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(All pictures are taken from Twitter)

I haven’t seen anyone report on this yet so I thought I’d post about it.

For anyone who doesn’t follow Risa Nakamura on twitter: There was some drama today going on between her and the larme/gyaru brand Ank Rouge.

Risa was calling out Ank Rouge on twitter because apparently in their new fall collection Ank Rouge stole a picture of Risa, photoshopped it, and then sold it on a shirt without her permission.

Ank Rouge has since taken down the shirt from their website and to my knowledge has not apologized.

In the replies of Risa’s tweet I also saw people calling out Ank Rouge for stealing designs from other brands such as dress design from Katie and a shoe design from Bubbles.

I can’t believe Ank Rouge would do something this low. I’ve only bought from them once but after hearing all of this I’m never supporting that brand again…