gym funnies


The rise and fall of a champion.

Idk if someones done this before i just thought about it

and then made this

inspired a lot by that miku one.

[working out at the gym]

Tony, in very tight sweatpants: *bends over* 

T’Challa: *trips on the treadmill*

Bucky: *gets trapped under weights*

Steve: *nearly chokes tangled in ropes* 

Rhodey: *long suffering sigh* Clear out the board. We’re back to zero.

Sam: *solemnly writes zero in number of days without accidents* 

Yes, I’m that annoying girl who takes gym selfies and then whistles and pretends to play on her phone whenever someone passes by. Also, someone needs to teach me not to make such awkward faces when taking these selfies. In other news, at least it’s Friday! Have yourself a great workout, and then a glass of wine (or three) you deserve it! 😘