So you know how Team Mystic is all about evolution? Well, it can take SO MANY FUCKING POKEMON to get enough candy to evolve one. Especially if you want that freaking magicarp to evolve into a Gyarados. I’m just imagining Blanche getting obsessed with getting their magicarp evolved so they’re just constantly going to Prof. Willow and just dumping entire net - fulls of magicarp they caught at him to get all the candy needed.


In the Kalos region, Veteran Lapis Lazuli can be found inside a hidden room within the Reflection Cave, trapped there after a recent rock slide. Using the reflective walls, the player can discover a hidden passage which leads to the room and use Strength on the three boulders to free her.
Shaken from her ordeal, the Veteran will panic and accuse the player of trapping her and attack with her high level, but low HP, water Pokemon.

TRAINER TIPS: Extra Potions and Pokemon with high defence are suggested for this battle.