gym clock

Fake AH Headcanons that you didn’t ask for!

- Geoff is the kinda asshole who leaves everything everywhere. From clothes on the floor, booze in the bathroom, to highly incriminating evidence in the bank they just robbed; he’s an honest to God mess.

- If you think Matt and Jeremy have matching Hello Kitty footie pajamas you are absolutely right and your prize is a high five my friend.

- Before Gavin came along their go to computer nerds were Matt and Kdin. Matt specialized in security, protecting their digital files and making sure no pictures of them (taken from security cameras) made it to the cops, and Kdin handled their online finances and watched their backs on heists.

- Ryan is hella fit.

- But he doesn’t hit the gym.

- Ever

- And his diet consists of diet coke and fritos.

- You think he goes to the gym at 8 o’ clock every morning? Wrong. He sits there in bed grumbling and groaning as Gavin stands in the doorway demanding he get up it’s just the gym Ryan come on don’t be a baby!

- Matt, Jeremy, and Kdin are no longer allowed to host Christmas

- Not after what happened with the dumpster fire

- And the bat

- And the snowballs

- Sometimes Ray will show up to a heist with a bouquet of roses that he’ll give to whoever their robbing and say “sorry we’re robbing you, have this”


I’m trying really hard this semester to keep my gym game up, which means super early wake ups! This Alarmy app is the death of me but also a total saving grace because you CANNOT sleep in with it! Either shake your phone a certain number of times or set the picture to your bathroom sink so you have to get up and retake the picture before it will shut off. Just be 100% sure your phone isn’t set to silent! It also shows the days forecast 😊


There is the clock tower gym! It’s guarded by blue team, and I challenged it and managed to kick out two of their team members before it started doing this glitch where only my pokemon could take damage.

So I got mad and gave up, but I’ll try again tomorrow I guess!

So far Ginsu is my best. Still looking for a Pikachu :(