gyarados art

Pokeshipping Week

Day Four (4): Protecting Each Other

Of course, protecting each other would involve their pokemon. ;) And I chose mostly primary colors just for the dynamics of this drawing. Hopefully, this doesn’t look too lazy because I didn’t ink it (digitally or traditionally). ^_^;;

“Trainers that have defeated the first three Elite 4 members know that one more chamber remains; the strongest member next to the region Champion. Upon entering the chamber, it’s quiet with only the sound of flowing water echoing in the room. A pool sits in the middle, the water’s glow bouncing off the walls and Gyarados statues. A lone figure stands on the opposite end, her eyes in a glare. Misty was the final test,”

Elite 4 member Misty chambers concepts.

You are challenged by Gym Leader Kris!

Third in the Gym Leaders Series!

Water Type Specialist Kris and her Mega Gyarados!

I wanted to upload this one at the same time as Lyra, since they’re technically from the same games, but work got in the way XD

EDIT: btw, Gyarados is meant to be WAAAAAY bigger than that…but I had to be able to fit him onto the page! He can be a special type of mini Gyarados XD

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