gym floor mats

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Each week Lance takes his little girl to the gym to practice her floor mat routine. One day she just wasnt herself. He asked her whats wrong. She told him "I changed my mine about doing a floor routine", and she tells him she wants to do a Ribbon floor routine instead. Lance is shocked but since he went through the same thing when he was young he knows what she is going through. He then goes to the equipment room and brings out 2 ribbons. He shows her his routine he used to do. She is all smiles

seeing Lance do a ribbon routine is all I need

Daddy Wednesday™

How I made my Papyrus cosplay!?!

So I may not be the best Papyrus cosplay,but some people have wondered how I made my Papyrus and I want to help people who want to know how to make something of similar quality for roughtly $25!

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