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NCT Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan and Jaemin's ideal type (appearance)


Anon: hi hi !! could you please do the next 5 members for the ideal type post? if you don’t want to that’s okay, too. Thank youuu!

Anon: Please please please do the ideal types of the next 5 members, personality and appearance. <3

Sorry that this has taken a while to come out! Hopefully it was worth the wait! Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 2 members (Chenle & Jisung)! Also thank you to everyone who sent in messages and helped me with this! It really helped!

Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)


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Mark wouldn’t really have type or preference when it comes to appearance. As long as your personality was spot on, he literally wouldn’t care. He’d, of course, be one of the members who’d be the most open to dating someone from a different country and looks different to himself. He’d be able to make them feel confident and unafraid of people criticising your relationship; he’d just have that effect over people. He’d be happy to date someone very sim, or slightly chubbier; someone shorter than him or taller than him. He might slightly prefer shorter people though, because he is still quite young and probably would want to be the one who dominates and looks after the other rather than vice versa. Someone who dresses simply and doesn’t like bright or weird designs or patterns. Definitely someone who laughs and smiles a lot and will always laugh at his jokes even tho most of the time they r CRaP lmfaooo.


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Someone who’s not too short nor too tall, so about his height. Dresses with beanies and sweaters and likes odd patterns and colour matches. Someone with long wavy hair, who will let him braid and play with it. Likes to smile and giggle and tends to cover their mouth with their hands subconsciously (I think he’d like those kind of habits that only he noticed) Someone with big, innocent eyes that are warm and inviting. Someone with a calming aura who usually is surrounded by people who are instinctively drawn to their chill self, but always spots him and will focus their attention on him. Someone who wears a lot of denim and has matching denim jackets with him, with matching pins, badges and patches on it. Someone who smells really nice; a flowery and light scent that’s kind of unique and reminds him of home.


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Someone who’s a little more on the curvy side and likes to look after themselves and work out. Doesn’t have to be a gym-junkie or anything, but he’d like it if they at least ate healthy and did a little exercise. Someone who can be a bit daring with their look whether that be with their hair, clothes or makeup. Someone on the taller side but still short than him, and acts very adorable and sweet. Maybe someone with shorter hair with highlights that catches the light well and suits their face shape very well. I see him liking if they wore a lot of necklaces and bracelets and rings all with meaning and symbolic reference to them; he’d be the type to want to have couple accessories and gift you very expensive and special jewellery.  


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Someone short and a little curvy or chubby! He’d love how innocently cute and adorable they looked, and would probably tease them about their height too. Really though, it’d make him feel very responsible and manly if they were way shorter than him. Someone with darker skin who will share in his problems with some people thinking they should have lighter skin. They’d really help them through those kinds of things and would give him a good-old ego boost, without even having to try. Someone who has a feminine sense of style, but still looks good in simple things like jeans and doesn’t mind altering their look once in a while. I don’t know why, but I think he’d really like big lips? sorry if that sounds weird lmaooo but He’d just like the look of them and would think they suit them really well.


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Someone with dark and glowy skin; he’d find it really attractive and exotic and would totally be the type to gush, to your and to other people, about how well it suited you. In general, he’d be the type of boyfriend to compliment you a lot and talk about you a lot to other people. Someone with a big smile and a feminine and sweet laugh, who’s not shy about their smile or looks. Someone who likes pastel colours and skirts/shorts. Still manages to look good in simple clothes, and won’t mind wearing clothes that he’s picked out and bought for you. Doesn’t really care about height; he’d find all heights attractive and not a deciding factor in whether or not to date someone. Someone whose hair is always styles differently and looks very glossy and smooth; will let him play with it and run his fingers through it.


noun : a tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling

exercise makes your heart palpitate faster, but so does the cute boy at the gym’s front desk.

pairing: kim taehyung x reader
genre: fluff
type: college au
word count: 1,366 words
warnings: none
author’s note: based on true events – shout out to the boy at the gym desk who’s super nice and very forgiving of my oblivious self!!!

For two hours every day, you force yourself to go to the gym. It is absolute torture, and you are probably being really masochistic, but you keep reminding yourself that you don’t want end up dying prematurely from your overindulgence of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and xxtra flamin’ hot Cheetos. You swear to God that when you die, you are going to find out that hell is a gym. Satan is probably going to be some sort of P90X Insanity Body workout instructor.

And today, well, you were going to skip your daily workout in favor of going to the ice cream and churro hangout, but Jennie had managed to guilt trip you into coming to the hell on earth. Sometimes, you really hate having a gym junkie as your roommate and best friend.

“Okay, so we’re going to do an hour of elliptical training, thirty minutes with cycling, and the last thirty minutes with weight lifting. Sounds good?” asks Jennie, grinning at you as she tugs your arm towards your doom.

“Sounds like death,” you mumble, and she merely laughs, linking your arms together. She pulls the door open and enters the gym. You shuffle in behind her, taking out your access ID card from the wallet case hanging on your lanyard wrapped around your wrist.

Jennie greets the student sitting behind the front desk, handing him her access card so she can get in. And when you get a closer look at the boy, your mind short circuits.

Because wow.

Gym is definitely not hell if there are angels like him around.

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hc of dating harry holland pls!

i’ve actually already written this! this hc is from my collab book on wattpad ahh, hope you like it! sfdksjd harry’s a gem omg

dating harry holland would be like:

  • him lying in bed scrolling through instagram in the mornings and leaning over to show you cool artworks that fans have done of you two
  • being woken up by his loud laugh when he finds a funny video edit or meme in his tagged photos
  • “oh shit, sorry love! i didn’t mean to wake you, go back to sleep”
  • tessa coming in and curling up at your feet when you stay the night at his parents’ place
  • harry always posting photos of you on instagram with short but sweet captions
  • the frequent use of the 💘 emoji
  • hanging out with sam a lot and going with harry to watch his drama showcases
  • cooking cupcakes with paddy
  • cooking breakfast for the whole family the first time you stay over at harry’s
  • nikki being surprised but grateful, and giving you a hug when she comes downstairs
  • dom laughing at harry’s burnt bread smoking next to your perfectly toasted slices and saying “i’ll stick to y/n’s, thanks mate”
  • meeting tom for the first time and harry being really nervous and protective because “my brother’s the famous hot one”
  • you holding onto his hand the whole time and kissing him when no one’s looking to assure him he’s the one you love
  • tom complimenting how good you look together
  • meeting harrison as well of course
  • making a secret pact while harry’s not looking to support harrison in his twitter wars just to ensure harry loses at least once
  • early morning starts so you can drive to the seaside and catch the sunrise together from a hilltop
  • recording harry all the time and having camera duels that you share on twitter
  • cute sticky notes beside your bed in the morning if he has to wake up and leave early for a shoot
  • the back seat of your car being a mess of caps and hoodies that harry has left there and forgotten about
  • travelling to new york city for your first holiday together
  • staying in a fancy hotel and spending the first day in bed, ordering room service, taking selfies and livestreaming on instagram to talk to harry’s fans
  • the first time you’re stopped on the street by fans, you take a photo for them with harry but he drags you in for a second one, assuring them that you’ll be famous one day and “the photo will be worth millions”
  • wandering through the natural history museum hand-in-hand
  • laughing at the spiders on display and taking a selfie with harry pointing at the exhibit in the background to send to tom
  • night-time date in times square and harry takes a million photographs of you looking beautiful in the neon lights
  • harry sometimes feeling self-conscious about his body because he’s not a big gym-junkie like tom
  • you constantly reassuring him you love him just the way he is and wouldn’t change anything for the world
  • him learning how to braid hair on a youtube tutorial and testing it out on you on a rainy morning when you both don’t want to get up
  • paddy walking in on you kissing and yelling “EWWW” while sam pisses himself laughing in the background
  • drunk harry!!!!
  • his hair falling over his face when he’s drunk, strands curling down over his eyes
  • harry being really handsy when intoxicated
  • normally keeps PDA to a minimum but can’t help himself when he’s drunk and will makeout in the middle of the street at midnight if you want him to
  • you trying to get him to wear his glasses more because you think they’re “nerdy sexy”
  • showering and having matching couple towels that tom and harrison bought you as a joke but you actually now use unironically
  • being the one to say “i love you” first but harry saying it back immediately without any second thoughts because he’s been thinking about it for ages anyway
  • being best friends on snapchat and having a super long streak because harry knows your password and refuses to let it disappear, logging in to save it if the hourglass emoji appears
  • accompanying him on shoots and helping with the equipment
  • learning everything about the intricacies of film-making during break times and whenever harry is free
  • harry letting you say “action!” and laughing when you try to snap the board but accidentally catch your finger
  • kissing it better when you fake-sulk over him laughing at you
  • calling nikki for help with girl things and what to buy harry when you have mindblanks
  • driving paddy to auditions together when nikki and dom are away
  • casual dates at the cinemas a lot (duh, harry’s not only a director but also a 100/10 film geek)
  • you’d have a couples pass and the people who work at the cinema know you well because you’re there at least once a week
  • harry gushing over new movie trailers and sending links to your phone so you can watch

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can you tell us more about bap and what they are like

oh man. im gonna just list down what i think they are like (in my opinion!)


  • loves to tease & pester people [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • actually a very nice person [ x, x, x, x ]
  • hot-tempered [ x, x, x, x ]
  • can be a meanie or an ass [ xx, x, x ]
  • eccentric or extra ?  [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • man child [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • foodie 1  [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • gym junkie in the making [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • most likely a bro [ x, x, x, x, x ]


  • constant need for TLC [ xx, x, x ]
  • sometimes brain to mouth filter doesn’t work [ xx, x, x ]
  • irritates you for affection [ x, x, xx ]
  • loud [ x, x, x, x ]
  • fan service idiot [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • cheerful; mr positive [ xx, x, x, x ] 
  • cry baby 1 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • man child 2 [ xxx, x ]
  • foodie 2 [ x, x, x, x, x ]


  • cry baby 2 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • sk8ter boi [ x, x, x, x ]
  • has a thing with socks [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • soft spoken, shy boy [ x, x, x, x ]
  • bap’s fashionista [ xx, x, x, x ]
  • sweet summer child 1 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • smol dog man 1 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • the actual puppy [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • secretly an air dancer [ x, x, x, x ] 


  • an overly excited person [ x, x, x, x ]
  • apparently is a sore loser [ x, x, x, x ]
  • cry baby no 3 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • infatuated with himself [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • the actual aegyo guy [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • sassy smart alec [ x, x, x, x ]
  • natural mc [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • a meme [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • over reaction is a must [ x, x, x, x ]


  • do not handle stoopid [ x, x, x, x ]
  • sweet summer child 2 [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • 10/10 sense of humor [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • all smiles 1 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • actually not that innocent [ x, x, x, x ]
  • pro actor [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • geeks out sometimes [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • the unique bird [ x, x, x, x ]
  • always sleeping on cam [ x, x, x, x ]


  • camera shy [ x, x, x, x ]
  • he aint shit [ x, x, x, x ]
  • grandpa [ x, x, x, x, x ]
  • kids lover [ x, x, x, x ]
  • volunteer charity man [ x, x, x, x ]
  • workaholic [ x, x, x, x ]
  • has a code of ethics [ x, x, x ]
  • smol dog man 2 [ x, x, x, x ]
  • all smiles 2 [ x, x, x, x, x ]

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Nessian brown😁

Nessian + Coffee Shop AU

Send me prompts

Nesta was informed that day would be one of the most unfortunate of her life since morning. Her horoscope said so. Of course, she didn’t believe it.  

“Capricorn,” Elain had read from the glossy magazine left on the kitchen counter, munching loudly on her muesli cereal while tying her hair in a bun high over her head, “Retrograde Saturn. Take care, stubborn children of the Zodiac – this is most definitively not your day. Beware of strangers, rain, and unexpected setbacks.”

Pah,” Nesta had scoffed, voice dripping contempt, as she solidly hated each one of those things. “You should stop reading that stuff, Elain. It’s nothing but crap. Utter nonsense,” she added, and went out in the chilly April morning, her black umbrella boldly left resting by the door, just to prove her point.

Seven hours and half later, Nesta was privately – very privately – pondering the wisdom of that choice.  And of challenging fate in so bold a fashion.

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Can I Take Your Number?

Summery: AU where you’re a waiter and Bucky just happens to walk into your diner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,714

Warning: just a lot of flirting

A/N: So long story short I got inspired by my hot waiter tonight to write this so shoutout to him

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

*gif creds to owner*

It had been a long shift for you, one of those 8 hour ones you despised dearly. All you kept dreaming of was going home and cuddling up with a cup of tea and a romance movie. ‘One more hour’ you thought to yourself checking the clock in the kitchen.

It had been a fairly busy night so you almost didn’t realize two men had sat down at a table in your designated area. The key word is almost because everyone in the diner turned their heads to the two handsome men walking in.

Your bestfriend Natasha nudged your hip giving you a smirk before going to wait her own tables. There was a game the two of you played. Whoever could get the most numbers from costumers at the end of the month, pays the lesser half of rent.

These two men seemed like the perfect pray for your little game so you puffed out your chest, fixed your hair and walked over.

“Hi welcome to Lang’s Diner, my names Y/N and I’ll be your server tonight. Can I get you two any drinks?” 

You took the time during your introduction to check the two of them out. One was blond and had a very cute face with the straightest teeth ever. He was defiantly a man who could turn heads. His friend though was different yetstill so gorgeous. He had dark brown hair that brushed his shoulders and a jaw that was lined with stubble that gave you chills. His eyes were so blue you could see the ocean in them and his lips looked like pillows.

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Where Our Nightmares Come From

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1625

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean

Summary: A dark past landed you in a psychiatric ward. Life seems good for a while, or at least as good as it can be considering your accommodation, until a new patient suddenly appears. His name is Sam and his brother is certainly not a fan of the friendship the two of you forge in your mutual hell. As you become comfortable with your new routine things start to go wrong and demons begin appearing. All of a sudden you’re thrown into a spiral, and you find yourself on the road again accompanied by an angel you hadn’t seen since your childhood and two hunter’s who’ve found they’d prefer to share you than fight over you. In this story you’re confronted by old enemies, old friends and an apocalypse that won’t wait for you to get your shit together.

A/N: Part’s 1 - 5 are all set in season 7 episode 17 ‘The Born Again Identity’. It’s a very tweaked version of the episode. But every part afterwards follows one episode each. They mostly follow the episodes quite closely, though there are a few tweaks here and there to fit in the reader and some scenes that I added myself. As a result Part 6 and onwards are all quite long (10 000 words plus in many cases). This series is going to be very long and I’ll write it for as long as I can, or until I’ve written right up to the end of Supernatural.

Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14 / Part 15 / Part 16 / Part 17 / Part 18 / Part 19 / Part 20 / Part 21 / Part 22 / Part 23 / Part 24 / Part 25 / Part 26 / Part 27 / Part 28 / Part 29 / Part 30 / Part 31 / Part 32 / Part 33 / Part 34 / Part 35 / Part 36 / Part 37 / Part 38 / Part 39 / Part 40 / Part 41 / Part 42 / Part 43 / Part 44 / Part 45 / Part 46 / Part 47 / Part 48 / Part 49 / Part 50

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NCT MTL to date someone active/healthy


Anon: Hi! Nct MTL to date someone who is healthy? Like someone who hikes or is sporty and someone who eats only healthy foods? Does that make sense?? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Anon! Hope I answered this okay, and that you like it <3

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Yuta would like having someone who’d share in his hobbies for having an active lifestyle. Working out together would totally be a thing and Yuta would often send photos of his healthy meals to you. I think he’d also really like the appearance body-wise of someone who likes to work out (the toneness of the body)

Jaehyun would also really like the appearance of a body of someone who works out, finding it admirable that they had worked so hard to get a body like that. The dedication of sticking to a healthy diet and/or workout regime would inspire him to keep up his own too.

With Johnny, I mean have you seen his arms like????? He’d just like having someone who’d come to the gym with him or go out on walks, help him with his workout regime and basically motivate him to excel and complete his goals.

Jeno, being a dancer, means he’d like it if someone had a hobby of similar/same energy aka working out. Not everyone dances but a lot of people do work out, so sharing an interest in active hobbies would be really bonding for him.

Jisung, again, is another avid dancer. Although he’s at the age where he shouldn’t really be worrying about working out etc as he’s still growing, having a partner who liked doing it and could help him and advise him on the best workouts/healthy eating would help Jisung make good decisions, health wise.

Ten would probably like someone who works out rather than someone who has a strict diet and can sometimes be fussy with their food. He’d want someone who wouldn’t mind overeating or indulging in rich, fatty foods, without worrying about how they look or what the weigh after.

Hansol, like Ten, would quite like someone whose quite active and looks after themselves well. Likewise, he’d like someone who could be quite lenient on their diet or food choices; someone who generally would eat quite clean, but would always treat themselves and let loose on dates with him or special occasions.

WinWin wouldn’t really care? As long as you weren’t ill or not eating enough/too much, he wouldn’t really question your food choices. He might someone who could get excitable with him sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’d have to be active or sporty as much.

Jaemin really wouldn’t care about if you work out and/or eat healthily. As long as you were medically healthy and there was no risk of you suffering illnesses from poor health choices, it wouldn’t really bother him. Whether you work out/eat healthily, it’s your own choice.

Renjun would be like Jaemin - honestly, he wouldn’t care; your decisions were your own decisions and he’d just hope that you weren’t overworking yourself or being to hard on yourself, nor slacking and causing problems for your health.

Kun, I don’t think is interested in health or working out. He wouldn’t mind if you were as long as you’d always make time for him too, and it wasn’t the only hobby you had or thing you spoke about him with.

Chenle would totally be the type to always bring snacks and drinks with him everywhere. He’d want someone he could share them with, not someone who’d turn him down or only have a little bit. Since he’s so young, someone who works out/eat healthily might make him a little self conscious about his own health decisions.

Taeil is at the age, I think, where appearance or anything like that wouldn’t matter to him. He wouldn’t care about weight or if you had toned muscles or tight abs. He’d rather much like someone who would eat anything happily and still feel quite confident in their image.

Mark honestly wouldn’t care about a hobby/interest like this. Although, I do think in the need, he might end up with someone who wasn’t a strict gym-junkie or healthy eater. Not sure why, I think he’d just like having someone quite laid-back and chill and would rather stay at home than go out and be active.

Taeyong, I think would be the kind of boyfriend who’d love to spoil his partner and hate to see hem self conscious or worrying about their weight. However, generally, people who work out aren’t really overly worried about their image, but he’d still be worried for them seeing their very healthy meals or working out for a crazy number of hours.

Doyoung wouldn’t have much in common with someone quite active or health-conscious. He’d rather be able to openly and easily cook and eat out with his S/O, without them turning him down or opting for a healthier option because of what their regime demands of them.

Haechan would rather date someone quite like him, whose not interested in that kind of lifestyle. Yeah he’d want someone a little active in the sense, they’d always be up for an adventure - but honestly, I just don’t see him with someone like that but you never know!

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okay but i need an au where kara is a gym junkie and is there like every day after work and is doing her pull ups and cardio and using machines and kickboxing and lena goes with maggie bc they're gym buddies and sees there and shook because wow kara is so attractive and Ripped™

i Need this

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ally what do you look for in a boy/man/guy/partner??


*insert rihanna quote* 

I’m not ~looking~ for anyone, but I can tell you the things I like in a partner :)

  • Enjoys the outdoors. An appreciation of the mountains, oceans, hiking, camping, just exploring national parks or monuments and things like that. I have a deep love for the great outdoors and like to spend as much time as possible exploring it, so I’d love to share that.
  • Values family. I have a very deep respect for and positive relationship with my parents/family, and as someone who always hated being an only child, I would love having a new extended group of loving people.
  • Healthy. I’ve grown up playing sport and eating a nutritious diet, now as an adult I understand the importance of those things so it would be cool if someone else shared that interest. Not in a gym-junkie macro-counting way, but someone who doesn’t live on McDonalds, smoke cigarettes and get blackout drunk every night haha. Also I just find someone who is active or athletic the most attractive thing ever.
  • Interested in life. As mentioned, I enjoy hobbies and trying new things, being an overall enthusiast for life. I was picked on in school for being such a little keen bean, but getting excited about the small things makes me really happy. I love it when other people have passions - whether that’s running track, making films, writing music, playing sport, anything at all. Passion is amazing and I love it when someone else brings me into that part of their world.
  • Makes me laugh. This should be the first bullet point really. It’s pretty much the most important thing in a relationship to me, being able to laugh and have fun. That’s why it’s the best when they’re built on friendship first :) I already laugh at my own jokes and I laugh very easily so the bar isn’t that high, but we gotta get a bit of that David & Liza vibe going on. They have to have a sense of humour.
  • Intellectually engaged. I’m not a rocket scientist, but it would be great to have in-depth discussions and learn things from one another, enjoy documentaries, recommend books and just talk about anything and everything free from judgement.
  • Compassionate. That’s a big one too. Empathy is one of my most important values, something I consider to be vital in the people I choose to have in my life and what I would want to install in others in the future. The ability to simply be kind or put yourself in someone else’s shoes is entirely underrated, and a big heart is always the most attractive trait.
  • Bonus points if they love: harry potter, the office, community, travel and sausage dogs.

I genuinely mean it when I say this, but I really don’t go out looking for people to date or seeing who will tick boxes on a list. Whether that’s me being old fashioned or a cliched hopeless romantic or just an Independent Woman or just the age I’m at, but I’m not that interested in casually dating at this point in my life. I love being able to be selfish, to travel whenever I want, to focus on myself, my projects and my family. I have so much love to give, but I’m not going to give my heart to just anyone. When the right person comes along, it will be amazing (that lucky kid). For now - I’m good loving me <3