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Gyaru Night Out Make Up Tutorial (by TheLovelyify)

anonymous asked:

I'm working on a Rose Quartz cosplay, and I decided that making the wig would be the best course of action. Could any of you recommend a good base?

Thanks to a popular Japanese hairstyle called “Hime Gyaru”, tutorials about making big voluminous hair have been popping up all over youtube. 
A good base would be just a curly pink wig in the longest length you can get. 

Here is a tutorial for adding volume to the wig and getting that big Rose Quartz hair look. The length will shrink up a little, so if you want to keep a long length, you’re either going to want extensions or another wig to use its wefts.

Of course, there are other wig building tutorials, however you’ll need at least a base wig and 2 ponytail clips. [Here’s one that uses a half wig and bang extensions] [Here’s one that uses 1 wig and 2 clips]

Hope this helps, good luck!