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Hello all my beautiful followers! It’s Sunday…I started my week off by training my legs + booty. #B00MB00MP0W I wanted to try and change my blog a bit and start posting my workouts for you guys…. I’m working on videoing them in the future. But for now, I’ll just be writing it out. =]

Today’s leg +booty workout:

(Focusing on high reps and sets today to really burn out the muscles)

5x20 Hip thrusts with a 25lb plate
5x20 Sumo Squats with a 15lb dumbbell
6x20 Lunge booty pops NO WEIGHTS
5x25 Leg extensions with 30lbs
5x20 Leg curls with 30lbs
5x20 Bosu wide stance squats NO WEIGHTS

If you have any questions on these workout feel free to message me. 
Hope you all had a beautiful day and worked out hard today! <3

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GPOYGCIYOSW - Getting Comfy In Your Own Skin Edition. I may always weigh a tenth of a ton but I’m trying to get to the point where I can see pictures of myself and not cringe a little. Getting there. Baby steps.

My Tea-Tox Experience.

Last summer, after months of restrictive eating, over exercising and plain ridiculousness, I decided to put my best efforts in to being 100% healthy. I ate three meals a day, exercised to a sensible extent and drank lots of water. I started to follow blogs and instagram users who were devoted to living a healthy lifestyle, the ‘strong not skinny’ types, who I looked to for motivation. I began to notice more and more people doing 'tea-toxes’-a detox with tea bags. The results of these teatoxes looked genuine and so I decided to take my research further.

I looked into buying 'Bootea’, a colon cleansing tea that aims to give your intestines a damn good clean out. 'How?’ , I hear you cry, well allow me to tell you:

You drink a day cleanse tea every morning and a night cleanse tea every other night. The night cleanse is supposed to have a laxative effect, with pre warnings to be near a toilet the morning after you have drunk it and further warnings tell you that the laxative effect may make you dehydrated. Sounds great. But at the time, I was desperate to ditch the bloat and get rid of all my icky toxins.

£19.99 for a 14 day detox from Holland and Barrett. The product was on display in the window and the sales assistant informed me that lots of people had been giving 'bootea’ a go! Along with the tea, you are advised to stick to a recommended eating plan, this was simple enough, healthy meals with the total ban of meat(apart from fish), alcohol, sweets, chocolate and all things bad.

I was so prepared for my two week detox and felt oddly excited about the whole process. After my first evening cleanse I was prepared for the ickyness of the next day….nothing. I mean NADA. After my second night time cleanse…still nothing. I went to the gym on my fourth day and had to leave in the middle of a class because i felt so drained and sick. Previous to my detox, I had been used to doing two gym classes and an hour in the fitness studio.

Day 5, I bolted up in bed with the sudden urge to be sick, I had my head over the toilet but nothing was coming up. 

Day 6, I felt absolutely awful all day. I had zero energy (the product is supposed to give you an energy boost) and my stomach cramps were getting worse and worse. I opted for an early night in an attempt to sleep it off, by midnight I was in an ambulance on my way to a&e.

After scans, x-rays and a whole lot of belly poking I was sent to theatre for an emergency op. Now here come the gory details… my intestine had become blocked up, without the operation I would have died. The surgeon was absolutely furious with 'Bootea’ and rang Holland and Barrett to complain and get further details about the manufacturers. 

I had to have keyhole surgery in three different places and it took me 6 weeks to make a full recovery. I wrote to the manufacturers of 'bootea’ when I came out of hospital and they weren’t even so kind as to give me a refund! They claimed it must have been some form of coincidence and my misfortune had nothing to do with there product.

My surgeon, however, claims it was 100% down to the product.

Some people probably do get smashing results with 'bootea’ and other colon cleansing products. As for me? After my near death experience, I’ve decided to stick to healthy eating, with the occasional cheat day.

Please be careful guys! 

Much Love