Its a little known fact that my other fashion love is Gyaru. When I lived in Japan I went to Liz Lisa on a weekly basis LOL I never really get to wear it though, cause I invest more money on Moitié… however I would like to start collecting pieces again. I have several items from Liz Lisa and Tralala…. AND I NEED TO GET NEW CIRCLE LENSES CAUSE I JUST TRIED MINE ON AND I THOUGHT MY EYE WAS GOING TO EXPLODE. and then I ripped them by accident >___>


OP: Tralala
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Liz Lisa
Jewelry/accessories: Claire’s, Tralala, Fake Juicy, Sankyuu Shop

I just like how usually I dress like this  LOLOLOL


“Ohh you look so pretty without "x” coloured hair and “y” coloured eyes, you don’t need to wear that stuff..“
- Family and friends”

I’m well aware of how I look and regardless of whether I need or don’t need these things is up to me and not you.. There are different types of beauty that I want to explore by my own means thank you!

Anyways that aside, my look for today. Decided to wear red lenses with red wig *very anime* and I love it! I can def see improvements with every attempt :D
Please excuse the wardrobe, its the best I can do atm!


 Natural Gal look practice one night. Can’t say I did the tutorial justice for my complexion, but it looks kinda ok. I need to do more contouring on the cheeks and not so much highlight on the forehead next time. Went a little heavy on the nose, but again, my webcam still can’t do photographs justice when its late in the day. Saved. somewhat, by my sewing light yet again.

Any one else have any tips? Comments?