Being the new chick at the gym...

I’m the girl who can only squat the bar.

The girl who barely knows what I’m doing and looks out of place

I’m probably the heaviest girl at the weight rack working on deadlifts and crunches

I’m the girl who you assume won’t be there in a couple of weeks

But here’s what you don't know:

I’m also the girl who is tired of starting over

The one who isn't here to look cute and take selfies

The girl who doesn’t give a shit that I’m sweaty and red-faced and my bun is starting to fall out.

So keep staring, judging if you must, but I’m not here for you I’m here to be a better version of me than I was yesterday.

Faster, stronger, healthier 

Everyone handles things differently. 

Just because you can handle going to school and having a job at the same time doesn’t mean that everyone can.

Just because you can get yourself into the gym every morning doesn’t mean that everyone can.

Just because you can eat in moderation and balance your weight well doesn’t mean that everyone can.

We all have our own strong suits and weaknesses and we all have things that we are working on.

So please, be gentle. 

brandon-wallace  asked:

Hi jax my name is Brandon I'm a really big fan but I'm only 14. I was wondering, what would be best for me to do training wise bc I want the body of like deku, spider Man, one punch man ect... But I can't really have a diet bc how old I am and my mom doesn't like it when I try to go on a diet. Can you do a video on how young peaple like me can git ripped ? Plz ...Thank you

Watch these 4 videos in ORDER 

and you’ll be ready to ACCOMPLISH 
any FITNESS goal for any age, gender and fitness level. 

We all had to start somewhere 

It’s a long journey and it takes time, patience, dedication, hard work, sacrifices, goals, and so much more, but at the end of the day that time is going to pass regardless and in the end every single step will be worth it even more than you can imagine.

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