Get Your Head In the Game

  “Gabriel, you do not have to do this,” Castiel pleaded. His brother smirked.

  “Oh, I think I do. I just need a quick laugh, that’s all. You’ll be out of it in no time, bro,” the other angel said, snapping his fingers. Castiel felt a sudden dizzyness, and the scene in front of him became blurry, like he was viewing it from underwater. Then It was all black.


When Castiel woke up, he was in an unfamiliar motel room, laying on a bed. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, glancing around.

  “Uh…” he said. He was very disoriented. What was going on? The last thing he remembered was walking to the store, and now he was waking up in someone’s motel room? He didn’t remember drinking at all.

  “Excuse me, is anyone here?” he asked, clearing his throat.