gym chick

Happy Saturday, friends!

For some awful reason I agreed to drive a couple hours to babysit the children at a wedding. At this point in my life, teaching is really enough time with children every week lol

What are you guys up to today??

I like this snack berry much 🍒🍓
Day ✌🏼️ of this month’s challenge DONE. Guys, it is soo easy to find excuses. I could’ve told myself this week is my vacation, so I’m not going to workout. I could’ve told myself I can start next week instead. But I didn’t because where would I be?! I literally went to Walmart and bought 10 lb weights to use on this trip because I KNEW I needed to be the one to hold myself accountable. If you don’t push yourself, who will?? Set your goals for the day and check off EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Sometimes we have to be our own biggest supporters!! .
If you missed this challenge group and have some serious health and fitness goals you wanna absolutely SMASH 💥 next month, drop a comment or message me!! LADIES, no more excuses, let’s become better versions of ourselves and lead the lives we were meant to! ✨💕