Reverse New Year’s Resolution

Happy Thursday, party people. 

What’s that saying? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? I’ve had so many good intentions in the past two months that I think I finally not only made it to hell but worked my way up the corporate ladder and am now fiery, No. 2. Seriously though, I am my own worst enemy and it is exhausting in my head sometimes. Nothing serious - just typical overthinking-woman-syndrome. 

In fact, not only is it nothing serious, it’s actually pretty awesome. Phase Five (I’ve lost count) of Huge Life Adjustment is happening early January. Tickets have been booked. Loved ones informed. Panic attacks subdued. WE’RE MOVING TO AMERICA IN JANUARY 2017. 

I’ve leaked the info here and there, but no grand announcements because while, of course, I’m thrilled, I’m also a little sad. I knew this would happen. You can’t move somewhere and make a conscious effort to live there and make the most of it without falling in love with it a bit. Maybe I’ll do a farewell expat tour of England over the next couple of months to bid proper adieu. 

In the meantime, I’m going to keep my mind off the impending craziness and focus on a new fitness goal. I’ve been quietly working on this until I could figure out if I could actually do it:

I’m going to climb the Burj Khalifa aka the tallest building in the world on the stairmill at the gym by December 30, 2016.

I’ve selected a few other buildings to metaphorically walk my way toward the Burj including:

  1. Carew Tower (in my beloved Cincy) - 66 flights 
  2. Empire State - 86 flights
  3. One World Trade Center - 110 flights
  4. Shanghai Tower - 127 flights
  5. Burj Khalifa - 160 flights  

I’m not setting my previous goal of completing this goal in 30 minutes because I’m not trying to kill myself. My goal is to finish.

My baseline was 31 flights in 10 minutes. So, here we go.