gyaru finds

❥Goshikku Gyaru is a Gyaru who incorporates the Gothic fashion into her style.

❥Hair is usually not a natural color – red, purple, blue, or green but it can also be blonde, black or even brown.

❥Dark makeup around the eyes is very common, using dark eyeliner, large false eye lashes, and dark eye shadow. Rhinestones and jewels are used as well.

❥Accessories for a Goshikku Gyaru range from intense necklaces / chokers, cross necklaces or skull necklaces, heavy rings and studded belts.

❥Goshikku Gyaru clothing is very specific but simple to find. Many Gyaru just find tight fitting Visual Kei clothing bus as long as it’s dark, ripped and “gothic”, the clothing is fine.

❥Tight and dark jeans are acceptable as well as skinny jeans / pants.

❥Shoes can range from heavy goth boots to simple wedge sneakers.

❥This look is a cross between Gyaru and Visual Kei, but the makeup leans more to the Gyaru side and the clothing is not as extravagant and dark.


“‘Black Lifestyle’ in Japan”

Some people ask me if, as a black woman, I find b-gyaru appropriative and fetishizing, or flattering.

I think that it’s cool.

We borrow styles from other cultures all the time here in the U.S (like other J-fashions such as Lolita, Mori kei, shironuri, etc.) so I don’t see why it’s suddenly “offensive” when done the other way around.