gym class uniform

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<p>The three kids are up their meals before stuffing their phones in their pockets, grabbing their bags all three children ran out the door just as the bus arrived. The three climbed onto the bus and into their seats, Jacob made everyone laugh as he told some new jokes he made up the night before. Natalie talked to her friends and Nathan sat alone since his only friend that rode that bus was sick. At the school it was the day of the big middle of the year test. And Nathan was excited, more excited than Natalie, he and his sister had been studying long hours for days just to do well. He also wanted to get recognition, to stand up on the stage and get a certificate for getting high marks. And today was the day he would get the chance to prove he deserved it. Well, one of the days. Saying “see you later!” to his sister and brother he carried his books in hand as he walked in.</p> <p>The bell rang, and the fifth grade ran to his classroom. Only, he didn’t make it before a freshman in highschool stepped in front of him. “Hey there Benny, miss me?” the tall, dark haired and green eyes freshman boy smirks. “I’ve been on vacation, and boy-” he stuffed his hands into his pockets “I missed you”<br> “Kyle.. I have a test-”<br> “Oh you have a test? Lucky you! C'mon” he smirks as Nathan tries to get past him. Stepping in front of Nathan, grabbing him and covering his mouth as Nathan yells for help, Kyle just laughs. “let me help you get ready for this test” he grinned and began to walk off, taking Nathan with him. But Nathan kicked him and ran for his classroom. And again, he didn’t make it. Kyle grabbed him up and dragged him down the hall by the hood of his jacket.</p> <p>“Stop!” Nathan choked out, struggling for air as he was being choked by the zipped up jacket. “Let me go! Help!” he yells and screams, “help me! He’s hurting me!” he cried out again and again as he was being dragged down the hall. But it seemed that nobody heard him. Kicking his legs he kicked a door, which got a algebra teachers attention. By the time the old woman came to the door and opened it, Nathan had been dragged down the hall and into the boys room. There, two other freshman boys were waiting. They stood on both sides of the large bathroom stall that was for the disabled kids. The one on the left a was Jason, a tall blonde young man with brown eyes, he was well built since he was on the football team. The other was on the right, was Kyles twin brother David, they looked exactly alike other than the fact David was one inch taller. “Hey Nat” the two grinned and grabbed at his legs. Kyle still held the hood of his jacket as they three boys swung Nathans body against the wall. He yelled out in pain as he hit the floor, the three freshmans laughter ringing in his head. “Stop.. Please” he begged them as he raised a hand to protect his face. But, David grabbed his arm, squeezed it tight as Jason stuffed toilet paper into Bens mouth.</p> <p>Once Nathan was gagged, David pulled and quickly twisted his arm. Hearing a crack like sound Nathan screamed. Only to be kicked in the back and the abdomen by Jason and Kyle, punched in the face by David. Next, they grabbed him by the arms and pulled the toilet paper out of his mouth and slammed him face first into the toilet.</p> <p>Nathans sister Natalie heard strange noises and laughter coming from the boys room. Looking inside she saw three teenagers with a boy a few years older than her surrounding her brother. Thinking they were giving him swirlies again she wanted to help but knew what her parents said about using her powers. To never, under any circumstances, use your powers. So instead she ran to the principals office and told them what she saw.<br> But by the time she reached the office, Kyle had thrown Nathan onto the floor. There was no sound, other than the sound of his body hitting the door. Nathans nose was bleeding, his brown eyes were half open. His face and hair was wet due to Kyle shoving his head into the used toilet. There were several bruises all over Nathans arms, and many more under his shirt along his back and chest. Blood leaked from him open mouth, the crimson red liquid spread out along the the dirty tiled floor of the bathroom stall. Kyle checked for a pulse, but there wasn’t one. “Oh fucking shit!” wide-eyed he looked at his friend, then his brother. “Let’s go!” he and the two other boys ran back out of the bathroom, down the hall and outside. They ran to the locker rooms, and changed out of their clothes, wiped the blood off their knuckles, then changed into their gym class uniforms in under a minute. Running back out, they joined their classmates in time for a game of flag football.</p> <p> Back at the principals office, where Natalie was waiting for her brother. She suddenly burst into tears, something was wrong, very wrong. But she didn’t know what it was, all she knew, was that her brother was hurt. “Hurry!” she cried and pulled on the councilors shirt, he had been with her wait with her and keep her company. “He’s hurting! Help Nathan! Help my brother!” but even she didn’t know it was already too late.<br> A few minutes later, two police officers arrived at the Johnson household. They walked up thr porch steps, and knocked on the door. The last thing they wanted to do on this day, any day, was tell a parent their son had died. Had been murdered. When there was an answer, the black male officer took off his hat. “Mrs. Johnson? We regret to. Inform you there was an incident involving your son Nathan at the school. He, has passed away. I’m sorry.” though he remained professional, he had a sorrowful look in his deep brown eyes.</p> reneitheassassin