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Thirst Traps & Secret Codes Pt. 1 (Roman Bürki)

a/n: okay pals, here it is…the nastiness y’all requested based on this ig video :)

It was a normal day, just like any other. You woke up, but still laid in bed with your head tucked between two pillows under the duvet. Getting a move on was always hard, you’d often procrastinate so long that you barely had time to wash your face before you had to go. A part of that procrastination was scrolling through all your social media apps.

Your hand blindly searched for your phone before making contact with the device. You brought it into your sunlight blocking fortress, and unlocked it. There were a few messages waiting to be answered…they surely could wait a bit longer. You opened the Instagram app, swiping the screen down impatiently for it to refresh. A new story popped up, it was Roman’s. When you saw what it was, you flung off the covers and raced to the shower.

The thing was, you and Roman had this special arrangement.

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The rise and fall of a champion.

Idk if someones done this before i just thought about it

and then made this

inspired a lot by that miku one.

  • Normal person: I like that character.
  • *moves on with life*
  • Me: I like that character.
  • *looks up fan art of character*
  • *blogs about character*
  • *cries eternally over character*
  • *buys merch of character*
  • *listens to songs thinking of character*
  • *goes to the gym to make character proud*

[working out at the gym]

Tony, in very tight sweatpants: *bends over* 

T’Challa: *trips on the treadmill*

Bucky: *gets trapped under weights*

Steve: *nearly chokes tangled in ropes* 

Rhodey: *long suffering sigh* Clear out the board. We’re back to zero.

Sam: *solemnly writes zero in number of days without accidents* 


when solar’s leader unnie vibe comes out