gym 4 lyfe

love is.....

coming home after a long day at work to hearing nsync playing in your apartment because your boyfriend heard your car pull up so he ran to turn it on because he knows you never stopped listening to them even at age 28 and their music makes you happy.

having him pull you into the kitchen to show you the healthy dinner he just made you because he’s trying to be supportive of your neverending journey to lose weight and be healthy because he knows binging is your biggest enemy and having dinner made already will help fight off cravings or urges.

seeing him open the fridge to show you that he went to the store and bought all of your favorites: green grapes that he put in the freezer because frozen grapes are your favorite thing for “dessert” when you shouldnt have chocolate. the greek yogurt brand you love. your favorite fruits and veggies stocked up. 

it isnt about him buying things for me. its about the fact that he went out of his way to make things a little easier, and deliberately picked out the things he’s paid attention to that he knows i love.

sometimes i feel very overwhelmed by the amount of love i feel for this person, in the best way possible.