Shoot 2 - Contact Sheet - Beach 

This is the set of images from my second shoot at Gylly Beach. When thinking about the type of place relationships are most visible the beach was one of the most common places to fit the brief. 

I decided to go along to the beach to try and capture a moment between two people. When I arrived at the beach the most obvious form of relationship was between a mother and child. I spoke to the pair to get pro mission to photograph them and then went on my way. I decided too photograph form a distance to show the relationship in a different light to what I have seen before. 

However now looking at the contact sheet I have decided that although I like the images it would have being better to get more diversity in the prints by shooting from different angles. This is sightly again down to my confidence taking photos of people and getting closer to people. 

However the images do strongly show a relationship between the two people.