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Jotaro Kujo and Kakyoin Noriaki, The Worldly Duo

This fierce pair head the Morioh Region’s Water-Type Gym. While lacking in underlings, they make for a heated double battle in their arena. Their differing attack styles and strategies synergize into a display of power unlike any other. 

Kujo and Noriaki have developed a nearly unbreakable strategy, using Milotic for long-range defense as Sharpedo attacks from the center of the ring. Their compatibility, combined with the strength of their bond, allows for an almost telepathic battle style. 

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I need this…

Still can’t tell if Cyrus is crying blood or eyeliner.

Also, maybe ORAS Archie and Maxie are from alternate timelines? It would explain why they’re no longer deceased. (And I think if they were the same, Maxie would be adamantly against working with Archie.)