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what would be everyone's everyday style?

I didn’t think this would take me so long, but here we are, 8 hours later. Hope ur proud of yourself.

Josh’s style is really one big mash-up of his personality. Influenced by his love for movies, by the California lifestyle, his parent’s money, his spot on the lacrosse team (violent sports help him destress) and his general mood day to day, it can’t really be summarised under one heading. Everything he owns is expressive, and he’s often dressed younger than his age mainly down to his pack of friends being younger than him. Everything has a particularly Josh-esque edge to it: it’s all a bit weird, and he’s bought it for just that reason. Still, he cleans up nicely when he needs to.

Sam’s style is heavily influenced by her love for the outdoors, and she’s always wearing something practical just in case, although she manages to pull it off incredibly stylishly. Falling somewhere between country girl and gym bunny, her favourite clothes come in shades of red, brown and grey. Her wardrobe is packed full of gym gear and t-shirts collected from charity runs, but she’s mostly seen in checked shirts and leather jackets. Despite this, Sam can do girly too. She looks super cute in a flowery bikini, and all the boys wait patiently for summer to roll around so those layers finally peel off.

Mike’s style is simple and comfortable; he picks up anything he likes the look of, but it always tends to be the same sort of thing. Mike likes plain vests and tshirts, and hardwearing hoodies and jackets, because he’s not got the cash to splash on clothes too often; in fact, he buys less than one piece of clothing a year. He wears his varsity shirts with pride, but most of the time you’re going to catch him in his work uniform from the garage, because he can never be bothered to take it off when he comes off shift (and he sure looks good with a little engine grease on his face). Mike has one pair of All Stars he’s owned since he was fifteen, and he wears them almost every day. He gets the tattoo after the events of the game, because he owes his life to that damn wolf.

Chris’ style - ah yes, everyone’s favourite nerd onion. The reason Chris wears so many layers when it’s cold is because he doesn’t own a single decent item of clothing for colder weather. However, what he does have is an endless supply of terrible nerd shirts (and other memorabilia - mugs, mouse mats, laptop cases) and if there isn’t a pun somewhere on his body, Chris isn’t leaving the house. He likes crazy colours, stripey sweaters, and he really likes shoes. Chris’ wardrobe is finally starting to go through fashion puberty, a little later than everyone else’s, but our beautiful cinnamon roll knows he’ll be wearing those techie shirts for many years to come.

Jessica’s style is absolutely adorable - perhaps a little young for her, but it suits her well, and she is one of the youngest anyway. She wants to be fashionable, and there’s a number of designer items in there, but she’s drawn time and time again to the cutest piece of clothing in the shop. Jess shops almost every weekend, and never chucks out an item of clothing. She makes a real effort to wear it all, but there’s still a few things in her closet with the tags still dangling from the labels. Her favourite store is Victorias Secret, and at least 10% of her extensive wardrobe is Love Pink. She’s hiding a few Hufflepuff shirts in there too - but don’t tell anyone.

Ashley’s style is 50% lazy, 50% hot topic. If it’s mostly plain, not too clingy, and not too expensive, she’ll buy it. She likes warm things, even in summer, and she’ll pair anything with leggings or shorts. Ashley is not a fan of jeans. Amongst her closet are a great deal of funny t-shirts, band t-shirts, and holiday-themed sweaters (mostly Christmas, but Ashley is also the proud owner of an Easter sweater). Some of it is a little grungy, but Ashley likes to say she doesn’t have any particular style. She wears some pretty awkward shirts sometimes, and no one in the world but Ashley could ever pull them off.

Emily’s style is London, Paris, New York and Milan. No season is complete without a shopping trip to Bloomingdales and Rodeo. Emily sticks to neutral colours, because she knows her face is doing all the work anyway. She dresses more grown up than the rest of the gang, and is completely obsessed with fashion. Emily is every bit the modern it-girl, and won’t be seen dead in something she wouldn’t want to be photographed in. With her mother in the business and fashion industry aspirations of her own, Emily has to keep on top of it all to keep her head in the game. She’s also short, so heels are a must when she’s out in the city. Jimmy Choo or Louboutins - depends on the occasion. Oh, and don’t forget the Prada bag.

Matt’s style is 100% LA. He’s living it up, Southern California style, and his clothing choices are also heavily influenced by his football obsession and affinity for hip hop, drum and bass, and electronica. Matt prefers sweats over jeans, and will wear chinos if he needs to be smarter. He wears trainers almost all the time, and even has a couple of pairs of black leather trainers to pair with suits. Oh, and don’t forget that damn letterman; he hasn’t taken that off since the day he got it.

Hannah’s style is a complete jumble. She flip flops back and forth between the sexy gothic wardrobe she’s been building as she reaches her late teens, and the smart, grown up wardrobe she’s wound up with after reading one too many copies of her mom’s magazines. Hannah is jealous of Beth’s fashion sense, more because it is effortless than anything. She’d like to think she looks like girlfriend material but is generally embarrassed that she thinks about it like this. Hannah’s style is a mess, a lot of personal flair, but she’s still trying to find herself (or trying to get Mike to find her, at least) and she has no idea who she wants to be. Like the rest of us then, Han.

Beth’s style is effortless, just like Hannah thinks it is. Beth has never thought about what she’s throwing on in the morning (except for that time she purposefully dressed in opposite colours to her twin) and buys whatever catches her eye. Beth has no concept of caring what other people think of her, and the result of this is a beautiful soft-grunge mash up of slogans, cuts offs, camo, and a whole lot of Dr. Martens. Beth surprises everyone on special occasions, because there’s a whole load of gorgeous, delicate pieces knocking around in the back of her closet - she likes to feel snuggled up in her femininity every now and again.