is Brock
- instead of water types, Pidge is in love with Pokémon that are mechanical or have like a technology type of feel to them. So whenever she sees a voltorb, or a magnemite, her eyes get all sparkly and she’s super excited~
- Pidge’s partner Pokémon is a porygon, which was given to her by Matt before he disappeared
- Lance of course is a water type specialist~
- hunk started his journey with his partner pikachu, which he named yellow~
- hunk also has a bulbasaur 💗😊
- Keith is officer Jenny. Although he’s the only male officer in all of kanto and he shows up whenever the gang encounters team rocket
- Lance flirts with all the girls, like he and Brock do, but he end up falling for Keith. Hard.
- like him and Keith didn’t work well together when they first met, but like, love happens in the strangest of ways~💗💗
- team rocket is of course galra, and Giovanni is zarkon
- also Keith was a part of team rocket before (becuase he was orphaned at a young age and team rocket took him in) but realizing what they were doing to Pokémon, he escaped the organization and ended up becoming a cop to stop them
- I feel that prince lotor should be like Jesse and James? I really hope he’s a ridiculous villain like those guys~
-it was hard to figure out who shiro should be, but I feel he should be Lance. Like champion Lance. The guy with the dragon type specialty you battle in the elite four.
- I think allura should be nurse joy? A kickass nurse joy
-Lance flirts with her a lot and her Chansey beats the crap out of him each time~
- I feel coran should be gym leader Blaine. They give off similar personalities~
-oh yeah, Matt and Pidge’s dad were taken by team rocket to help them make mewtwo

And that’s all I have so far! More to come (especially art~💗)