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Cos I said I would.

Health Diary || 12-06-17

What I ate

Breakfast: rice flake chia porridge topped with warmed berries, peanut butter, hemp seeds and buckinis

Lunch: macro bowl - roasted potatoes, smoked tofu, steamed kale, alfalfa, cucumber and sauerkraut with tamari, tahini and sriracha

Snack: dried peaches, coconut water

Dinner: macro bowl - roasted potato and sweet potato, tempeh, crispy baked kale, steamed broccolini, alfalfa and sauerkraut with tamari, tahini and sriracha

Dessert: two pieces raw mint chocolate


45 minutes gym - 15 mins treadmill, 30 mins legs and butt

Healthy habits

Water: 2L

Tea: 1

Coffee: 2

Supplements: probiotic, B12

Let’s talk about fad diets.

The current ones are paleo and gluten free diets, but they’re always changing.

A good diet, a beneficial diet, will not be a fad. Didn’t you notice that the Atkins diet isn’t around as much? Because it didn’t work and it was dangerous.

So let’s consider the gluten free diet. While I love that it’s more common so it’s easier for my friends with Celiac’s disease, it’s really not a good idea for people without gluten issues. Do you know what gluten is? It’s a structural protein in wheat. That’s seriously all it is. So a lot of gluten free stuff actually has extra sugar and other additives to make up for the lack of structure that gluten would normally provide. Yes, I totally understand eating gluten free if you’re cooking a meal with someone with Celiac’s. It’s easier and not that harmful. But to go gluten free just because it’s “healthier” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

So for paleo, you eat a lot of meat and fat and veggies with very little carbs. Cutting carbs is a good way to lose weight if you’re not very active and want to lose weight quickly, but it’s not a good idea if you’re lifting. Your muscle needs glycogen to work. Depriving your body of carbs when you’re someone who lifts a lot is just going to slow your lifting progress and make you feel like shit. Another thing to consider is how much fat you end up taking in. Cutting carbs is fine. Whatever. But that doesn’t make it okay to eat heaps and heaps of fat. How is that any healthier than eating some rice? Do you honestly want me to believe that it’s so much healthier to put a shit ton of butter in my coffee than to put in a packet of sugar? Eating a ridiculous amount of fat isn’t good for you. Period.

Look at a diet carefully and consider your lifestyle. Think about if the diet would work for your body and your needs, and really do your research. Look at the science and how a diet would affect your body.